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A break from the con

Anime Expo is not over, but we're home for the day anyway. After our church experience in Japan, I didn't want to go skipping church for this, and since we live close enough to just go home and go to our home ward, that's what we did. Also, we ran out of stuff to do last night, so we figured we might as well check out of the hotel early and hop on the bus back home. We'll spend the night here, and catch an early bus tomorrow for the last day of the convention.

In the meantime, a lot of cool stuff happened that we're eager to report about, so let's get started!

First, a note about the costumes. We had two new sets, and they were Kingdom Hearts version Chip and Dale, and Hiyori and Yatori. Chip and Dale took a lot more time than we'd hoped. I mean, we always expect costumes to take a long time, but then we think about it and we're like, "Eh, that won't take too long!" and then we get to work and it takes forever. That being the case, the stitching on Chip and Dale was not finished when we left for the convention, and neither was the stitching on the Hiyori sweaters. See, we ordered some lovely cream-colored sweaters from a nice place in the UK called Wool Overs, and they were perfect except that they didn't have the blue stripe along the neck and arm holes. Fortunately, I happened to have some navy blue ribbon that was the right width from waaaaaaaay back when I made our Amiboshi and Suboshi costumes for our very first Anime Expo. Turns out it was just enough...for all but one armhole. So I tried to make sure I got the most visible part and we just made due without it.

As for Chip and Dale, pictures of us in those costumes are making their way around Facebook and getting a lot of likes, and we're very grateful about that, but now I want to point out all of the "unfinished" parts. If you look closely at the pictures, you'll notice that there's bias tape sewn along the edge of the yellow accent fabric. This was how I intended to sew those pieces together without having to worry about figuring out how to fit them together into a seam. But then I ran out of bias tape! And there was no time to buy more, which is why on the Dale costume, I just zigzagged over the edge with the sewing machine. Boy am I glad that looked okay. Also missing are the rivets that are supposed to be on the back of the collar. Ideally in the future, we'll have some nice work gloves and coveralls to wear with the smocks. We just didn't have time for them this time.

Anyway, we packed everything up and walked to Disneyland to catch our bus. But first, we went to the Seven-Eleven to get some Slurpees and break the ten dollar bill I was going to use to pay bus fare. I only bring this up because they had peach lemonade Slurpees and they were delicious. We're looking forward to getting more tomorrow on the way to the bus stop again...assuming it wasn't a June-only flavor.

And the rest of Thursday was pretty uneventful. We made it to the convention center, got our badges, checked in to the hotel, turned on some Miracle Train and got back to stitch stitch stitching.

All the Kodansha-related stuff was on Saturday, so we decided to wear our Noragami costumes then. So on Friday, we put on our Chip and Dale costumes. We took pictures to post on Facebook, because we're very pleased with how they turned out, and headed out the door. Nothing really opened until noon, so we mostly just wandered around looking at cosplayers until the dealers' hall opened. We wanted to get in ASAP because we were on a mission to get a Your Lie in April tote bag. People following Kodansha on the social media may know that there was a little Your Lie in April scavenger hunt, and when you finished, you got a tote bag while supplies last. We figured we could get Kodansha to save us one if it really came down to it, but when we got to the Kodansha USA booth, they seemed to be like, "Yeah, here's the scavenger hunt, good luck," and we didn't want to push it because we wanted to do the scavenger hunt anyway.

But! the Yen Press panel was going to be in an hour, so our time to accomplish our mission was very limited, which meant we became very focused on our goal to the exclusion of almost all else. The one distraction: one of the stops was at the Uniqlo booth, and for some reason we let them talk us into taking pictures at their photo booth before moving on. I mean, when they showed us the Your Lie in April picture frames it was a no-brainer, but I can't remember why we were even talking about it to begin with.

Fortunately, the next stop was the last one, and tadah! we got our tote bag. I'm a little disappointed in us, though, because to get the clue at each stop, you had to look at a poster and answer with a text message based on what was in the picture, and it was always something I felt like we should have known. Especially when the question was what number is on the boy's shirt. A boy with a number on his shirt has to be Watari, and we were just commenting the other day about the number he plays in soccer! We kicked ourselves when we saw it. If we were better at remembering visual details, we could have done at least half the scavenger hunt without moving. We were halfway there about Aiza's shirt, though. Athena said, "Probably something like 'death'." But it wasn't only death.

Anyway, we finished the scavenger hunt and obtained our lovely tote bag, but we had no time to go back to the Kodansha booth to show it off because it was time for the Yen Press panel!

...And that's really only a very small part of what happened, but it's dinner time and I'm dying, so I think it's time to stop for now.

Today I'm thankful for making it safely to Anime Expo, accomplishing our mission, peach lemonade Slurpees, scoring some salted caramel susans at Bread Day, and looking super cute in our Chip and Dale costumes.
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