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Alethea & Athena
Anime Expo photos 2016 
10th-Jul-2016 06:28 pm
Well, the pestering was successful, and we have now uploaded all of our Anime Expo photos! Tadah! There ended up being more than I thought. I was like, "Oh, we'll just post all of them; I didn't take that many." And then there were over a hundred. A lot of that came from the Gundam cosplay gathering, where I took a bunch of pictures for our friend Cecille's sake, so I only left the best ones, and now maybe we're down to 90 pictures? I don't know I didn't count. But anyway, here's a photo dump, and maybe there will also be comments! (There will.)

But before we get to Anime Expo, here's an adorable kitten. It's one of the trio that adopted our neighbor's patio. Recently we have successfully lured them onto our patio using the irresistible bait that is boxes. (Page doesn't care about boxes. I wonder if she always lost the battles over them at the shelter.) Anyway, this is the one we call Curious Kitten, because she always seems to be the first to want to check things out (unless there's a human involved).

And here's a picture of our very own Page, because she's adorable, too!

We were a little surprised to get our hotel keys. At first, we were like, "Ooh, neat!" and then we were like, "If Crunchyroll can afford to make stuff like this happen, I sure hope they're paying their translators and letterers and everyone better."

Our first cosplay picture of the con!

Of course we always have to take pictures of Type-0 cosplayers. I can't believe they actually had a Trey. We didn't see him last year, and his Japanese voice actor was like, "There's not really anything likable about him..." Of course, he hoped people would like him anyway. (Trey's the one on the far left.)

Yato cosplay abounds! This Yato told us that the Noragami gathering was that day. Not only were we not in our Noragami costumes, but it was at the same time as the Yen Press panel. Anyway, we're pretty sure that's why we ran into so many Noragami cosplayers that day.

Bungo Stray Dogs! I think there was actually a lot of cosplay of this series that we didn't recognize until later, like I saw somebody going around as the doctor with the healing abilities, and I was like, "I recognize that butterfly hair clip, but..." Also, there were plenty of Atsushi's but I didn't take any pictures because I was very particular about the tail, since tigers were kind of my thing when I was very little and the fact that his belt makes a tiger tail is my favorite thing about his character design. Anyway, this Kunikida's book was a nice touch.

One of the better Alphonse Elrics we've seen. He even installed a speaker in the armor so he could talk.

Kamina from Gurren Lagann. The backlighting seems appropriate.

Punk teenager Yukine. (If you're sensing a bias in what cosplayers we photographed, you're probably not imagining it.)

I just thought it would be fun to take a picture from this angle.

Megara! And she found just the right fabric for the dress!

We tried watching RWBY and had a hard time getting into it, but we were walking by when they had this whole group pose going on, and Gaston likes the series, so we took a picture anyway.

This picture came from our renewed interest in Soul Eater. There were actually quite a few Soul Eater cosplayers, but I think this is the only one we got, because usually we were hurrying somewhere else, or it was an obscure-ish witch character or something.

Kinda bummed this picture turned out blurry. Athena says she was the original Eevee master. Not really, she adds, but "I probably had a set of the first five Eeveelutions before many people in America." She got an import Pokemon Silver when it first came out in Japan. Anyway, Vaporeon was her favorite, so whenever we saw a good-looking Vaporeon, we took a picture. (Athena's tournament team was Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Kadabra.)

Speaking of Eevees, apparently we could never get a decent picture of them. Athena says it kinds of describes her relationship with Pokemon right now--the interest is there, but it just never seems to work out.

I wanted to make a witty comment about our photography bias, but I couldn't come up with one.

Xigbar! We see a lot of members of Organization XIII, but somehow rarely Xigbar.

This was the crowd waiting to get into the dealers' hall right before it opened on Day One.

On the bright side, there was a troupe of taiko drummers serenading the grand opening.

Kodansha had a "hub" at the Kinokuniya booth, where they had some art and stuff on display, featuring Naoshi Arakawa, Attack on Titan, and Ajin. This is the first picture I took there.

And the second. I got a picture of the whole booth later.

But first, have a lovely shot of Yato and Bishamon (and Hiyori looking on in concern).

Nico, from Kiznaiver! For all we know there were a bunch of Kiznaiver cosplayers, but we have a nasty habit of not learning to recognize anything anymore.

We found Queen Minnie! Now all we need is Daisy, and we have the whole Disney Castle team! I don't know what's going on with me there; I think I was having a hard time getting the smirk right because of my braces.

More Eevees!

Princess Lolly from Candyland! I should have taken this as a portrait so you could see her skirt.

Awww, this one's blurry. It's Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Very clever.

And I had to take a picture of her feet because they're not an exact match, but a pretty good way to do it on a budget.

Rena from Higurashi.

This booth had a thing going on where they gave you free Pocky and Pretz if you took a picture. Who are we to argue with those kinds of prices?

I took a picture of the instructions so I would have them if we decided to enter the sweepstakes. They have so many things that require you to have a smartphone.

Here's the whole Kodansha hub at Kinokuniya. Is it appropriate that a Chiyo from Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun happened to be in the shot?

The stray. The cosplayer had some names on his neck, but sadly you can't see them because of the mask. But the mask is a nice touch, too.

This was our favorite Yato, because you can't see it in the picture, but he has his hair tied back in the "summer Yato" look, which indicates he reads the manga. Although we think they did do that in Aragoto... But the silly look on his face is another good indicator. This is clearly not a super serious Yato. Also, five yen coin!

Halloween Town Kingdom Hearts team.

Now with Kofuku!

The things from Laputa.

Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins. This is about when we realized that we had to stop and remember what all the other characters in that series look like, even though we love it dearly. We even picked up a copy of the manga (and put it back down) for reference on Meliodas's costume. We think we spotted one later, but we couldn't be sure. We did spot a Ban, whom we did recognize because the ill-fitting red jacket is pretty memorable, but it wasn't a good time for pictures. Also, when I asked Diane for her picture, she started to hop down so she could pose, and I was like, "No, stay there! It's better!"

Our first cosplay pic on Day Two: Kaori from Your Lie in April!

I bet you're all shocked to realize that there were several Kaoris in line for the line to the Arakawa panel. She was trying to get to the end of the line for the line, and I was like, "Okay, just keep walking and I'll get a picture!" because you don't want everything to be posed all the time, but then I got a really bad picture from behind where you couldn't see her at all. This one was better, but I still failed to get her violin.

Kaori AND Kosei!

This Kaori was a little too super-modely; I had to tell her to play the pianica, not just pose with it like you're in a commercial. But she gets points for not wearing the school uniform.


I think she's our favorite Bishamon. Not only does she have Kazuha and Karuha, but note her left shoulder.

Here is my attempt at calligraphy.

And here's Athena's.

And here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, the first picture of Athena and me in our Hiyori and Yatori costumes. Tadah! With our calligraphy and Handa. It's kind of weird to look at, because we grew our bangs out when we were in the sixth grade, so seeing ourselves with bangs, to us, makes us look suuuuuuper young.

This picture is very appropriate of our attitude toward Friday night Nicktoons circa 2005. You'll see a big Last Airbender group posing in the background, while here we are just taking pictures of Danny Phantom.

The first of the Gundam gathering. Here's the whole group.

Gotta get the mobile suits.

And we made them fight each other.

We haven't seen this Gundam, but we really liked the idea of this picture.

This guy (whoever he is) really knew how to pose.


And I just thought this one was nice. Don't know who the character is, though.

Of course I had to include pictures of Cecille!

This Athrun cosplayer bore an uncanny resemblance to someone we knew in college, but the cosplayer had braces, and the person we knew in college was wearing braces in college, and we'd hope they would have been removed by now, twelve years later.

Apparently the main character in one of the Gundams (I think Iron-Blooded Orphans) is a huge Gundam otaku, so this is that character geeking out.

Sorry for the backlighting, but here's a Yona group.

And here is our miniature hotel photo shoot. We didn't take time to make them the best pictures, because we don't like looking at pictures of ourselves, which makes me wonder why we even cosplay, but we also wanted to go home, so that was another part of it.

This picture was tricky, because we were trying to get her tail in it, and it insisted on swishing the wrong way. She was going for a Disney princess pose.

These were all done on a timer, so there wasn't a whole lot we could do to make sure the shot worked. We set the timer and hoped for the best.

We saw this car on the way to the convention on Monday.

Very cool Blastoise.

A box. Of cupcakes.

The cupcakes. They look better than they taste.

The only Bishamon we saw with Yugiha.

And Yona and Haku.

The end. We hope you enjoyed it!

Today I'm thankful for lovely photographic memories of Anime Expo, the timed pictures turning out alright, chocolate pencils, reminders to get back to posting pictures of our Japan trip, and cute kitty pictures.
10th-Jul-2016 11:36 pm (UTC)
YAY!!!! (further comments to come when I have a bit more time, but I did look through them all and I loved them!!)
11th-Jul-2016 01:26 am (UTC)
12th-Jul-2016 01:16 am (UTC)
Kitten! Cat! (Tiger!)♥♥♥

Ha ha ha about Crunchyroll paying people better. (the last few simulpub chapters I worked on, I requested a higher rate because the files they get from the publisher have messed-up sfx that require extra work for me to fix, and they've given me that, but it's still not very much.)

Yato(s)!! They're all so cute :D (as are Hiyori and Yukine and Bishaa (I can't help thinking, those girls are so brave...!) and Kofuku and even the Stray...) It's perfect that your first con photo was him! (and that one did the best job capturing the (raggedy) charm of the yurufuwa :) ) The one with the tiara cracks me up~ (and that fan—did he borrow Kokki?!) And I agree about your favourite Yato, given his expression♥

Xigbar :D

YAY (again), Hiyori+Yatori and calligraphy and Handa-sensei and Naru! The bangs really are a perfect match, wow! (haha, sixth grade must be the year of growing out one's bangs... I did the same.) And you both have such long hair~!!! I forget this! It's amazing :D

Aww, thank you for getting the Yona pictures!! I enjoy them! No Shin-ah... he was probably too shy.

Hahaha, your hotel photo shoot pictures are great!! I love the little tacked on crown :D And ooh, there's the capybara plush! Ayakashi-Hiyori looking down at sleeping-Hiyori is sweet :) (as long as it's not Yatori being a creep, but since there's no crown or cape I figure she's safe.) Taking the pictures with a timer must've been tricky, but you captured great moments and expressions!!

Thanks for sharing these all, again!
12th-Jul-2016 01:47 pm (UTC)
Oh dear, Crunchyroll. This is why people hate capitalism. Preying on the love of diligent fans... At least they did give you a raise, so maybe it's not completely devoid of hope. (On the other hand, if it's through an agency, then Crunchyroll would pay the agency, and the agency would take some of that money to pay you and some of it to run the agency...to which the obvious solution is let's pay the agency more money, but you never know how much of a percentage the people down the line are taking. It's just complicated and annoying.)

Yes! All the Noragami cosplay! We also saw an Aragoto Yukine in his cute(?) jumpsuit thing, but it was always a bad time to ask for a picture, or we were more interested in doing something else. Agreed on the Bishamon cosplayers! Although in some cases, it's kind of a, "Well, if you got it, why not flaunt it?"

Aww, we're glad you liked the pictures of us! Sixth-grade-bangs-growing-out for the win! Or something.

I did see a Shin-ah once or twice, but it was a bad crowd situation, so I never got a picture.

Yay, I'm glad the hotel pics turned out well! I think they look alright, too, when I have the courage to look at them. The concept was for sleeping Hiyori, so no worries about her safety there! (The crown we had to do last minute, because we were so busy with everything. We meant to get some craft foam or something, but somehow it never happened, and then it was like, "Wait! We need a crown!" so I made one out of an index card and construction paper. I tried to glue it to a hair clip, but we didn't have time to search for hot glue and Elmer's glue just doesn't have the staying power. Fortunately, bobby pins worked like a charm.)
12th-Jul-2016 06:14 pm (UTC)
Augh! I wish I'd known you guys there! This was my first time to attend D: I'd gone at least to say hi! But I'm glad to hear you had a good time! Maybe next year :)
12th-Jul-2016 08:15 pm (UTC)
Now that we live in Southern California again, we're going every year! So maybe we will see you next year!
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