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Alethea & Athena
Saiyuki news 
25th-Jul-2016 05:38 pm
I think my brain is getting to be very good at compartmentalizing these days. I don't even remember all the stuff that happened today. But it did occur to me again, what I wanted to mention today, and that is the Saiyuki Reload Blast anime. The announcement was mostly a reminder to someday read volume two. Oh man, we've had that book for so long.

As for the anime itself, of course we're interested in watching it, but it's kind of a weird thing, because most of the main cast was at the top of our list of favorite voice actors for so long, and now when we hear them, we're just like, "Oh. That's nice." Maybe a new Saiyuki anime will remind us of how much we like them.

And then there's the thought that what if Yen Press rescues the Saiyuki license, but we don't get to translate it for the same reason we couldn't translate the Fruits Basket rerelease? It's so frustrating, because I get that TokyoPop owns the translations we did in perpetuity throughout the universe or whatever it said on the contract, but we would do new ones! We wouldn't even look back at those old ones, because they would horrify us. And everything we translated for TokyoPop (almost) had a rewriter on it, so the finished product is guaranteed to be different anyway.

Of course, I'm pretty sure none of that is going to matter, so I don't even know what we'd do if there was a Saiyuki license rescue. In some ways it would hurt even more than not getting to do Fruits Basket, but in some ways, less. And of course, I don't want to deprive the English-speaking world of Saiyuki. On the bright side, our beloved favorite voice actor isn't in it...yet? I don't know if there would be a good character for him, but we haven't read volume two, so.

In other news, we did go ahead and watch Beauty and the Beast last night. Since dialects have been on my mind lately, I wondered about accents. Chip speaks with an American accent, while his mother speaks with an English accent, so I think it's safe to assume that Chip grew up in the area, which, according to the movie itself, is somewhere in France. And since none of the characters are speaking French, it makes sense that they "translated" all the standard French-speaking to a standard American dialect. So then how do you explain Lumiere and the feather duster? (Her name's not Babette until the play.)

I think I had some other thoughts about the movie, but see above about compartmentalization.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Wolf-Boy translation, getting to watch Beauty and the Beast, reminders to read Saiyuki (someday when we have time lol), getting the Moogle lamp we ordered so many weeks ago, and it being time to take a break.
25th-Jul-2016 10:21 pm (UTC)
Awww. Maybe if you email the editor at Yen in advance and let them know of your devotion to Saiyuki and interest in translating it (if they should ever license it), then if there is some conflict, they'll have time to discuss the details with you and see if there's a way to work around it. I hope you enjoy the new anime when it starts!!

(also, you should read that volume 2. Even with limited time, it can't take that long, right? Compared to playing a whole video game, or reading AND translating a volume of manga... And then you'll have it checked off your list and feel so satisfied and accomplished!!) (this girl really shouldn't talk about checking books off of reading lists when her shelves are filled with books she started reading but forgot to finish, and books she bought years ago or last month at the comic shop and still hasn't read...) (is it that you'd want to reread v1 before reading v2 because it's been too long? i could understand that. it's likely the reason behind most of my unread/unfinished books.)
26th-Jul-2016 01:42 am (UTC)
Well, we do have a translation to turn in to them soon. Maybe we can bring it up then.

(Haha, it's a little more complicated with Saiyuki, because we like to read it together, which means translating it, which means staying at the computer longer. These days, our top priority for recreation goes to whatever is not at the computer, which sadly makes it difficult to watch the Morose Mononokean, too. But I have faith that one day our schedule will ease up and we won't mind spending an extra hour or so at the computer, like when we translated the last two volumes of Your Lie in April.)
26th-Jul-2016 09:57 pm (UTC)

As luck would have it, I am re-reading Saiyuki right now, and of course I've seen the news all over the place. It's really interesting to hear your take on it.

27th-Jul-2016 01:01 pm (UTC)
Glad you're interested!
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