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Alethea & Athena
Noragami event DVD 
31st-Jul-2016 06:11 pm
Oh man, yesterday was so nice and relaxing. After we bought groceries, we decided to blow off all our other responsibilities and watch our DVD of the Noragami event that they held in June 2014. There were an afternoon event and an evening event, and the DVD has all of both, so it was four hours long. Actually, we were already a little familiar with what was going to happen, because, as longtime readers may remember, we came across another fan's report of the afternoon event back when we were working on Stray Stories. (You can read our report of the report here!)

But now we got to see all of it for ourselves! And there are some things we saw that we didn't seem to get from the other report, and some things in the report that we either missed or that didn't really happen. I would assume we just missed it, because there were no subtitles or captions, and spoken Japanese is a lot harder to understand than written Japanese (we discovered that if we turn on the captions for Tiger & Bunny The Live (for example), we have a much easier time following the story).

So now I want to talk about it, because it was sooooo amazing and we loved it so much and it's making it a lot harder to resist flying off to Japan for the Noragami art exhibit in about three weeks.

First off, almost everything in that other report still holds, so I'll just add a few things. But a quick summary of how the event went down, in case you don't want to click back: first they talked about some favorite scenes, then they broke into teams and had a quiz show, then they had the actors congratulate everybody who'd gotten a job, and then they took a commercial break so all the voice actors could prepare for the live script reading as the finale. Of course we had a much easier time paying attention when they started talking about the ablution scene, because it's one of our favorite scenes, too! In addition to what was listed in the other report, Yuki Kaji said that he really liked doing it, because everyone was so nice to him afterwards--offering him candy, giving him their tea, giving him their water. It was so nice, he almost wanted to have an ablution for himself (at this point I think it was Jun Fukuyama who asked him if he'd done anything he'd need to have an ablution for, which he denied).

Oh, and apparently Hiroshi Kamiya had the same reaction to the falling-from-a-building scene as we did. "Huh, this isn't in the manga. ...Oh wait, yes it is!"

As for the quiz, it was really funny because the questions were ridiculously hard, so the voice actors (especially Kamiya-san) would ask if there was anybody in the audience who could help. When they were asked how much a five-yen coin weighs, he asked if anybody worked at a bank. They found someone, but that person didn't know the answer, so then they straight-up asked if anybody knew the answer and were shocked when somebody raised their hand. Asami Imai was like, "Hey, somebody over here says they know!" and Kamiya-san was like, "So what's the answer, then?"

They also passed out some coins so they could feel them and compare. The camera just barely caught Fukuyama-san as Kazuhiko Inoue asked, "What are you pocketing it for?" When the question was successfully answered, it was Fukuyama-san who went to all the other tables collecting the coins "to get them out of the way". One of the crew came out to take them from him and he said, "I'll see you later." Then someone said they wanted to see his dressing room later.

When they got a right answer, they called out a big team of festival dancers, and that was a lot of fun. Team Men Who Protect Veena got into it right away and started dancing right along with them--they were a couple of goofballs.

After the quiz, the actors all had to come up with some way to congratulate people, and of course because we're biased, Yuki Kaji's was our favorite. He drew a picture of Snow Yukine and said for all your hard work, you can use him however you want. I will take this opportunity to point out that he had a little Snow Yukine mascot attached to his belt loop for the whole event (except when he took it off to demonstrate that you could use it to throw at the floor or against a wall, if you were stressed). Hiroshi Kamiya was wearing a scarf, and it took me forever to realize that it was his facsimile of Yato's yurufuwa. Of course, Kamiya-san had a good congratulations thing, too. He said Yato's line about hearing your prayer (I feel bad that I don't remember how we translated it, but not bad enough to look it up), then brought out the festival dancers. Clearly this was not in the rehearsals, because it took the festival dancers a while to appear, and at first it was only a few brave souls who were like, "No, come on, man, it'll be totally awesome!" The second and third ones were like, "Wait, what? Are you sure?" But they did eventually get the whole team.

Speaking of not rehearsing, Aki Toyosaki's congratulations was something about a man in a suit and glasses would...do something we didn't quite catch. Whisper sweet nothings or something. And then they all made Fukuyama-san (who was wearing a suit and glasses...and very poofy pants) get up and say something nice and maybe romantic I guess? But it was great, because almost immediately, they had a spotlight on him and started playing the slow version of Heart Realize in the background, which is probably one of the many reasons the voice actors later commented on how on top of things the crew was.

Then it was time for a commercial break. The MC called out a staff member to show off all the fancy merchandise you could buy at the event. So a staff member showed up...and it was Asami Imai! Mayu wasn't going to be in the live reading, so instead, she helped show off the merchandise, and she was adorable. I have reason to believe she once worked at Disneyland, and perhaps was taught the same methods as the cast member who sold Cecille the Chandu plush, or the one who sold us the Stitch container thingie. She would pull out the item listed and show it off, and for example, there was a ticket book thing, and she took it out of the wrapping, and the MC was like, "Oh, she's opening it. Okay..." And she was like, "Well, yeah! Just glancing at it you're not going to know what it is, but when you know what it is, you'll want to buy it!" It was a small narrow booklet with protective sleeves for putting your ticket stubs in, so you can remember all the fun events you went to. She also showed off one of the posters of Bishamon and started sniffing it, and we were like, "Wha...?" and she explained that she read somewhere that men like to smell women's underboobs. The MC responded that he understands the sentiment, but he was unaware of that particular attraction. Imai-san said that when she found out about it, she tried to see if it really smelled that good, but she couldn't reach.

So then they went into the live reading, and it was so much fun to see how all the actors...act, I guess. This one started out sort of like the Stray Story about the life of Kazuma the Guide, and then he took Kuraha to Kofuku's how to have a meeting about how to market Bishamon. They explained why they did it at Kofuku's house instead of among Bishamon's shinki, but we think the real reason is that this way they could have more of Kofuku, Kuraha, Hiyori, and Yukine. Most of Yukine's lines were comments on Yato's craziness, and it was funny because whenever Kaji-kun read them, he'd get this look on his face that is difficult to describe, but like, "What is wrong with this guy?" And he'd have that look on his face as he looked over at Kamiya-san.

...And that about sums up the afternoon event. Of course the evening event was a lot of fun, too, but we're already running late for dinner because somebody posted a ridiculously long article on Facebook and for some reason we read the whole thing.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Noragami event, the DVD coming with a smaller version of the pamphlet that they sold at the event (and showed off during the commercial break, commenting on how cool Kazuhiko Inoue-san looks), Page's fountain arriving yesterday (she has definitely investigated it, but we don't know if she's drinking from it; she does, however, seem to be drinking more from her regular water, so at least it's a partial success, I think), live seiyuu readings, and having chocolate to look forward to.
31st-Jul-2016 11:03 pm (UTC)
Fun Noragami things, yay~~~~ :D And this caused me to reread your previous report and be delighted by it all over again!!

I heard recently that cats prefer to drink water that's not near their food. That seemed weird to me because I'd previously heard that you're supposed to keep the water near their food so they'll remember to drink it... but I started setting out a water dish on the other side of the room (in addition to the ones by the food dishes) and have found that Josie goes through that one a lot faster than the other ones. So maybe it depends on the cat, but it might not hurt to have water in multiple locations. (and hopefully Page warms up to the idea of moving water! if not, at least it's nice background noise :) )
1st-Aug-2016 01:36 am (UTC)
So much fun to be had! Noragami is the best.

We heard that, too! And actually, Athena had looked into ways to keep cats hydrated a while ago, and the reason we wanted to buy the fountain in the first place is that we remembered her liking the one we had for Oreo and Mimsy, which go lost in the move. So we ordered a new one, but in the meantime, Athena set out two other water bowls, which seemed to help a little but not enough. Our current theory about why we haven't seen her use the fountain is that maybe it's on too high a setting so the water is moving too fast, but we think maybe the sound of the running water is making her thirstier? On the other hand, she spent practically all day in the same room as the fountain yesterday while we were in the living room watching DVDs, so it's possible she's using it without our knowledge.
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