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The tale of the kittens

We didn't mean to blow off LiveJournal today, and people who follow us on Facebook might think our slacking came from kittens, but actually it was because the momentum we had going with work was such that we ended up doing that all day instead. So now I will tell the tale of the kittens.

We've been reading our grandfather's books, and recently we got to some chapters about the importance of education, which quoted the prophet Brigham Young, so we were like, "Education is totally a Sabbath appropriate activity!" and that being the case, we were building a robotic arm (you can buy a kit from ThinkGeek). So while we were working on this robotic arm, at some point we started hearing mewing outside, so I went to check it out, and there, in one of the boxes we had left out for kittens to play with, was a mother cat with a litter of four tiny new kittens.

And that's the story. Tadah! Not much to it, really. It does make me wonder, though, because I don't think they're newborns, and it was just a few days ago that the orange cat came and deliberately asked us for help, so I wonder if he was scouting out a place for this mother cat to shelter her kittens. If that's the case, then we almost definitely don't want to name him Kugaha (we were thinking of giving him a stray name from Noragami, but I wasn't digging that one anyway because it just feels out of place with an American accent). None of the kittens look like they could really be his, either, so that would have been very nice of him (on the other hand, what do I know about feline genetic?).

Today I'm thankful for the chance to shelter some adorable kittens, finishing our Complex Age translation today, having a little bit of time to relax and watch TV, the lovely lesson we had at Family Home Evening tonight (you can read it here!), and getting lots of chocolate chip muffins at Bread Day yesterday.
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