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Actually making progress on costumes

I'm trying to kick my bad(?) habit of forgetting to post on Saturdays. We've been busy little bees today, working on costumes. Athena's been working on the applique design for the one set (have I said what it is? I think I have, but if I haven't I want it to be a surprise now), and it's looking really good. But it involves a lot of circles, so I'm kind of nervous about stitching around the edges, even though I've stitched round edges on applique before. It's just been a long time, that's all. So I just need to take it slow.

I was going to start on that earlier, and then made the realization that we don't have the right color thread for the applique. So instead, I spent the whole time sewing ribbon around the edges of our Hiyori sweater vests. It's taking a lot longer than I expected it to, probably because the ribbon keeps twisting. So far, I have both collars and one armhole done. I don't think we'll have much trouble finishing it for the convention, though, because even if the rest of our time before we leave gets filled up with other costumes, sweater vests, ribbons, and tapestry needles can be easily transported, so we can finish at the hotel.

In the meantime, we watched this week's episode of the Ace Attorney anime today, and when there was a preview for a new episode, proving that the series is in fact going to go beyond the first game, we started to get a little ambitious and reconsider the costumes we want to do from Ace Attorney 3. Especially because AX posted something about Capcom and an Ace Attorney photo op and like a panel about Ace Attorney or something. We do already have the material for those costumes...and one of them is all straight lines, so it shouldn't be that hard to make, right?

...We'll see. The important thing is not to get too carried away, and not to let it stress us out too much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take home all the cake from the ward social last night (there was a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake, and a lemon cake! and most of it was leftover, so...), our friend from church being on standby to take us to a fabric store, the one set of costumes looking really good so far (we haven't really checked the Hiyori costumes other than to see how long the skirts are), getting to watch Miracle Train again, and having a really neat choir number to perform tomorrow.
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