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My Monster Secret volume 2

We are back from visiting the family and we are alive! I'm actually surprisingly not dying, for all the energy we expended during this trip, but I do seem to have lost all ability to type, as I have been correcting typos even more frequently than usual. Hopefully I'll recover quickly, because we have a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate.

But! for now, we have a Review Rednesday to post. Or a Review Rursday, I guess. We just don't like to miss these things, and we have a pretty big backlog. We went through our whole folder of reviews and checked them against Amazon release dates to see what all we've missed so far, and now we have a list that should help us with future Review Rednesdays. It's in chronological order and everything. And that being the case, the release that has been neglected for the longest period of time is My Monster Secret volume two! Sorry to those of you who may have been anxiously awaiting this review! And here it is now! Spoiler level: mild.

The review that almost got away... Haha, as if there aren't a dozen of those.

Anyway, this is the book we were translating when we had the big to-do about a certain friend who thinks he could do certain things better than us. And when I put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad. But in case you don't know what happened, just know that it was pretty bad and we were shaken up and had a hard time doing just about anything. Where by "just about anything," I mean translating.

That being the case, wow, can I remember anything that happened? Of course I can if I think about it long enough! It starts with the fighting the sun chapter, which was pretty hilarious, if difficult to translate. (Every chapter was difficult to translate in this volume.) I like that Youko's personality is consistent with the dialect we tried to give her, although as of this writing, I don't know if it's the one she ended up with.

And that reminds me, Youko's father is in this volume, which is why we thought maybe we'd made the wrong choice. I wrote a post recently about how choosing dialects isn't hard, but there is one thing that we keep forgetting to consider, which is this: what if that character's mom or dad shows up? I mean, if we go with a Southern accent, that's not really a problem, because it would probably be even stronger in the parent, but somehow the parents always show up in the ones where we choose to go with Southern California accents. So I remind myself of Crush the Turtle and tell myself it's okay to have older characters using "young" dialects. I mean, heck, her dad's probably not much older than we are anyway. ...And now I'm going to go cry about how old I am.

Just kidding. I've already come to terms with it. Besides, he's probably more like forty...right? Anyway, he can't be that much older than Keanu Reeves, and he was Ted from Bill & Ted, so he totally could have been talking like a surfer dude in high school.

Anyway, for those of you who are wondering, the other time we went with a Southern California accent and the parent showed up, it was with Chihiro in Nosatsu Junkie. Wow, that was a long time ago. We never did get to finish reading it.

An interesting note that may or may not have been noted in the volume itself: while Youko uses an Osaka dialect, Shirou the Wolfman uses a Kyoto dialect. Osaka and Kyoto are like neighbors! But Shiho, thank goodness, uses a standard Tokyo dialect, so we like it when she's talking because we don't have to worry about dialects anymore. I feel like Youko talked a lot in this volume.

Shiho was a very slight challenge because we had to find yet another way to translate chijo. Chijo is the word Yato uses to describe Bishamon, but we didn't think the word we use in Noragami would be quite so appropriate. The word was also used to tease Karin from UQ Holder! (I think), but I can never remember how we translated it for her.

The curry chapter was pretty great. I like that this manga artist isn't afraid to exaggerate.

And then there's Akane. I'm not sure how I feel about her yet, but Youko's insistence that she can't be as old as she says she is is kind of amusing. I think the contests got a little old, though.

I think that about covers it. It was a fun volume, even if it was overshadowed by angst and despair.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go visit our family for a few days, making it home safely, finally having something to help us keep track of what all needs reviewing, Page still being super cute, and getting to find out what happens in this next chapter of UQ Holder!.
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