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Getting ready for Anime Expo

I was originally planning to post more pictures today, but I'm not sure I have the stamina to go through and comment on pictures right now...although come to think of it, it can be pretty relaxing. But I also have a very minor headache, so I'm kind of eager to lie down. That being the case, I will be rambling instead.

Phase 1 of our Anime Expo preparations is complete. We wanted to finish some rough translations of Your Lie in April so we wouldn't be spoiled at the Naoshi Arakawa panel or anything, and now we have done it! It's a very touching ending, and we spent a good chunk of the last couple of chapters crying. Tonight we're going to begin Phase 2, which is to binge watch the anime. When it showed up on Netflix, Gaston watched it, and he absolutely loved it, so we were like, "Oh, maybe we can find our comp copies of volume one of the manga and you can start reading it!" and he was like, "Yeah...but it wouldn't be the same without actually hearing the music." And on the one hand, we were like, "YAR!" but on the other hand, he has a point. It is kind of a series about music, after all. So we're looking forward to watching it.

A flier fell out of one of the last two volumes, and it's been wandering around our office floor for a few days, so occasionally I'll pick it up and remind myself that we only have one of the two CDs of the musical performances from the anime. It only really bothers me because the major plot ones are on the other CD. We're going to have to get that CD before we finish translating the series for good. We do need to order CDs for when Anubis's new song comes out anyway...

The final phase of AX prep is costumes. The polo shirts for our Hiyori costumes arrived today, and you'd think we'd be so eager to see them that we would have immediately opened the package to look, but our real opinion is without the rest of the costume, who cares? A polo is a polo, and they all pretty much look the same, right? I'm more concerned about the skirts--are they too short, the wrong color? We won't know until they arrive. We also got the ironing board and iron we ordered, so we can start cutting out fabric and ironing it onto other fabric in preparation for applique for our other costume set.

And finally, we got our comp copies of Noragami 15 today! I noticed that a sizeable section toward the end of the book had pages with edges that were awfully clean, and I wondered why there was no ink on them, so I flipped a book open to see...and it was the notes. Oh, volume fifteen, how noteworthy you are. Ah, ha, ha...

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, having time to also finish our rough drafts of Your Lie in April, being ready to start watching the anime, getting part of our Hiyori costumes, and our order for bangs-wigs going through.
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