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Devil Survivor volume 5

Well, we thought we could finish up our AX report in one more go, but we started typing, and the post was already fairly lengthy, and we realized we still had a bunch more stuff to talk about, so we decided it would be better to have a Review Rednesday instead.

So now we present our review of Devil Survivor 5! It's kind of a fun read, but it includes a massive spoiler, so read at your own risk.

Now, a week after finishing it, we finally find some free time to review Devil Survivor 5. And since we worked on it so long ago, I'm going to have to think a little to remember what happened. Of course, I do remember one main thing, and that is that Keisuke died. That was a bit of a shock, like, "Wait...they can DO that?" But he didn't die in our version! Of course, that could just be because the game has multiple endings, and we're partial to Keisuke so of course we're going to choose any options that lead to Keisuke not dying. So Keisuke is alive and well, and despite Kaido's indications that it was Keisuke or Kaido, he's alive and well, too.

But wow, we kind of rushed so fast through that volume that either we didn't have time to process any of it (we weren't that affected by Keisuke's death, even if he is our favorite character), or we processed it and filed it away instantly and forgot all about it. Actually, we translated this volume at the same time as two volumes of Corpse Party, so we'd spend the first half of the day on Corpse Party and the second half of the (long) day on Devil Survivor. It was an intense week. (And an intense week after that. And next week is shaping up to possibly be pretty intense, too.)

Anyway, WE may not have been affected by Keisuke's death, but Atsuro sure was! If I had been in any kind of frame of mind to empathize with people that week, I might have cried. He was so sad.

Let's see, we also had the Kudlak vs. Kresnik fight, which was kind of fun. I don't know if I mentioned this in the last volume, but Kudlak is kind of crazy. And he talks funny, so it's fun to make him all zany and stuff. The exchanges between him and Kaido were especially fun...I think. It's all a blur, and "fun" didn't really register as a thing back then. But I remember reading through it after our edit and thinking it sounded pretty good, so I hope all the readers enjoy it!

Fortunately, this volume wasn't nearly as talkative as the last one...which isn't necessarily a problem in and of itself (talkativeness, I mean), but when we're super busy, naturally we like our manga to be less talkative.

Another point of interest(?) is the demon profiles between chapters. I think we didn't realize this when we translated volume one, but they all come straight from the demon compendium in the game, and all of the compendium entries are listed at the Shin Megami Tensei Wiki, so it's easy to get them for copy and paste purposes. Or we can pull some of them up on the game, and transcribing can be a lot faster than translating. But you know us--sometimes we're just not satisfied with the way it turned out in the game. So for this volume, I felt like we really were just copying the translations straight from the game, and I wasn't really sure if that was okay, because, like, is it some form of plagiarism? Every one of them is tweaked at least slightly, but some of them alleviate my concerns about plagiarism, because the translator was either rushed, or otherwise not paying attention. It happens to all of us sometimes, so this is in no way a condemnation of the game translators. Nevertheless, the translation of the profile for Lorelei turned out to be very different in the manga than in the game.

So I guess this volume was mostly Kudlak dies, Keisuke dies, and everybody gets more determined to do whatever it is they were planning to do. Except for Keisuke, who dies. And Mari, who accomplished her goal. I was sad for Midori, too.

I think that's about all we have to say about this volume. This is an interesting series, because we always rush through the first draft, then when we're working on the edit, we're kind of wallowing in despair, like, "Oh my goodness, this dialogue is AWFUL!" Then we go through it a third time to make sure there aren't any glaring mistakes after all the changes we made in the edit, and we think, "Hey, this is actually pretty good." And then we read the reviews, and nobody seems to like it. Ah, well. Hopefully fans of the game enjoy it. Well, the ones who aren't so attached to the game that they don't dismiss it for not being the game, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for making more good progress on work, Pepperidge Farm cookies being on sale, Pizza Hut having a sale on stuffed crust pizza yesterday, the painters being done with our door in time for us to go to the grocery store, and the beautiful art style in Nekogahara.
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