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The Ice Reaper, volume four

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another installment of Review Rednesday! As I mentioned yesterday, we have three titles that came out on the same day that we have yet to review. So how do we decide which review to post? The fair and balanced way: alphabetically. (I guess that could be biased toward words that start with letters that come earlier in the alphabet, but...I have no defense for that. All I can say is you can't win 'em all.)

And so today we bring you our review of Final Fantasy Type-0 Prequel: The Ice Reaper volume four! Spoiler level: high.

The plan was to make this the third in a series of reviews written all at once, in an attempt to get caught up on reviews. But then the CD we were listening to while we were writing the other reviews (Chaika 4 and...and...Your Lie in April 7) ended and we thought, eh whatever. The funny(?) thing is that the CD started as we were finishing up the translation that we are reviewing now: Final Fantasy Type-0: The Ice Reaper volume 4.

And sure enough, I've already forgotten all about it. Hold on a sec while I remember...

Oh yes, betrayal and Naghi. And Morse. Oh my goodness, Morse. As murdering psychopaths go, I think I have seen crazier, but he's pretty crazy. I kind of like his attitude; it makes him fun to translate. When we translated the table of contents and one of the chapters was called "another hero", I wasn't sure how I felt about that, because we tend to not like it when they set up a Chosen One and then come along and say, "Just kidding; here's another one!" But then he turned out to be from Milites, and it was like, "Oh, that makes sense."

He kind of reminds us of Lean Joker, a character in the video game who we're not really sure what kind of a role he plays in the game or how you even get to see him. We know he's in it, because we translated a couple of scenes with him and he's played by Koki Uchiyama (also Roxas), but he's not in any of the main story scenes. I think he only shows up when you're playing through a second (or third or twelfth? time), but we may never find out.

Anyway. I know I talked about the betrayal that we knew was going to happen because it was in all the rumors in the video game, and that we talked about how we don't trust a single character except Emina, but when the betrayal actually happened, we were like, "What? No! Him? Never!" And then we were like, "Oh yeah, come to think of it...I think there was something in the game about catching the cactuar and getting the idea for some reason that he was connected to the traitor... Hmmm..."

I think it was the scene with Kotetsu's frozen leg that threw us off. It was kind of dumb how it all went down; like, Kotetsu, just turn down the heat on your fire spell. I guess maybe his magic power is too high for him to do that. Then maybe if he aimed it a little farther away...

Anyway, the point is, it showed that Guren is not the type to abandon his friends ever. Our theory is that he overheard people talking when he was out sneaking food for Kotetsu, and something happened, maybe they tried to capture him and he escaped or something, and then he had to turn against the Dominion for whatever reason, but he still cares about his friends. And we're pretty sure that the Cadetmaster knows the Cid assassination plot is really a front to kill the Four Champions and get them out of the way.

In the meantime, there's Naghi. He showed up and we were like, "Who is this child? This isn't the Naghi I know!" And then we were like, "Miwa's going to teach him how to open his heart and be cheerful and friendly, isn't she?" And then she did, and we were all, "Awwwwwww!" But man, that lesson was effective, because Naghi is a much different person by the time you meet him in the game. Like seriously. The change is so drastic it almost reminds us of Flounder in the abomination that is The Little Mermaid 3, but more believable because they give an explanation for the personality change.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Naghi in the game is more like...maybe Sasayan from My Little Monster? But a little more arrogant.

Anyway, I like how Miwa convinced him to communicate his emotions. I think that's a lesson we could all learn--if we tell people how we feel, we can all be happier.

The scene with Emina telling Kurasame about the cactuar was pretty funny. He clearly was not cut out for covert operations.

I didn't get the scene where he broke up with Aoi. It only sort of made sense later when Kazusa mentioned something about sacrificing a lover for the sake of one's country. And it's true that he did a lot of stupid things because of that relationship. I would say he can just learn not to be stupid and still be in the relationship, but I didn't really like Aoi that much anyway. And I'm still not 100% convinced that she's not a spy.

Today I'm thankful for making very good progress on work today, progress being so good that we got plenty of work done on Your Lie in April too, not getting sick after eating ice cream soup (we ran out of room in our freezer, and we were like, "Our fridge gets cold enough! We'll just put the ice cream in there!" that's how we learned our fridge does not, in fact, get cold enough, but we wanted chocolate anyway, so we ate ice cream soup, and it was pretty tasty, and so far nobody's any sicker than they already were (I'm still fighting a bit of a respiratory infection I got when we were traveling)), ice cream still being pretty delicious even in liquid form, and the alphabet.
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