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Alethea & Athena
Long weekend 
14th-Aug-2016 07:38 pm
Oh man, this weekend. It's just been trying. And hot. When we left for the grocery store, the kittens were all panting, so we tried to find an eye dropper or something that we could give them water with, but the best we could get were some straws. We tried using them and it wasn't working, but fortunately the neighbor came out and she works in pharmaceuticals so she was able to give us some syringes, and we got the little guys some water. Incidentally, we also discovered that they're all boys, we think, unless what somebody once told us is true about how kitten genders look the same until they're a certain age.

Anyway, the heat and our consequent manhandling of the kittens is what we suspect is the reason behind the mother cat removing all the kittens from the box on our patio and relocating them to a more secure hiding spot. We were afraid we wouldn't see them anymore for a while, but when we got back from church, there was the mother and at least two of the kittens, so that was a pleasant surprise.

A less pleasant surprise is that Page made a mess outside her litter box last night, and when Athena was cleaning it up, she discovered something moving in the stool. We don't know what it is exactly because it doesn't really match the descriptions of common cat worms that we saw online when we did some research a few minutes ago (we haven't had time until then), but the one thing we do know is that we need to take her to the vet. And of course now we're feeling a little bit paranoid because parasitic worms can be transferred to humans. But I guess if they can be treated in a cat they can be treated in a human, too, right? And I'm mostly calm about it, except when I'm thinking about it, which I'm doing right now, so...

...let's change the subject. Church was trying, because I was teaching the Sunbeams the lesson on, "I can say I'm sorry," and during the course of trying not to pay attention to the lesson, one of the Sunbeams stole a paper from me in a way that gave me a paper cut. I figured it was a good opportunity for her to practice what she just learned about apologizing, but she refused. Soon before time was up, I put her on timeout, and when it was over, I explained why she was on timeout and asked her to apologize, because that's part of the timeout routine, and she was still refusing. I decided she needed to lose the battle of wills, so I stayed with her through half of Primary, sending the other Sunbeam in without us, and mostly we just sat there the whole time while she struggled in silence.

Eventually it was Singing Time, so I had to hand her off to her guardian anyway, but her guardian did convince her to apologize and I almost wanted to cry myself. It was sweet and sad but happy and stuff. But then I just wanted the day to be over...but we ended up going to a potluck dinner for singles instead, and now we're finally home and tired. And still worried about Page, and not knowing how we're going to transport her to a veterinarian. I'm sure we'll figure it out, though.

Today I'm thankful for the kittens not being gone forever, being done with Primary for today, there being some pretty good chocolate cake at the potluck, the potluck not lasting too long, and getting to do some puzzles on our jigsaw puzzle app while we waited for the potluck to start.
15th-Aug-2016 12:39 am (UTC)
Oh, poor Page!! I hope the solution/treatment for her is straightforward (and not too expensive)! As for your own risk of infection, from what I read or can imagine, you'd have to come in contact with the infected matter and then ingest it somehow... and with your general care about cleanliness it seems like that would be really really unlikely to happen. (plus there's that one parasite they say can be transmitted from cats that leads to decreased fear and anxiety, so the fact that you're worrying at all may be a good sign... :) )

I'm sorry about your trying day at church too. It's sad and hurtful to experience unkind treatment from kids as much as from adults. I think it's good you didn't give in to her willfulness, and who knows how the experience may sink in at some level and work itself out in her life. You are doing good and important work!
15th-Aug-2016 01:53 am (UTC)
I know! It must be so uncomfortable to have things wiggling around in your insides! (Athena has seen how big it was and figures she probably doesn't really notice...unless those were just pieces of a larger worm...and your comment about anxiety is starting to be more and less encouraging at the same time, because that's how anxiety works.) Thanks for the encouragement! It really does seem highly unlikely. I think I'm extra nervous because of a story our eighth grade science teacher told about some guy getting worms inside him.

Yeah, it was tough with that girl. The behavior wasn't anywhere outside of normal for her (or any of the other Sunbeams, for that matter), but since I have been having such a hard time teaching them I've been thinking that I need to discipline them more. And obviously it's nothing serious--what I mentioned today was the worst--but man it's hard to sit there for half an hour with a kid and have no idea how to convince them to do the right thing. On the other hand, it was kind of a neat experience, because we're all stubborn about things that we want to do but shouldn't, or should do but don't want to, and I think I got a taste of how our parents on earth and in heaven feel when we finally make the right choice.
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