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Alethea & Athena
2nd-Aug-2016 05:17 pm
Our main concern (aside from money, of course) about going to Japan for the Noragami art show was that we didn't want to have a million things to translate when we get back. This month is busy enough as it is--if we finally manage to get through it all and have a few days to relax, and we spend that time doing something as stressful (in a good way, but still stressful) as travel, and then have to get right back into work work work work work...well, that just seems like a recipe for a health crisis.

Out of curiosity, we looked at our calendar yesterday and were a little surprised to see that, despite all the new assignments we'd added recently, our September workload was pretty light. We started to get optimistic, but we knew we still had to hear from editors for four of our current titles. Today, we got an email from the editor on three of them, with a list of deadlines...dun dun DUN!!!

We immediately pulled up our calendar and started plugging the new deadlines into the dates...and discovered that the earliest translation on the new list isn't due until mid-October. Our September is still relatively free! This impulsive Japan trip might work out after all! And to top it off, another link popped up on our Facebook feed about low prices for airfare to Japan. I think we might actually do this. We evaluated our finances and it looks like it wouldn't be too unreasonable, but we're still wary.

There are two things that might put a damper on this whole scheme. First, we might have forgotten some expense we need to pay, or something might come up (after our dental adventures of a few months ago, we're more aware of the realism of this possibility). Second, new title assignments. We still need to email our editor from the one publisher, but we honestly can't decide what we want to do about that. It's always hard when they show us a list of new licenses and tell us to pick one, unless there's one we're already familiar with and like, but we don't have a lot of time to familiarize ourselves with stuff we're not translating. Maybe we'll just email back with, "Which one can wait until late September? We'll take that one."

Of course, there are probably any number of other things that might cancel our plans, but those are the most predictable ones. We need to start contacting people who might want to see us if we go to Japan soon, but we still like to take our time on things. And it's all so sudden, we're still not entirely convinced it's happening. (It might not be!)

Today I'm thankful for having a light September workload (whether we go to Japan or not, this is a welcome blessing), finishing our second draft of In/Spectre today, making our way ever so slowly through Ace Attorney 6, one of the kittens being a fan of our apartment, and being able to release her last night. She came in when Page wanted to go out, then Page came back in and we didn't see any kittens around, so we closed the door. Later, I heard our neighbor whistling for the kittens to come get their dinner, and she kept whistling and whistling and I wondered if one of them was missing. Then I heard a squeak. So I went out to the living room to check it out, and sure enough, there was a kitten trying to stealthily escape our apartment.
2nd-Aug-2016 10:29 pm (UTC)
You know if you want help deciding what to do about potential new titles, I am happy to advise you with my very biased opinions :) (assuming these titles are public knowledge, of course!) There have only been a couple in their recent announcement batches that were interesting to me... Anyway, you can email me if you want to talk about any of that stuff~ (and if you don't, that's fine!)

I'm thankful for your lighter September workload too!! It's good to have some respite to look forward to :D And oh, the kitten!!!♥
3rd-Aug-2016 01:41 am (UTC)
I think we'll take you up on that offer! But we never know what's been announced and what hasn't, so it will have to be in email.

Yes, and boy are we looking forward to it! We might actually get to clean our apartment! We have also determined that the kitten does still like to come into our apartment, but she gets nervous when we start moving around (as opposed to sitting on the couch playing video games), like she has to escape while she has the chance.
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