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Bad days for everyone

They actually weren't all that bad, just uncomfortable. Well, I'm assuming. I couldn't say for sure in Page's case. We did some googling and discovered that based on some other things we've noticed, Page probably has tapeworms. We looked into the possibility of over-the-counter medication for it, but all the websites said, "Whatever you do, do NOT use OTC wormers for your cat! Take your cat to the vet!" Well, this was stressful for us because we didn't know how we could get to the vet, but fortunately our good friend who drives us to church every week was willing to take us there after work. We couldn't get a hold of her until about one, though, so we were stressing about it until then.

On the bright side, all the worrying about Page helped me forget about the worrying I was doing for myself! I had a dentist's appointment today to see about finally getting the crown on my root canalled tooth. I was terrified about it, though, because I'm told it's a "guarded prognosis", which means there's no telling how long it will last. What I haven't been told is what the consequences of its failure to last are, so when I'm thinking about it, I'm worried that I have some kind of a time bomb in my mouth. When I go so far as to think about it logically, I figure the worst that will happen is severe pain and an implant, which doesn't sound too bad in general, but after all the work I've had done is not something I'm ready to face. So I was really scared that I'd go to the dentist and they'd give me some terrible news about this tooth.

Fortunately, the appointment went mostly well. At first they told me they might not do anything; first they wanted to look at it. So they looked at it and said they would check the x-rays to make sure everything was okay, and if it was, they'd go ahead and do the final impression for the crown. Woohoo! The bad news is that it would have taken too long--we had a veterinarian appointment to get to! So now I have to go back on Wednesday, which is only annoying because this week has been hectic enough as it is, and I also have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow. Also, I'm going to get my teeth cleaned, which I hope is going to fix... Okay, so when the assistant was putting the temporary cap back on my tooth, she saw something that she wanted to point out to the dentist. So while I was rinsing the cement from the old temporary cap out of my mouth, the dentist said that the assistant wanted to show her something so I had to go sit back down. She knows I'm paranoid, though, so she told me, "Everything's normal, it's fine." But I know she knows I'm paranoid, which means now I can't trust her. But I think the assistant was referring to the tartar buildup I have going on, which I agree is unreasonable. She didn't even look at the x-ray, so I still don't know how that is, but it looked pretty much the same as what I remember from when they did the root canal, so hopefully it's all good.

But anyway, we had to get back home and wrangle the cat to take her to the vet. She was very well-behaved, and the veterinarian was very nice. He gave her an injection for tapeworms and some medicine for us to give her for the other common intestinal parasites, and in the meantime, he wants to do a fecal exam just to make sure we don't miss any other kinds of parasites. Well, Page didn't have a sample for him, so now we get to get one! Yippee. (When we went, they asked, "Do you happen to have a fecal sample?" It seems like a reasonable question for someone who's taking their pet in for worms, but it's still just gross.)

I expressed my concerns about contagion, and he said yeah, just wash your hands. We're pretty good about that, but I couldn't just let it go, because there are these egg sac things that we've seen in the bed, which Athena has always noticed right away and never touched without a disinfecting alcohol wipe on hand, but I was like, "What if we accidentally get one in our mouth while we're sleeping?" And based on the vet's attitude, it was a kind of amused but understanding, "Oh, you're one of the paranoid ones." So he gave us a list of precautions which are pretty obvious, but now we're like, "Do we have to do those if we don't want to die!?" but based on his first answer, we think it's probably not that life-or-death. Needless to say, our bedding is in the laundry.

Anyway, while we were at a vet anyway, we got Page updated on her vaccines, so now we can watch Old Yeller without being too terrified for her safety afterwards. On the other hand, why would we ever want to watch Old Yeller again? (Because it's a great movie about coming of age and learning to deal with the really hard things in life. But my goodness is it sad.)

And now we have to put our laundry in the dryer. Today I'm thankful for getting a ride to the vet, the dentist appointment going okay, Page being safely home from the vet, understanding veterinarians (also, one of the techs told us that like every other patient these days is coming in with worms, so we don't feel like horrible pet owners), and the big washing machine being free tonight.
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