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We did it!

We are on track! I am so excited! The super ideal version of our plan was to finish Say I Love You today so we could have time to work on costumes, go to the orthodontist, go to Disneyland, and do a little work on one of the Big Four (projects that are all due around the same weekend) next week before Anime Expo. It seemed like an impossible dream--Say I Love You never gets edited in just one day! And then we were editing the cover flap, and it took about a million years! To do the cover flap! So we weren't getting our hopes up. But then we picked up the pace, and now we're good to go!

The big question now is whether or not we can finish the costumes quickly enough for them to be ready. We worked on them last night and once again everything was taking way longer than we'd hoped, so we're a little worried. On the bright side, Athena came up with the brilliant idea of having Miracle Train on in the background, so that made things more fun, except for the visual gags, since we were both looking at the costumes we were working on. But we've seen the series twice already, so context usually helps us remember what happened if we don't manage to look up in time.

Anyway, we're going to the ward picnic in a few minutes, so I'm cutting it short. Today I'm thankful for our miraculous finish of Say I Love You 16 today, getting a ride to the ward picnic after all, hope that we'll have time to do all the things we want to do next week, Athena managing to find some of our business cards, and finally remembering to turn off my iPad.
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