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Alethea & Athena
Watching some anime 
12th-Jul-2016 04:42 pm
Well, step one of our ideal schedule went well. We finished our first draft of Noragami 17 (minus a few bonus pages), and with time to spare! I don't know if it would be smarter to keep working or to take advantage of the free time, but I think we're going to choose the latter anyway. Noragami edits have never been completed in a day...except maybe the one time when we had only one day...no, that was because we thought we'd have more time but the edit took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than expected.

Anyway, the point is, there's not a strong possibility that we'll finish it tomorrow (best case scenario), especially because this volume has another song, but on the other hand, maybe we don't want to finish it super fast, because we love Noragami and we want to spend lots of time with it. That being the case, we might decide to edit Your Lie in April tomorrow instead, because if we finish that quickly enough, we can feel better about taking extra time on Noragami. On the other hand, we should be getting the go-ahead on our two monthly simulpubs any day now, so there's no telling what tomorrow will bring.

In the meantime, we have been able to sample some of the new anime this season. But we haven't had a whole lot of time, so there were a couple of things that we only watched a few minutes of and, realizing there was only about one guy in the cast and he wasn't played by any of our favorite voice actors, turned them off and moved on to other things. So we've only really watched four new series so far: Sweetness & Lightning, orange, the sequel to the magical boy thing, and The Morose Mononokean.

Sweetness & Lightning was alright, I guess. It was nice to see how very much the characters care about each other, but the father seems to be more clueless than he should, and we're impatient with him. I mean, we understand that the grief probably makes things harder in that you have a harder time thinking straight and you're extra emotional about everything, but the series didn't do a great job of making us feel like we were part of the circle of friends, so instead of being sympathetic, we're annoyed. I mean, really? In six months, you've had TV dinners every single night and you haven't gone out to eat even once? Not even fast food? Athena reminds me of a scene where the father suggests a family restaurant, and she looked at him, and apparently that meant no so they went home. Which is why they had to go to the one restaurant in all of Tokyo that was closed for the day. See, it just doesn't add up. I like to think things will make more sense as the series finds its bearings, but in the meantime, we have things to do.

We checked out orange, and that one also seems to have a bit of a slow start. This is the one where Athena actually stated in the middle of the episode that it felt like we were watching a bunch of friends from the sidelines and not really a part of it. That might just be because of the anime adaptation, so it in no way changes our intention to read the first volume of the manga that we've had for a while and not had time to read. We're guessing Kakeru dies, but they don't seem to really be trying to hide that.

The magical boy thing is itself as usual. This time we know a little more about two of the voice actors, though, so that's nice (the one who plays Aqua is Mitsuhide in Snow White with the Red Hair). Looks like we have a pair of twins as the villains this time, and I love that they're named after the sun and the moon, but they had very little airtime, and neither of them is played by Yuki Kaji, so we don't know if we care yet. We'll leave that cosplay to the Shipleys.

Finally, we watched the Morose Monokean, and we're not really digging the translation of the title, because morose sounds more somber than fukigen, but we like the alliteration anyway. (We think "grumpy" is a more accurate translation and description. But maybe it's just because that's our personal word of choice for when we're feeling fukigen.) The point is, we might not have thought to watch it if Cecille hadn't been throwing around casting spoilers alerted us to the fact that our very favorite voice actor sings the ending theme song (as a duet with the other main character's voice actor, who also played Hak in Yona of the Dawn, for anyone who might be interested). The first episode started out with a gag, which was very refreshing because we had just watched some slower anime and we needed something more fast-paced. Then the main guy's mother speaks to him with bouquets, which is hilarious.

And most importantly, this main guy is played by our favorite voice actor, and we're almost convinced that this anime was made purely as an excuse to make him scream and yelp and otherwise make adorable unintelligible noises. I highly recommend it! (And for anyone who must know, it's about a kid who finds himself possessed by a yokai, and is desperate to get it exorcised. Then he meets...the Morose Monokean, but we will call him the Grumpy Exorcist. At least in this entry.) Also the mother is played by the same actress as Hiyori's mother, so now Hiyori's mother plays Yukine's mother. Neat!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely day with our Noragami friends, the adorableness that came in our YumeTwins box (maybe I'll remember to talk about that on Thursday), getting to watch some fun new anime, having free time today (what are we to do with ourselves? ...play Ace Attorney, of course!), and getting to play Ace Attorney.
12th-Jul-2016 11:40 pm (UTC)
Noragami friends♥ Anime! Yay for bits of free time!!

I think I figured out that Sweetness and Lightning doesn't work for me because I'm picky about how I take my emotional, sentimental story lines. I realized it while working on Barakamon, which had an emotional arc in the volume I just lettered: it occurred to me that, Oh yeah, I care about this because I already know and love the characters and they make me laugh, but I guess they have sad times too. I don't have patience for stories that start out with tragedy and woe before convincing me (usually through humour) that I like the characters. That's probably terrible of me, but there it is. (There was also the potential student-teacher thing, which may not turn into anything but still made me roll my eyes. Someone should have shot that idea down in the planning stages.)

...so on that note, orange (where I may prove myself a hypocrite). I hope you don't consider it a spoiler to say that it starts out pretty much just like the manga, so we do get dropped into the group of friends just like that. Maybe it approximates how Kakeru would feel, suddenly being surrounded by everyone? But manga is easier to take at your own pace, which may help it move more quickly and let you get to know/care about the group of friends. I realize this story also starts out with hints of tragedy and woe, but there's enough humour mixed in for me... or the kind of humour I like... or I just like the characters and artwork better.. I accept that I might be a hypocrite. But I think Takano Ichigo really loves her own characters (she keeps making new silly and ridiculously adorable 4panel comics for orange and Dreamin' Sun and posting them on her twitter even though both series have ended). And that sort of thing makes them feel extra special to me too.

Magical Boy Anime—I don't have much to say about this (I forgot to keep up with it sometime in the previous series) but I laughed at your relinquishing twin cosplay rights to the Shipleys :D

Oh, the Morose Mononokean! I'm glad you wrote about that one. I like the official title in theory because it sounds poetic and pretty but (since that clearly didn't convince me to check the series out yet) I like Grumpy Exorcist in practice because it sounds funnier and, it seems, gives me a better idea of what the story will contain. Thank you for the hints about voice actors :) I'll give it a try sometime! Awww, Yukine's mama and Hiyori's mama!!♥
13th-Jul-2016 01:05 pm (UTC)
It may not be a hypocrisy thing so much. It's about relatability. Maybe Sweetness and Lightning doesn't have anything that helps you personally connect to the characters right away and orange does. And if you're going to start out with something emotional like that, you have to get that connection right away, and different things are going to work for different people. Of course, in the case of orange, there's a lot to be said for the, "Huh? What's going on? How is this [getting letters from the future] happening?" strategy (that's what got me hooked on Twinkle Stars so many years ago), but at this point in our lives we're too busy and we're impatient for them to get to the point...which is another reason it's important to establish a connection to the characters early on, because if we like them enough, we'll just want to spend time with them.

Even if orange does start out like the manga, it's possible that there are subtle changes that make it harder or easier to get involved in the story. The story may be exactly the same, but slightly different lines in dialogue, staging...all kinds of things can effect how it comes across (I think of the small but sad change in Koto's demon parade in the Aragoto anime...).

That's pretty much how we felt about the Mononokean title. It sounded nice until we saw the show, and then we didn't like it as much. Anyway, we hope you check it out and enjoy it!
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