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Back to the grind

Happy Independence Day! There are fireworks going off all around us, which is kind of fun except it smells like gunpowder.

Anyway, Anime Expo is over, and we're really excited to tell everybody all about it, but we are also worn out and should probably go to sleep because we have a lot a lot a lot of work ahead of us and not a lot of time to do it in. On the bus to AX on Thursday, we were thinking about Your Lie in April because of all the Your Lie in April stuff going on, and Athena remembered, "Hey, wait...wasn't the next one due in July?" And we checked and it is, and now the Big Four (our name for the four books we have all due on the same weekend) has become the Big Five. And that means we have five books to translate in two weeks! Woohoo!

That being the case, we really ought to get to bed. Today I'm thankful for another lovely Anime Expo, making it home safely, America's independence, AX deals at Sprinkles, and not having to carry Cecille's stuff back home with us again (she left some stuff with us at the end of our Japan trip, with the understanding that we would return it at AX--manga to read and a Mickey Mouse blanket that she may have been hoping we'd keep, but when I texted her to see if she wanted us to bring it, she said go ahead, but when we gave it to her she said, "Are you sure you don't want it?" people confuse me).
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