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Adventures in cat herding

We have found ourselves with an unusual amount of free time before church today, so we thought we'd take that time to update LiveJournal! There have been new feline developments. I don't remember when it started, but at some point Athena put out a plate of food for the neighborhood cats. The kittens had a black cat friend who had been hanging around, and s/he looked so very hungry that she couldn't resist. This may or may not be why an orange cat we had seen around the neighborhood started also coming by to hang out with the kittens. Both he and the black cat had been known to come in and explore along with the kittens, but we usually just shooed them out and it wasn't an issue.

Well, one night last week, we heard some meowing at the door. We knew it wasn't Page asking to be let out, so I opened the door to see what was up, and there was the orange cat. We gave him some food and closed the door, but later Page wanted to go outside, so we let her out and then the orange cat came in along with all of the kittens. The kittens just like to come in an hide under our couches for some reason, but the orange cat had other ideas. He went and found Page's food, the jerk.

But he was lured outside easily enough; we just had to put some food out there. Meanwhile, the kittens had gotten settled under our couches, and since they have no interest in our food, getting them outside was much more difficult. It wasn't just like herding cats. We were literally herding cats. And now we can testify with surety to the difficulty of such endeavors.

So that was an adventure. Now the orange cat seems to be coming by and asking for food every night. Our plan is to gain his trust so the next time he comes in the daytime we can kidnap him and take him to the vet, and hopefully at least lower productivity on the kitten factory situation.

Today I'm thankful for adventures in cat herding, getting to watch the Noragami stage play last night (more on that tomorrow, I hope), being in a situation where I don't have to go begging for food like a stray cat, having extra time today, and it being Bread Day today.
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