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Noragami stage show

Those of you following us on Facebook will know that we have now officially booked our flight to Tokyo. Tadah! We are so going to be at that Noragami art show! But we're also freaking out a little, which is why we decided not to get back to work today, even though we're so close to finishing the last volume of Your Lie in April. It's okay; we got the full effect of the story when we did our first draft back in June.

I'm not sure I can fully think straight, but I wanted to talk about the Noragami stage show.

Well, first off, it was great. Everybody was really well cast (but of course Yukine will never be the same if not played by Yuki Kaji; he was good, though), and the story was interesting and funny and oh my gosh, they did not play down Yato's humorous side like they did in the anime, so it was so great! And that actor took a lot of punishment. I think they kicked him in the face like three times. (Not really, of course, but he still had to fall over backwards.) And one time Daikoku even kicked him in the face when Yato was fully upright! I was impressed.

For the shinki, they did a pretty cool thing where...okay, so the set was mostly white so they could project stuff on it for backgrounds and effects. There like three levels height-wise, and three levels depth-wise. So on the highest levels on each side toward the front and in the center back they had three circles hanging there, and when Yato or Bishamon or Kofuku called an instrument, they would project that name onto the center circle in the back and they'd shine really bright lights so you couldn't see anything! And when the lights turned down again, the shinki wouldn't be on stage anymore, and for example, Yato would be holding Sekki. It was really cool! But the first two times they did it, we were like, "Wow, that's really bright. Are they gonna do that every time?" But either it gets better or you just get used to it, because it wasn't bothering us as much by the end.

And then, the two circles on the right and left of the stage were where the actors for Yukine and Kazuma stood so the audience could still see them talking during battles. Like how they told Yato and Bishamon to stop beating each other up and fight the masses of ayakashi. The play took place right between volume six and seven, so after Yato saved Bishamon from Kugaha (in fact, Kazuma was still recovering from the wounds he got then) but before the big cherry blossom viewing party. So when Yato and Bishamon ran into each other on their way to fighting ayakashi, they ended up fighting, and the fight choreography was so great, because ayakashi kept coming up behind Yato, giving Bishamon many opportunities to shoot at Yato without actually hitting him.

The play had a lot of Kofuku and Daikoku, which was happy because we really like them but they don't seem to get to be in the series very much these days. And both of the actors were so perfectly cast; they were adorable. And Kofuku in her over-sized sweater! She was always jumping around and being very Kofuku. One time, she was walking across the stage, and her shoe came off! Oh man, it was perfect.

But back to Yato! The actor was so great. He would get a phone call and answer the phone with his spiel, all businesslike, until the end when he says "de gozaimasu!", where he'd really punch that last "SU!", and wink and do a cute hand gesture! Writing about it doesn't do it justice; you'll just have to take my word for it that it was great. And then when something Yato did turned out to be successful, he would be all serious about it, and Hiyori would be like, "Wow, you're playing it pretty cool, Yato." And Yukine would be like, "Wait a minute...he's secretly doing a guts pose so none of us notices!" and then Yato would turn around so the audience could see him pumping his fist. Then he'd have a harder time containing it, so he'd start bending his knees. And the one time they didn't stop it, he or something. It was so perfect!

...And I think that's about all I have to say without going into story stuff. Oh, except that sometimes they had to recap stuff for the benefit of people who weren't already familiar with the series, so we got a few tedious narrations about Hiyori's condition and...some other things that I forgot because they were boring. (Athena reminds me that one was about how Kazuma got hurt.)

Oh! One other thing, though. At one point, Daikoku and Kazuma ended up at Tenjin's shrine, and Kofuku wanted to be with Daikoku, so she followed them, but Mayu is always on top of things, so she immediately drew a borderline to keep Kofuku out, and that was the cutest thing! Kofuku trying to get past the borderline, and throwing a tantrum when she couldn't... Awwww...

Today I'm thankful for deals on airfare to Tokyo, having enough room in our schedule that it's okay to stop working for the day, the wonderful casting job that went into the Noragami stage show, getting to try some Pokemon gummies yesterday (supposedly the flavors evolved if you combined them...I didn't really get that), and having a super cool hydraulic robot arm that we built ourselves.
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