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Your Lie in April volume 7

We're sort of back on track, because we finished Missions of Love 13 today! We also discovered that UQ Holder! has been moved to a monthly magazine, and won't start there for another couple of months, so we're off the hook for that one until after Anime Expo and our next trip to Fresno. It's kind of bittersweet, though, because I like UQ Holder!, and they were just about to get into some serious plot stuff. On the bright side, UQ Holder anime! We're really excited to find out who gets cast in it! All we know is that Ken Akamatsu wants to get all the original Negima cast to play the Negima characters.

But anyway, it's Review Rednesday! I'm starting to wonder if I should announce the things we translated that hit bookstores every week, too, so people can be ready when I post the review! Of course, that won't work on weeks when I post a review of something that came out the same week. Anyway, according to Anime News Network, the only things we translated that came out yesterday are Noragami 15 and Complex Age 1. The former is monthly and the latter is a first volume, so it seems like I should prioritize them both, but I was already planning to post about Your Lie in April today, so I'm sticking with that. We'll decide whether or not Noragami or Complex Age should cut in line next week (but in the case of Complex Age, that would mean we should have posted about Corpse Party several weeks ago).

Anyway, here's the review! Spoiler level: moderate.

This is the second in a series of three reviews written all at once because we can't organize our time properly to fit in review writing. Hopefully that will change soon. But we just finished a translation and have lots of time left on the CD we were listening to, so we can write reviews while it finishes!

This time, we're reviewing Your Lie in Seven. Another thing that happened around the time we translated this (aside from the trip to Disneyland that apparently destroyed all our time management abilities) is that we read a review of volume one in which the reviewer was furious that none of the characters were treating Kosei like a human being, because obviously he has no interest in playing the piano now that his abusive mother is no longer available to force him. That review drove me nuts, to the point that I almost commented on it (but didn't because of lack of time to organize my thoughts or type them in an internet battle), because I was like, "Hello! They said IN VOLUME ONE that he himself can't pull himself away from it. Why don't YOU stop to think if maybe there's a reason for that, if you're so upset about people imposing their own interpretations of his feelings onto him and not treating him like an individual that might perhaps think differently than the way they assume he does?"

We had already translated volume six, where we start to see how Kosei started into the whole piano playing business, so when we translated this volume after reading this review, and saw how much Saki really did love Kosei, and how much he really loved her, I would think of that review again and want to start hitting things. And thus we see that I need a more positive place to direct my thoughts.

But anyway, this volume was very sweet and it made us both cry. It makes you forget what a horribly abusive person Saki was and realize that she, too, is a human being with human emotions and human imperfections. And then you understand what Kosei was thinking when he said in earlier volumes that no one understands. And you see how much he cared for her,'s just good, okay?

Then we have Kaori in the hospital. At this point they're done with the hinting that maybe Kaori is dying and they're pretty much hitting you over the head with it. Maybe the big twist is that she'll live! I'm not going to get my hopes up, though, just in case. But anyway, it's good to have an answer as to whether or not she ditched the concert on purpose. Kind of strangely convenient as far as letting Kosei have his goodbye to his mother, though. I wonder how it would have worked out if she had been to the concert.

That reminds us, one of the really nice things (for us as translators in a hurry) is that there wasn't any musical commentary. Don't get me wrong; the commentary on the music is a really nice feature. It's just not very easy to translate. It's fairly easy to edit, as compared to dialogue that may require going much further in the story to get all the necessary context before you can make it sound natural, but it's technical.

Anyway, Tsubaki. I'm not sure I have a lot to say about her, but I'm interested in seeing how her love story plays out.

I think those are the main things. If there's anything else, please let us know in the comments!

Today I'm thankful for getting back on track, getting to try the chocolate corn star things that came in our Tokyo Treat box, the amusement afforded us by our current to-do list (Athena was looking at it and saying, "I'm kind of afraid of that list, because those last four things are all due at pretty much the same time," and I pointed out that it's okay because they're not due until mid-July, which gives us almost a month, and then we both considered that yeah that's good until you consider that ideally when you have four books, you'd want a whole month, and there's actually five things on the list, plus a convention, and we were amused and scared and then amused at the scariness), getting to work on Missions of Love again, and making small progress on costumes.
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