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Alethea & Athena
Busy as usual 
28th-Jun-2016 05:22 pm
kid flash
Our Busy But Not With Work Week has, out of necessity, become Busy With Some Work and Extracurricular Activities Week. We just got a new assignment today, and we're pretty excited about it, so of course we had to say yes, even though the first volume is due a week after the Big Four. That wouldn't be a problem in and of itself, since a whole week is a pretty good amount of time to finish a translation in, but that weekend is when we have unalterable plans that will take up a pretty good chunk of time. All in all, I think it's going to be a pretty fun three weeks after Anime Expo, if we can survive them.

That being the case, we decided we really should not try to make a third set of costumes, so tomorrow we will get to work on the first of the Big Four. But today, we're still working on costumes. Well, costumes and orthodontist appointments. I went in to get my braces adjusted today, and then, since we were in the area, we went to Target to see if we could get some costume accessories. They didn't have our ideal choices, but we got a couple of brown t-shirts for the surprise costume set, and some white leggings to wear under flesh-colored tights for Hiyori. It might look a little silly, but if it's not too noticeable, I think it will be a pretty good modest option. Our tights aren't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow, though, so we won't find out until then.

Then we came home and worked on the other set of costumes. They're looking really good so far, I'm pleased to say. I was terrified of doing the applique work, because I haven't used the sewing machine in so long and I felt like there was absolutely no margin for error. But it wasn't as tricky as I thought it might be, and I realized that in the spots that needed touching up, I could just go over them with the sewing machine again and they look fine. And now the applique is all done, so I can be scared about getting the rest of it right. But first, it's time for dinner.

Today I'm thankful for our friend from church taking us to a super neat fabric store yesterday, the applique looking pretty good, getting an exciting new work assignment, Knott's Berry Farm making maple fudge that doesn't have nuts in it (while we were shopping yesterday, we stopped by the stores outside Knott's), and getting our Noragami 16 comp copies.
29th-Jun-2016 02:32 am (UTC)
You and all your new projects!! You're nuts, I'm convinced :) I had to turn a new series down today, for the third—no, fourth time this month... (i'm getting better at it!! ...sigh.)

Isn't Noragami 16 soooooooo pretty?!! I love the spine!!! Ahhhhh :D
29th-Jun-2016 07:32 pm (UTC)
I know, right? I admit the decision was partly influenced by our first dental bill last month. It was not pretty. And we're down to one last volume of Devil Survivor, so our schedule is opening up...just not quite soon enough. But we would have said yes anyway, because we're fans of the author.

It IS so pretty! That blue is still the best.
29th-Jun-2016 07:52 pm (UTC)
Eww, dental bills. That's understandable. I realized I have a skewed sense of how much free time it's possible for anybody to have, because Fruits Basket is (or ought to be) half my workload for the year all on its own, and yet I still have like a dozen other series. I hope you have lots of fun starting on this new series, and working on everything else! :D
30th-Jun-2016 02:44 am (UTC)
Ha ha, yeah, we're working on about sixteen titles right now, but we're caught up with Japan on many of them, so they're not all that frequent. And a bunch of them seem to be short (or at least short right now, so it won't be long before we catch up). Anyway, thanks! We hope you manage to get a lighter schedule at some point!
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