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Say I Love You volume 14

Things are looking up on the work front, partially because we finished Fire Force today, and partially because it's looking like we're going to have time to work tomorrow. That latter part is bittersweet, because it means we're going to have to figure out how to get to the train station, which really bums me out, but we'll make it work.

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! This week, we have Say I Love You volume 14. Spoiler level: moderate.

Say I Love You...what volume did we just do? Fourteen? Yes, fourteen. What happened in it again? I dunno. We translated this book last week, and then we had an exceptionally eventful weekend, so I don't remember anything. I felt like at the time I wanted to yell at someone in the book, but they all need to be yelled at sometimes, so...

Let's talk about Len. It's weird with Len, because I feel like I like him, and yet I find him to be extremely annoying. Of course! I feel similarly about Len as he feels about Mei! (I'm pretty sure I got the grammar in that sentence wrong. Athena says, "You're off the clock. It doesn't matter. ...Which is not to say we get paid hourly. It's a metaphor.") "Similarly to how he feels"? I don't know. You know what I mean. The point is, he really needs to get over himself, like whoa. Maybe I just like him because I find him visually appealing. He does have the least stupid hair of all the guys in the series, although not a lot of guys could pull that kind of hair off in real life.

Aaaanyway. What else can I say about him? Right. The line that caused Rin's confusion. That's a great example of how Japanese grammar and English grammar don't always get along. To be specific, he said, "I hate women who..." do all the things he described. In Japanese, that ends with "I hate women," but in English if you want it to end that way, you have to tweak it. So we did, and you'll have to read the book to find out how, because I'm too lazy to even paraphrase right now. Rin was awfully cute, though. It's possible that one of the reasons we like Rin and Len so much is that they seem to be Hazuki-sensei's first real attempt at drawing distinct faces. I mean, they're not distinct from each other (so numeralist; fraternal twins don't necessarily look alike (cut her some slack, at least she gave them different heights, and we did have some visitors in our Primary who were boy-girl twins who looked very much alike, but that might be attributed to the fact that they were only five)), but they're distinct from everyone else in the series, and I gotta say, it is really hard sometimes telling Mei and Asami apart sometimes. ...On the other hand, thinking about it, Aiko looks pretty different.

And speaking of Aiko! That reminds me of the main comment I had that I wanted to yell at this book! There's the one panel of her sitting there completely topless, which is something we hadn't seen in a while, and we kind of thought the current state of Japanese manga legislation had something to do with it, and because we're prudes or something, we were grateful for that. Then this picture of Aiko comes along, and we remember that Ken Akamatsu (a manga artist whom we consider to be sort of a friend, since we're told he asked for us specifically to translate UQ Holder!) is lobbying for laxer censorship, and we're like, "Great, thanks, Akamatsu!" (sarcastically, of course). Not that I don't understand his cause, just that...well, you guys know how we feel about this stuff. And to be honest, I'm usually okay with this kind of nudity, but we don't want to go back to volume two levels of gratuitousness.

The scene where Asami sees her scars for the first time was kind of weird. It was a little bit heartwarming with Mei and Asami accepting the thing she was so insecure about, but then Asami got all creepy about it.

I guess the main thing that happened in this book was Kai and Rin's break up. We think they were both overreacting to everything. I mean, okay, I get why Kai would hate his scars so much, but the whole, "She's too bright for me. I can never be close to her!" thing. (I imagine him being super melodramatic, like in Beauty and the Beast, when Beast is all, "She'll never see me as anything...but a monster!") Well, okay, Mr. Angsty McEmopants, fine be that way. But Rin! So he has some scars, big deal. ...Okay, I get that scars can be gross, but this "super progressive" series should be like "it's not what's outside that counts!" Oh wait, I guess it's progressive because it's realistic about body issues. I don't know. I'm confusing myself trying to work out all the logic.

I do have something to say about Yamato's insecurity with that one job he had. Why did the readers learn about this through a monologue? Maybe I'm just annoyed about it because this series has a ton of monologues, and monologues are harder to translate than dialogues (at least, they are for us). But it might have been nice to see it happen. On the other hand, I guess it wasn't a big enough event that it would have been that interesting.

Then there's Megumi and her boyfriend and that was another question I had, which I probably brought up in the review for the previous volume, but the point is, seriously, why do all the French people have Italian names? We know Hazuki-sensei did research on French! ...Okay, I should calm down about this. The more important point is that we do not trust Angelo. Something about him seems shady. Maybe it's the age gap. I mean, if he was just a photographer who thought she was a good model and wanted to support her in her endeavors, that would be fine and we'd be like, "Aww, he's a nice guy." But the fact that they're dating makes it iffier... Maybe he'll turn out to be okay. Maybe we're just suspicious because everything seems to be turning out a little too well. On the other hand, things do tend to work out remarkably well for the characters in this series, so it could be nothing. But something has to go wrong with him if Megumi is destined to end up with Kai, and there is definitely foreshadowing in that direction (not the least of which being an interview we translated where Hazuki-sensei listed those two as her favorite characters). So we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for finishing Fire Force, the very likely possibility that we'll have plenty of time to work tomorrow, having plenty of chocolate, manageable kitten visits (this is mostly a result of timing), and air conditioning.
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