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It's a miracle! We finished a translation today, and our next deadline isn't for more than a week! We get a whole week and a half! And technically, the book we turned in today isn't due for nine days, so we did have the same thing going on, but then we had another book due only two days later, so if we had waited that long, we wouldn't have had enough time for the second book. But now we have a whole eleven days to do the second book, and the best part is we could pace ourselves to finish the book right on time and still have...okay, our next deadline after that is actually four days later. But four days is actually a lot of time to translate a book these days, and that second book that's due is Corpse Party, which usually only takes two days without too much trouble. (Besides, we're probably not going to wait that long...but it's a time consuming series, so it might take that long anyway.)

That being the case! We're going to take tomorrow off so that we can actually clean our apartment this weekend! Of course, we might not actually get to that part until Saturday, but we'll feel a lot better about doing it on Saturday if we already have a relaxation day under our belts.

In other news, we have another amusing cat story! Page wanted to go outside this morning while we were eating breakfast, so I opened the door for her. Meanwhile, the neighbor kittens had been in an adventurous mood, which we noticed when we heard a noise outside and happened to see one of them hopping down out of the tree outside. I guess the sound of our door opening was more attractive to them than the tree, which is there any old time, so they came over to investigate. While Page was outside, two of them came in and got settled under the furniture.

Or at least, we think they must have gotten settled under the furniture. Athena was sure she saw one of them leave when Page came inside. But just to be sure we didn't accidentally trap anybody, I checked under the love seat when I finished brushing my hair and there was a kitten! So we left the door open while we went to another room to read scriptures.

Meanwhile, the newest Yume Twins box had arrived, so the mailman came by and saw that the door was open, so instead of knocking, he tried calling out (in?) to us. I went to accept the delivery, and suddenly a little ball of fur dashed out the door, scaring the daylights out of the mailman.

Athena saw the other cat leave, so we were pretty sure we only had one cat in the apartment and it was the one that lives here...until I finished making my sandwich for lunch a few hours later and went to the couch to eat it. I walked up just in time to see a little feline head disappear underneath it. Fortunately, Page had already asked to be let outside again, so we left the door open and eventually this kitten, too, was able to make her escape.

Herding cats.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation for today, having enough room in our schedule to take tomorrow off, having super adorable fox plushes on our desk right now, our new Yume Twins box arriving, and all the kittens making it safely back outside.
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