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Back to the Noragami event

Well, we did meet our quota for today, but not our ideal quota, so we're still toying with the idea of going back to work later...especially because we're also still toying with the idea of going to Japan. It's actually looking like our schedule is pretty open right around art exhibit time, but we can't ignore the possibility of new assignments popping up. But if they don't...

Anyway, I still wanted to talk about the evening version of the Noragami event, so let's get to it!

This time, the voice actors were joined by Toru Okawa (Tenjin) and Miyuki Sawashiro (Bishamon), so the first portion of the event was dedicated to Tenjin! They had asked each of the voice actors to write a haiku before the event, and then they cut them up into three pieces each and divided them into boxes labeled five, seven, and five. And now they all took turns drawing from each box to put together a haiku and read it for the audience. And if they created a poem that made sense, it would be a miracle!

Because she plays Tenjin's shinki, Asami Imai went first. She pulled her first card and immediately started going, "It's not my fault, okay?" Her poem was, "Kamiya-san / musunde hiraite / demo, Jun-kun". (People who know how the Japanese writing system works may notice that that's not 5-7-5, it's 5-8-6. There are exceptions to the 5-7-5 rule, but we have no idea what they are. I think it's, "If it sounds pretty, why not?") A rough translation of that poem is, "Kamiya-san / I wrap him up and unwrap him / but [it's] Jun-kun." Someone commented that it was like a magic act.

That's the only poem I really remember. Athena reminds me that Fukuyama-san's was "Mimimoto de / keitai kabaa / wasuremasen (At my ear / the cell phone cover / I will never forget)". Kamiya-san got up after they talked about how you might end up with a poem that's all the same words (for example, "Kamiya-kun / Kamiya-kun da yo / Kamiya-kun (Kamiya-kun / It's Kamiya-kun / Kamiya-kun)"), and how he expected to see goen (ties) all over the place because that was thetheme of these poems. And his poem was "Goen-dama / something we don't remember / goen-dama (five-yen coin)".

And we really wish we could remember Kaji-kun's but we can't. Maaya Uchida's was "Shita o mite / tonkatsu no aji / okanemochi (Look below you / the flavor of pork cutlets / a wealthy person)", and someone said they imagined some rich person sitting at a table, looking down and feeding scraps to some lowly person or animal at their feet. And I also wish we could remember Okawa-san's, because he's Tenjin, but all we remember is that we're pretty sure it made no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, Imai-san won for "best miracle", so they had the two actors it named come up and read it again, at her insistence. (Originally, they asked her to read it, but she was all, "It says Kamiya-san, so he should read it!" And of course that meant "Jun-kun" had to go read it, too. He read the first line, they read the second one together, and Kamiya-san read the last one.)

Next they had...another quiz! Woohoo! ...Oh, but first they revealed who wrote the original poems before they cut them up, and had them explain what they were thinking and why they wrote them, but they didn't really show what the original poems were--they had it up on a big screen so the live audience could read it, but the camera for the DVD didn't give us a good angle. And that made it really hard to follow the reasoning on anything, except that we know Kamiya-san is the one who wrote about the year Heisei 9 (but we didn't catch the significance of that year, something about currency, Athena thinks), and Sawashiro-san is the one who wrote "demo Jun-kun". And Imai-san wrote about the cell phone cover, because she ran into someone at a shop who had the same one as her, and she thought about how that could represent ties because, for example, if you bought merchandise at the Noragami event, you might run into someone a few weeks later and they would have merchandise, too, and you could bond over it.

But now there was a quiz, and this time the questions were a lot more answerable. The teams were Yato & Friends, the Double Name Trio (Kofuku/Binbogami, Tomone/Mayu, Tenjin/Michizane), and Veena & the Men Who Protect Veena. For the first question, it was another video question, featuring Daisuke Ono! And he had his hair all slicked back like Daikoku (and everyone was like, "What did you do to your hair!?"), and he introduced himself as Ono Daikoku, and he read the whole question in his Daikoku voice, which does not match his face at all.

(Incidentally, when Takahiro Sakurai read his question for the afternoon session, he was wearing a hat with creepy eyes to match the creepy mask Rabo wears, and he kept talking and talking while all the teams were trying to answer, prompting Kamiya-san to say, "Shut up, nobody's listening to you anymore!" And then he said something about Kaji-kun, and Kaji-kun was like, "Wait, what!? I wasn't listening!" and he got closer to the screen to pay better attention, but it was too late, and we weren't paying attention, either, so we don't know what was said.)

And Ono-san addressed Toyosaki-san, and she responded as Kofuku and it was super cute, but anyway, the question was when Daikoku meets Yato, he tells him, "Keep your hands off my BLEEP-BLEEP!" What is the "bleep-bleep"? And we were like, "Come on, everybody knows this!" but nobody was writing anything, so we started to worry, like, "You do know this, right?" But then the MC had them all read their answers together, and they all got it right, and we were relieved. And that meant just one thing: festival dancers!

So then of course the Men Who Protect Veena went off with the festival dancers, and Veena was like, "Huh? Where's everybody going?" and Kaji-kun was like, "There's no one to protect Veena!" (That reminds me, when they introduced everybody, Fukuyama-san and Inoue-san started protecting Veena from Yato & Friends, which mostly meant Kaji-kun, because he was the closest to them and the easiest to pick on. He tried whining to Yato, but Kamiya-san was just like, "Eh, forget 'em." Also, Kazuhiko Inoue had changed into a yellow shirt with a lion print.) Also, Sawashiro-san was mystified at the idea of the festival dancers and wondered aloud, "What do you suppose their day job is?" Kamiya-san insisted that festival dancing was their day job. She was having none of that, but next there was another question, and it was...

...What item is the real Binbogami usually depicted holding? The actors asked and the MC confirmed that it is an item that Kofuku does not use. Athena thinks it was during this question that Sawashiro-san was like, "...I don't like this team," but she doesn't remember what their answer was, so we can't say whether or not it was related. Anyway, someone on Yato & Friends was really taking this game seriously (we suspect it was Kamiya-san, because the answer was always written in the middle (where he was standing), with pictures on the sides), so they guessed an uchiwa fan, and they were right! (We felt bad because we just looked this up for...volume twelve? That was only like eight, nine months ago... and we couldn't remember. But when somebody suggested uchiwa, we both thought that sounded right.)

And so they brought out the festival dancers again, and now was Sawashiro-san's chance! She tried to ask them as they ran by what they do for a living, but they weren't answering, so she just grabbed one of them on his way off stage, and he responded very timidly (as per Fukuyama-san's reenactment), "I...I'm a student..." So Sawashiro-san was right--this was not really their day job.

Then came the third and final question, which involved the clip of Urasawa from Stray Stories, recounting his ill-fated trip to Capyper Land with his bad luck girlfriend. They got to the part with the sweaty guy in the partial Capyper suit and asked everybody the name of the character. Kamiya-san commented that this was just way too easy, and the MC said well you know they're going to win, so everybody else just write whatever you want. So the Veena & Men Who Protect Veena explained that they were looking beyond the mask, to the man inside it, and his name is 850-yen-an-hour Yamadera-san. We're sure the resemblance to the famous voice actor who does pretty much every Disney voice in Japan is "purely coincidental". The Double Name Trio was like, "We know the answer, so just think of this as a mistake, like we got carried away writing, or we were distracted or something," and their answer was "Capypaara". And finally, Yato & Friends wrote, "Capyper, voiced by Shin'ya Takahashi," and they said he's a really great guy.

So Yato & Friends won again, and this time they got a year supply of chocolate five-yen coins. And as soon as they brought them out, all the other teams started eating them. Kamiya-san was not happy about this.

Next it was time for another commercial break, this time brought to us by the voices of Bishamon, Tenjin, and Kuraha! They weren't as well cut out for advertising as Imai-san, and MC even said so at the end. Sawashiro-san was pretty much just shopping herself. She started out holding the Yato-manju and immediately opened the package. But the manju were wrapped again in plastic, and they had a hard time getting it out until a crew member magically appeared with scissors. Inoue-san and Sawashiro-san both tried one and neither of them was able to answer right away with a, "Yes, it's delicious!" I want to say that Inoue-san was distracted and Sawashiro-san had a whole one in her mouth and looked like she didn't want to talk with her mouth full, but she could have nodded. We may never know the true level of delicious or non-deliciousness. But she did say, when she finally swallowed, that she would recommend it.

And then it was time for the live reading. Oh my gosh, you guys. The title of it came up on the screen, and it took me a while to identify the kanji, mostly because I wasn't sure what it was because it's not a very common one, but I did recognize it and realize that the title was, "After the Ablution". So we weren't really surprised when it started with Yuki Kaji screaming in pain as a little flashback to where we were starting (and they had Hiyori repeat the line about not being his friend, and Yato saying his line, and then Yukine started apologizing and crying), but after all the talk of how worried everybody was for his vocal chords after the anime recording, I was like, "You're really making him do it again!? LIVE!?" It was intense. And now we have a live recording of Yuki Kaji performing the ablution scene that we can pull up very quickly if we ever find ourselves in a discussion of this scene or the kind of commitment our favorite voice actor has for his roles.

And then, after that screaming, did he get to go take a break and rest his throat? No. He had to act out a whole drama. But it's also true that Yukine didn't have a lot of talking. He instigated a discussion about part-time jobs (since, now that Yukine's reformed, he wants to earn money in a more legal way), and then mostly sat back and listened while Yato and Mayu carried the discussion. (There was also a mention of how Daikoku couldn't be there because he was off doing some kind of "live reading". We really wonder what event he was at that day.) Yato started out by talking about his history of part-time jobs, mostly when he worked as a mystery hunter. First he told the story of his search for Tokugawa's buried treasure, and he made Kofuku and Hiyori play the part of the buried treasure. He would go, "Buried treasurrrrrre! Where are yooouuuu!?" and then he'd yell at Hiyori for not participating, and she'd go, "I...I'm over here...!" And the question and answer repeated a couple of times before Yukine commented, "You never found it, did you?" Then he started to tell them about another part time job, and he made Yukine be the tsuchinoko (a semi-mythical creature) and Kazuma be the...other thing that we didn't quite catch. And he would go, "Thing that Kazuma is! Where are you!?" and Kazuma actually played along, and even made animal noises. The creatures talked like Pokemon. So when he yelled at Yukine to be the tsuchinoko, he was like, "Tsu-tsu-tsu..." and then he couldn't do it anymore, and they were like, "Besides, that's still mystery hunting!"

Then Yato got the bright idea that if he and Yukine and Hiyori all wanted to get part time jobs together, they could go work at Capyper Land! And Athena and I were like, "That's a terrible idea! Your dreams will be shattered! You'll find out it's a guy in a s--I mean...!" But that's okay, because Mayu beat us to it. She was like, "You underestimate the difficulty of working at the kingdom of hopes and dreams!" And this is where we got to the part that was more about showcasing the voice actors' abilities than actually staying in character, because Mayu would say a line and demand someone else repeat it with a different attitude, and the way the girls screamed when "Yato" had to kindly tell a guest that cutting was not allowed was not something I think Yato could achieve so easily. Hiyori was supposed to be firm with a guest, and she was much more "firm" than I would ever expect from Hiyori. Kazuma...could go either way. That guy's hard to pin down. He was supposed to tell a little kid...something about being lost, and he got down on the kid's level (Fukuyama-san even lowered his microphone) and spoke with a lisp and everything. Yukine refused to participate, he was like, "No, I can't do it, I just can't!" so Mayu was like, "Okay, say, 'No, Onee-san! I just can't do it!", and he did, and she was like, "You pass!" and he was like, "What?" But it was super adorable, because Kaji-kun was jumping up and down indignantly.

Incidentally, Kofuku was told to just sit over there and watch, because...Kofuku. But she couldn't take it anymore and insisted that she wanted to go to Capyper Land RIGHT NOW! Yato managed to save the kingdom by suggesting they make their own Capyper Land right here at Kofuku's house, and Kazuma was like, "Isn't that copyright infring--" "It's an homage!" So they made their own Capyper Land and had a light-up parade and everything, and then it got really spectacular when the place really caught fire. And Kofuku was like, "Oh, it's so pretty! I really hope Daikoku gets home soon so he can see this!" And Yato and Yukine were like, "He's gonna kill us..." and Mayu and Kazuma were like, "Welllll, we better be going now. Bye!"

The end.

After the drama, they asked all the voice actors for a parting comment, and several of the voice actors were like, "There's still a lot more manga, so I hope we can play these characters again!" Kaji-kun was one of them, and he also said he was really glad he got to do the ablution scene live for everybody and he hopes he can do it again. And we were like, "Seriously, what does it do to your throat?" And Uchida-san started crying! Awwww! It was so sweet! She kept trying to collect herself and start again, but she wasn't ready to talk yet, so she'd get frustrated and cry again. We wanted someone to give her a hug. When she finally managed to finish, Kaji-kun gave her an encouraging, "Thanks, Hiyori!" It was cute.

And then it was all over, and we watched the one bonus feature, which showed footage of the attendees (but never anyone's face), and revealed that the event had indeed taken place in Maihama, which explains Toyosaki-san's comment of, "But Capyper Land's right over there, isn't it?" and everyone was like, "No! It's a different thing!" And it really makes us wonder how many times the cast all went to Disneyland together. They also had more comments from the voice actors, and Kaji-kun was still talking about how he liked doing the ablution scene. Athena says it's like how we want everyone to read Noragami: "Guys, this series nearly killed me! READ IT!" And they showed people buying merchandise, and the cashiers were all dressed like Tenjin's shinki. Oh man, it was so neat. Maybe one day we'll get to go to one of these events.

Today I'm thankful for Page drinking from her new fountain (she meowed at us first, like she was either asking for permission or saying, "Hey, I know you wanted me to drink from this thing, so here you go, okay!?" or possibly saying, "Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me!"), making fairly decent progress on In/Spectre, getting to see a live reading of that scene, the super delicious chocolate ice cream we had last night, and it being time for dinner.
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