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First Love Monster, volume 4

Sorry for the sudden disappearance, everybody. On Monday, I had three teeth taken out for braces, and while I was taking time to recover, Gaston called and we went to Disneyland yesterday, which meant we wanted to take some time to work so taking the day off wouldn't be a problem, but I wasn't fully recovered yet, so we worked for a little while and then I needed to die, so we took the rest of the night off. And so we haven't really been available until today. And today is Review Rednesday!

So we thought we were posting the April 26 releases alphabetically, but the "monster" thing caused some confusion, so we thought today would be My Monster Secret 2, but then we were reading the review (to make sure there weren't any typos that needed fixing or anything), and it looked awfully familiar. So we checked, and it turns out we posted that review two weeks ago. (Check our "reviews" tag if you missed it!) The real one we were supposed to post was First Love Monster, which actually comes before "Ice Reaper" alphabetically, unless you count Ice Reaper as "Final Fantasy", so maybe it's okay. Anyway, here's the review for First Love Monster 4. Spoiler level: moderate, I guess. I mean, I mention something that would normally big, but nothing ever really amounts to anything in this series.

This volume was full of a whole lot of why?. Actually, it was mostly just one big why?, and that's the wedding. Obviously we know why Mafuyu started it, but the bigger question is why did EVERYBODY else go along with it? ...I guess Jouji didn't. But also, WHY must there be so much wordplay? Why? WHY?

We translated this volume after Mickey's Halloween Party, when Gaston stayed a day longer than we had planned on, meaning we had that much less time to work on it and were that much more tired about it. And it has to hit us with all that wordplay. First there was the stuff about the crabs, and that wasn't so bad, really. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the name Crabigail, which may or may not have been used in the final version. (We had a note in the script saying that we left the crab's name as Kaniko, because she was going to join a Japanese elementary school class, so it makes more sense for her to have a Japanese name, but we don't know what the final decision will be at this point.)

Anyway, the crab stuff wasn't so bad, because we just needed crab puns, and they didn't need to be specific as long as they could sort of fit into the dialogue. The wedding chapter, on the other hand, had strings of very specific puns leading into very specific other puns, and they all had to go together. It started with the word for stepmother, which is mamahaha, which one of the kids took to be mama (English for mama) and haha or kaachan (Japanese for mother), so she must be a half--half Japanese and half some nationality that speaks English, or any other language that uses mama.

That's hard enough to deal with, but then Ginjirou has to relate that to new halfs, which is a not necessarily PC term for transgender people, but all he knows about it is that it's some kind of new half-breed, which could be anything unknown. On the other hand, as an aspiring gynecologist, maybe he does know what it means. Fortunately(?) he's also interested in aliens and stuff, so we were able to work with that, but oh man, if only it ended there.

Then Atsushi gets them all back on track to what it means by mentioning Cinderella, and why oh why are there not more Cinderella puns in the world!? Why!? See, because Cinderella, or "shinderera" in Japanese, sounds a lot like, "Shindero ya!", so if you're a gangster who slurs your speech, you could says, "Shinderera!" as a way of telling someone to drop dead. First Love Monster went there, and had a visual to go with it. Thanks a lot.

And we had to deal with all this while trying to recover from the excessive braindeath that resulted from too much Disneyland without enough sleep.

Anyway, Atsushi is really growing on me as a character, but he's still a stupid jerkface. The crab thing was fun, except for when they'd throw her at people when she was alive and it would knock her limbs off.

Oh right, Hiyoshimaru-sensei admitted to hating love scenes. I think I can understand that sentiment, but it really makes me wonder why someone with that particular preference would be writing shoujo manga. On the other hand, the ridiculousness of Kanade's romance does make the series pretty fun. If only they would lay off the wordplay...

Today I'm thankful for another lovely trip to Disneyland, having time to get a little bit of work done today, getting to finally try the chocolate mud pies at Flo's Diner, having all of our Hiyori cosplay (except for shoes and tights, which we should make sure to get...), and getting our Tokyo Treat box. This month's theme is supposed to be bizarre candy, but almost everything in the box was chocolate (there was one thing called "big squid somen", which we're scared to try, but other than that, chocolate). But that actually makes us happy, because we love chocolate.
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