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Today was kind of weird schedule-wise, so I toyed with the idea of not updating, since I don't really have much to report on anyway (except for part of Dragon Knight's story in Labyrinth of Andersen, but I was hoping to get through his happy ending first, and it was taking too long so we haven't done that yet). But sometimes the idea of having a blank day on the archive calendar makes me sad, so I was thinking of doing a quick post, and then we went to Facebook and it made me want to say something about the whole Stanford rape case.

This last time we went to Facebook, we saw not one but two posts on how important it is to raise sons who do not violate women. I agree with this one thousand percent. There is one important factor in doing this that I feel like hasn't been addressed, though, so I thought I'd address it. The main thing is, when you're so drunk you can't think straight, where do you get the idea to...well, most of you have read the victim's letter and know what he did. Our thinking is that he got the idea from pornography. Studies have shown that people who view pornography have an easier time thinking it's okay to violate women. We're pretty sure a big chunk of rape culture comes from the idea that it's okay to watch pornography. But I'm not feeling very articulate right now, so I'll just give you a link to Fight the New Drug and you can read all about it at your leisure.

Today I'm thankful for Page continuing to be super cute, having some candy in the apartment which will be enjoyed later, getting a delightful phone call from our most talkative nephew (apparently he likes calling everyone he knows and giving them a report of the toys he's playing with, and then ignoring the phone call so he can play with those toys), our nephew's mother being there to make the phone call less awkward after the child got distracted, and a super cool chapter of UQ Holder! that we got to translate this week.
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