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So, yesterday.

Like I mentioned two or three posts ago, Aurora was in town. When she got in on Monday, Mom called wanting to invite us to do stuff with them, but we had already made arrangements to get to Family Home Evening, and I guess it was just too hard to work around that. Or maybe Mom thought doing something afterward would be too late. We didn't get home until nine, after all.

So we were fully expecting them to call or drop by some time in the late morning yesterday, like they did when Aurora came up for Mother's Day. That didn't happen, but it was okay because we had a bunch of anime to catch up on, so we kept ourselves occupied. As the day wore on, we wondered if they might wait until around dinner time because then Steve would be home from work and everybody would be doing stuff. That's why, when our Visiting Teacher called and asked if they could come at seven instead of six-thirty (we made the appointment on Sunday, and we figured we could work things out with our family once Mom called), I said it might be better to re-schedule. Then I called Mom to see what was going on with them, but she didn't pick up. I tried three times and finally left a message.

We watched our gameshows, and then Gilmore Girls, and figured that, since Celeste was getting in at nine, we probably wouldn't hear from them until then. We were pretty sure we would hear from them soon after nine, because we live between Mom's place and the airport. But nine came and went. By this time, we were more than a little annoyed, but we put in FFVIII and kept ourselves entertained. Although, while Athena was playing, I was busy coming up with a mental tirade about how it sucks to be left out and people need to work on better communication and stuff. We tend to be forgotten a lot, and it was a good opportunity to rant about it on LJ again. By about ten o'clock, I finally managed to focus on the game enough for my chest to stop hurting from anger, and then the phone rang.

It was Mom, calling to invite us to go over there and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This was actually pretty interesting, because we had just been talking with baranoneko on AIM about how we should Netflix it. Of course we agreed, and everything was all better.

When Celeste and Sarah came to pick us up, Athena noticed that someone had left a card outside our door. This was very interesting, and I was curious as to why it didn't come in the mail. I thought it might be from the management, because they're pretty nice and give people balloons on their birthdays. So Athena opened it up, and we were both like, "How nice, a Christmas ca... oh!" as we noticed the hundred dollar bill placed inside.

It was signed, "A Friend," which of course makes us even more curious as to who may have sent it, especially since there are only about four people in the ward that we told of our financial problems. Two of them were told in a setting where they might take it to be in confidence, but two of them most certainly were not, so they may have told anyone. This isn't a problem for us, because we're of the opinion that, if we need help, it's good for anyone who can help to know about it. We're actually nowhere near motivated enough to go around interrogating people, though, so it was mildly annoying when Celeste strongly warned us against trying to figure out who it was. Ah well.

The main thing is, one hundred dollars is a lot of money, and it just amazes me that anyone would care enough about us to part with that much for us. And I'm not sure if we deserve it. But now we can buy Christmas presents and go to the post office.

I'm actually a little confused, but I'm not sure if confused is the word. Christmas time is a time when you get money from relatives. This is good, because we need to pay our bills and buy groceries. But at the same time, I reeeeeeeeeally want to get Saiyuki Gaiden 1 and 2, and the Goku album. It wouldn't be such a quandary if we could just ask for things. Ah well. We still don't have the Decade CD, and we're surviving. And we have time to earn some money before the books come in at Kinokuniya.

And that's my long rambling entry. We asked Sarah if any of our presents had anything to do with anime, manga or video games, and she said no, but she's pretty excited that we'll like them anyway. I did leave Disney out of the question, and Sarah wouldn't relate the two, since most people don't, even though most Disney is classified as anime in Japan. I'm looking forward to watching The Fright Before Christmas with Celeste and Sarah (I think Aurora would enjoy it too, but she's already left). I'm not sure what kind of schedule we're going to have, but we have a Read or Die DVD to watch if they get busy with their weird driving lessons and whatnot.

Today I'm thankful for French toast, powdered sugar, cheesy bread, mint chocolate, and Denny's.
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