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Alethea & Athena
12th-Oct-2019 09:18 pm - Blast from the past
Aaaaaahhh!!! We just watched the Frozer episode of Miraculous again, and it gets me every time. The music is just such a perfect blend of romantic and sad. Le sigh...

But we didn't spend all day watching Miraculous! In fact, we've been working really hard to restrain ourselves...which is actually pretty easy until we start watching, because when we start our day, everything's back to normal, but as soon as we start watching Miraculous, we're like, "This is the only thing I ever need in my life." But anyway, we're trying to hold back on watching it all the time, because we're hope hope hoping that we'll get the second half of season three exactly three months after we got the first half, which means November 1. And if we keep it to just one or two episodes a day, we can finish watching the first half of season three right in time to go on to the next episode when it gets put up on Netflix. ...Of course, if that's not when we get more episodes...we'll probably console ourselves with a Miraculous marathon.

As for what we did with ourselves while not watching Miraculous...well, originally we were planning to do chores, but it turned out we were too tired. I think I may have mentioned this dilemma before. We're not sure if we're too tired because we never fully recovered from burnout, or if we're too tired because we're lazy bums. If the former, we need to keep resting. If the latter, the only way to recover would be to put ourselves to work. But since we don't really know the cause, we don't know the right thing to do. What I do know is that I was starting to get a headache from low calories after we got back from the store and did a couple of very small chores (we'd had a smaller than usual breakfast and lunch), so we stopped to eat, and then we were done.

But anyway! the important thing is that we got an email that somehow reminded us of the existence of DN Angel. We remembered that Yukiru Sugisaki started drawing it again and so we finally checked Amazon Japan to see if there were new volumes out. There was not just one new volume, but two! That just goes to show how slow-moving we can be on this kind of thing. I blame the busyness.

We didn't order them, though, because we're saving our money to get a Nintendo Switch. I forgot to mention this (or did I?), but we saw an ad for Ring-Fit Adventure, and that's what got us. All the tiredness has had us well aware of the fact that we are out of shape, and our attempts to rectify the situation were all thwarted by the fact that we find exercise to be exceedingly boring. (We did like the one trainer on Daily Burn, but sadly, his winning personality was not enough.) Ring-Fit Adventure is a game for Nintendo Switch that is basically like you're typical action RPG, only to do stuff, you have to exercise. Like, to run around the world map, you have to really run (in place). And we thought, "Aha! They've made exercise interesting!" And we had to have it.

But the release date is less than a week away now, and we've been so broke, we haven't been able to order the game, let alone the console to play it on. But lo and behold, we got a paycheck today! Woohoo!! We looked at our records earlier and thought it wouldn't come for another two weeks! And on top of that, we had told Mom about Ring-Fit Adventure, and she decided to buy a copy of the game for everybody. And even though we tried to tell her no, we can buy our own video games, she beat us to it and it's already been ordered. Well, whatever the case, we're getting the game and we have enough money to order a Switch (or we will, when the deposit goes through), so we're very excited about that. Hopefully getting in shape will help us to be less tired even with all the busyness.

But what I've been wanting to talk about (and getting sidetracked from) this whole post is Saiyuki! When we started translating it for Kodansha, there were some parts that had us going, "Wait, who's talking here? If only we could check the anime!" I mean, if the speech pattern isn't unique enough in the Japanese, maybe it doesn't matter, but there are some things where it's easier to make the speech pattern specifically fit so-and-so in English, where it would be more universal in Japanese. So we wished we could check the anime. We have it on DVD, but we can't get to it just now, and we still don't know if the discs melted in the fire so many years ago. We remembered seeing it on Amazon Prime, so we were going to go watch it...but it wasn't there anymore! Boo!!

Well, the DN Angel thing brought us back to our college days, and Saiyuki was a huge part of that, so it reminded us that we'd gotten another email that gave us the hint to check HiDive--the streaming service that has most of Sentai's stuff. So we checked, and there it was! And we weren't sure if we should watch it or go to the store, but it was right there, so we hit play, and it started going, and it was just so amazing and nostalgic that we couldn't say no after that. (Until the episode was over, at which point we reluctantly turned it off, had our small lunch and went to the store.) And oh man, the animation is so oldschool. I mean, obviously there's older animation than that, but it definitely is older than the animation we have now. It's still not as good as the manga, either, but it's really fun to hear the voice actors playing all the parts. And the music is like an oldschool video game, too! It was really nice. And with DN Angel and Saiyuki together, it was kind of like being back in college again. ...That's not necessarily a good thing, but it was nice today.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Saiyuki again, getting a paycheck so we can order a Nintendo Switch, Mom being super nice and buying us Ring-Fit Adventure, reminders to keep an eye out for DN Angel next time we order manga, and getting to watch the Frozer episode of Miraculous.
11th-Oct-2019 09:19 pm - Another uneventful day
Today was pretty uneventful for us, which is probably a good thing, considering we heard the winds really did start a wildfire near Los Angeles. It's far enough away that we're not really getting any news, so I hope everybody's okay.

As for us, it was a pretty normal day. ...Okay, we might have slacked off kind of a lot. Today's work quota was pretty small, so we didn't bother rushing to finish it, and we let ourselves get distracted with online chatting and whatnot. But we finished it! And we met our deadline! Tadah!

And we still had plenty of time left over to read and watch TV! Fire Force was on a brief hiatus (due to a sporting event, I think), but it's back now, and this week's episode was pretty awesome. Of course, I remembered that as I was writing this post, which reminded me that we wanted to read our translations of that part of the story. We are incorrigible.

And I think that's about it for today. Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, not having to push ourselves, getting to finish Sea of Monsters, getting to start reading volume two of the Buddha manga, and getting to watch all our TV (including Miraculous!). And getting to sleep in tomorrow.
10th-Oct-2019 09:39 pm - Mystery!
Well, I mentioned a mystery yesterday, so I better tell you all about it now. We thought maybe the mystery was partially solved this morning, but then we realized something that leaves everything still in limbo.

It all started yesterday afternoon, when we signed in to Facebook. When I go to the main page (before logging in), it tells me I have four unread notifications, and I don't know where to go to read them, because they're not the standard "so-and-so reacted to your post," "so-and-so commented on your post," "message from so-and-so," or "friend request from so-and-so" deals, so that red number four just stays there to annoy me, I guess. That part...is definitely a mystery, but not the kind that really makes me care enough to solve it. The bigger mystery happened when the pre-login page told me I had five unread notifications.

I signed in and waited for everything to load, and the red dot showed up in the friend request section. We hadn't met anybody new in real life, so this was curious. I clicked to see who it was from and saw a familiar name, only it wasn't familiar because it was anybody we'd ever talked to. It was familiar because somewhere in the back of my brain I'd registered it as the name of an anime dub voice actor. We Googled the name to be sure, and my memory was correct.

Now, we'd heard stories about predators on social media--random strangers who will send friends requests and kidnap your children for trafficking as soon as you post pictures with the EXIF data (is that the kind of data that tells where the picture was taken?) still attached, for example. People posing as celebrities to groom unsuspecting fangirls, that kind of thing. We're still not sure if this particular actor is a big enough name that people would use said name for such activities, but after the Vic Mignogna scandal, we don't even know anymore.

Still, we're always happy to get to know fellow anime fans, and if it's someone who tracked us down because they like our translations, even better! Of course, we don't know if that's the case right now, but it really seems like the only reason random people from the anime community would send us unexpected Facebook friend requests. At any rate, we decided to confirm the request, making a mental note not to comment on any pictures of our nieces and nephews for a while, just in case.

When we signed on to the Facebook this morning, one of the first things on our feed was a post from our new friend! He was plugging a voice acting workshop featuring him and some other professionals. Aha! The mystery is solved! He's totally legit!

...Or is he? Along with the picture of the promotional art, he had a comment about how everybody running the workshop was really great, except for himself, the charlatan. On the one hand, this could be a nice (or excessive, depending on your point of view) show of humility. On the other hand, it could be a broad-daylight confession that he's not really who he claims to be! You know, like how the fake psychic detective agency in Psych named itself Psych. ...That's a good show.

The other part of the mystery remains to be solved as well. Whether he is who he claims to be or not, we still have to wonder what prompted him to seek us out on Facebook. Did he recently get reminded of our existence, like, because he was in an anime of something we translated the manga of? ("Reminded," she says, like it's a foregone conclusion that he knew about us before. ...I mean, it seems like the most likely scenario. If he'd only come across our translations for the first time, I think it would just be like, "Hey, these translations are pretty [insert extreme adjective here (positive or negative)]. I wonder who did them? Cool, I'll have to remember that," and then he'd go on his merry way. You have to come across a name a few times (or be really obsessed with something they're in, like us and the French voice of Cat Noir) to seek them out.)

Anyway. For now, the Book of Faces connection has been made, and that's about it. Will anything come of it? I dunno.

At any rate, it is a reminder that, if people are interested enough in translation enough to seek out translators, we really should get to work on that translation blog we keep talking about. And then we should advertise it on the social medias. There's even a chance we'll have time to do that in the near future!

Today I'm thankful for mysteries to occupy our brains, making really good time on our Hatsu*Haru edit today, having one new review written (tadah!), getting to watch more of the Brady Bunch today, and Page sharing my chair with me.
9th-Oct-2019 09:27 pm - Missions of Love volume 18
Today featured a mystery! But I'll wait to tell you about it until tomorrow, because! it's Review Rednesday! Woohoo! And I think I said I'd be reviewing Missions of Love this week? *checks* Yes, that's right! ...And it looks like I said it was the last volume, but just kidding! There are actually 19 volumes, so this is the second to last. Eh heh heh. Sorry about the mix-up. Anyway, spoilers ahead!

Missions of Love volume 18Collapse )

Oh, man, what a cute pile of fluff. I forget how much I like this series.

So the thing is, we don't have any new releases this week. But! the third volume of Saint Young Men comes out next week (digitally), so if you get it and read it the day it comes out, you can read our review of it without getting spoiled! What I'm saying is, I'm still determined to post a review next week. ...Or maybe I should wait because our release list is pretty sparse after that, too. Hrrrm. I guess I'm not that determined after all. But I'm still thinking about it! So just come prepared, and we'll see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for getting to look back on the adorableness of Missions of Love, getting to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Japanese, finishing our work quota for today, having time to watch Gorizilla, and having Snickers to look forward to.
8th-Oct-2019 09:08 pm - A day of simulpubs
Today it was back to work, with not one but two weekly simulpubs! The first one was Edens Zero, as usual, and the second one hasn't gone live yet, so we should probably not say what it is. But I think it's safe to say that it was a lot of fun to work on, and we look forward to doing more! There's been a little bit of discussion on the manga professionals' chat we go to about simulpubs and how they're the worst, but we like them well enough. The monthly ones can be a chore sometimes, but we like weeklies--they're just a fun little diversion that always brightens our week.

There was a...something...we read with Atsushi Ohkubo, where they asked him if it was hard doing a weekly manga (Fire Force) after having done monthly manga (Soul Eater), and he said that for him, it wasn't, because with a monthly series...oh darn, I don't remember. But basically he would lose momentum so it would be hard to get back into it every month, but with a weekly series, you just keep going and it's fine. I think it's a similar thing with us. With a weekly series, we have a reminder of what's going on every week, so we rarely have to stop and be like, "Uhhh, what was going on here?" I mean, there are still times when we pull up the files and go, "OH! Right, that was happening!" But it's much fresher, so we never have to try to remember the context.

We were also supposed to finish a first draft of Hatsu*Haru, but we didn't get anywhere close. We finished...one chapter! But we weren't expecting to have two simulpubs today (for some reason we thought one of the simulpubs would come later this week), and we actually were expecting to not finish our Hatsu*Haru draft today. We just would have liked to, is all. But not enough to have actually made it happen.

And that's pretty much it for today. Today I'm thankful for a fun new simulpub to work on, finishing both our simulpubs and still having time to start on Hatsu*Haru, being thiiiiis close to getting back on the review-writing wagon, the super cute picture our sister sent us of our niece reading to herself, and getting to work on Edens Zero.
7th-Oct-2019 09:35 pm - Unprepared
We took the day off today! And after we had breakfast and finished our morning routine and everything, we were kind of like, "Okay, now what?" We were not prepared for this day off, it turns out. We told Mom about it, and she was like, "I never have that problem," and I was like, "Yeah, we just spend so much time working that when we're not working, we don't know what to do with ourselves." And her analysis is that it's because we don't have any hobbies, because we do our hobby for our job. She may be partially right.

The other problem is generally our go-to activity these days is to watch Miraculous, and for some reason we didn't think we should just do that all day. Much as we adore Miraculous, we're thinking we'd be missing the point of the whole thing (to encourage kids to go out and be good people) if all we did was sit in front of the TV all day. We're still not so good with the "going out" part of things, but! we did use a small amount of time to do something productive! (In addition to finally getting some chores done.)

I think I mentioned that we want to start a translation blog that basically gives walkthroughs of how the process works. Well, today we finally got started on the first one. I say "got started" instead of "wrote," because...well, because we didn't finish, as I'm sure you figured out. It was my own fault. For the first post, I wanted to give a demonstration of how translation can't really work like a mirror. So we have one of the Aurebesh inscriptions from Star Wars Land, and we demonstrate "translating" it into English. And now we want to demonstrate translating the same sentences from Japanese into English...but that requires us to have Japanese versions of those sentences, and we realize that, as non-native speakers, we don't actually know what the most natural Japanese versions of those sentences would be. So we got befuddled and then it was dinnertime.

But! we finally got started! And we think we want to have a good backlog before we go live with this thing, so we can write some other posts while we try to figure out this Japanese thing.

In the meantime, when we did finally get to Miraculous, we watched the Christmas special with French captions, and that was a lot of fun! We are definitely language geeks.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting started (even if just a little tiny bit) on this blog we keep wanting to write, getting some chores done, getting to take it easy today, getting to watch Miraculous with French captions (I'm pretty sure Athena understood way more of it than I did, but we've seen it like seven times now, so I wasn't exactly lost), and having some muddy buddies to eat before we go to bed.
6th-Oct-2019 08:54 pm - Happy day
It's been a really nice day today. The two remaining sessions of General Conference were great. I had it in my head for a while that the best Conference sessions are on Saturday, so I sometimes have a hard time looking forward to Conference Sundays, but today was so, so good. I think the main takeaway I have from this whole Conference was that we can't just cruise along and assume everything is fine. We have to intentionally put in effort to do better and be better, because there are always areas we can improve in.

Between the sessions, we realized we had a whole big chunk of time to kill, and we figured we ought to do something that might help our spiritual education, so we started reading Josephus's Antiquities! Tadah! I was a little worried that it would be a major slog to get through, but it turns out ancient historians are pretty to-the-point, and the translation is pretty good, so it's actually pretty fun.

We also! made muddy buddies! WOOHOO!!! We'd been threatening to for months, possibly even years, rotating out our boxes of Corn Chex... We love those chocolate peanut buttery...buddies, I guess? But we also tend to shy away from kitchen work, and we ended up claiming tiredness over and over again. Well, this week, we put it on the schedule! And Athena didn't have to be in charge of anything, which helped, and so we did it! ...And we had to halve the recipe, because we don't have mixing bowls that will hold nine whole cups of Chex. And that part is tragic and sad, but we did get to make half the recipe, and it was delicious, and we still have some left! ...We almost didn't, though, because they're so delicious that we wanted to keep eating even when we started to feel a little sick. But we had the presence of mind to stop after all, which means we can look forward to more later!

And we watched more Relative Race!! I love that that show turns out exactly the way we want it to so frequently. In Season 4, everybody gets to go to Day 9, which means they all get to meet all their relatives (except for the team that had to drop out early)! And day ten is always a lot of fun, but the number one thing we want out of every season is for everyone to get to meet all their relatives, so we're pretty happy about it. We know Season 6 is going on right now, but we're just going to keep watching the backlog until we're caught up. It's just how we like to do things.

Today I'm thankful for two more great sessions of General Conference, having a pretty good time reading Josephus, getting to eat muddy buddies, the super adorable turtle Athena got in her Kinder Joy, and getting to take the day off tomorrow and therefore sleep in.
5th-Oct-2019 09:30 pm - General Conference is back again!
Well, we stayed up late watching Miraculous again. Page was worried about us, too. See, the original plan was to watch one episode while our mini pies thawed, eat the pies, come to the computer to update LJ and check email and stuff, and then go to bed. But...the next episode was Glaciator. We would have just watched it without interruption, but we had pies that were already thawed, so we had to go eat them so they wouldn't melt. Page, good kitty that she is, knew that after pie we go back to the computer. So when we decided to go back to watch TV instead, she went into the office and started meowing at us like, "What's the deal?" or like, "Come on, you have to do computer stuff so you can go to bed because you need to sleep, you silly unhealthy people!" We told her what was going on, and she joined us for Glaciator.

Anyway, today was the first day of General Conference! Tadah! This time they had the Women's Session, too, and it was a really good session. President Nelson gave a talk that was basically like look, we don't ordain men to the priesthood because they're more important, okay? And it was a lot of stuff that we felt had been said a lot and we wish it didn't have to keep being said, but if anybody can give a "women are awesome" talk that doesn't annoy me, it's President Nelson. And I realize my attitude about the whole thing is absolutely terrible, but...I don't know, I don't have any excuses. It's a good thing President Nelson is more loving than I am.

And then he made all the new temple announcements right there in the Women's Session. It used to be he'd save those for the very end of Conference. I think it was kind of a gift to the women, as a token of how much they appreciate us or something. I don't really know how to explain it.

The main thing that stood out to me overall from today's Conference sessions is that I need to step up and be more committed to the gospel. Like, I need to spend less time staring at silly mobile games and more time thinking of ways I can be helpful to people. It's not something I'm really used to, and we don't have a lot of people in our lives to be useful to, but there's always something! And the more I work on it, the easier it will be to find out what it is.

Today I'm thankful for three great sessions of General Conference, the love that was shown by all of the speakers, the adorable young choir that sang at the Women's Session, getting to watch Glaciator again, and Page being such a good kitty.
4th-Oct-2019 09:55 pm - Made it through another crunch
We did it! We finished Saiyuki on time!! WOOHOO!!! We did have to fight some serious iunwannas, but we did it. And we still had time to watch Perfect Harmony and two episodes of Miraculous. Aaah, it was a good day.

We also filled up our calendar! Ha, ha, ha! We were like, "Whoa, after Saiyuki, October is practically empty!" Except for a volume of Land of the Lustrous, and some DVD booklets for the last anime we translated. But as of today, we also have a deadline for the next My Monster Secret (which we actually had a deadline for back in July, so it's already finished) and a deadline for the next Hatsu*Haru...which is due in a week. Our editor at Yen Press asked if that would be okay, and we were like, "Well, it's Hatsu*Haru, and we don't have anything else that needs desperate attention, so it should be doable." Unless Ayumi hits us with some weird snail science or something like that again.

And...I think that's about it. We just distracted ourselves reading about our tour of Kodansha three years ago. Boy, that was a good time.

And tomorrow is the first day of General Conference! So we should get to sleep! Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation of Saiyuki, getting to watch a new episode of Perfect Harmony, fond memories of an amazing day in Japan, getting to watch the Dark Owl episode of Miraculous, and getting to watch General Conference tomorrow.
3rd-Oct-2019 09:41 pm - Groovy, man
Well, it was a pretty ordinary day today. Thankfully, we're still making good time on Saiyuki, so it looks like there's a good chance we'll meet our deadline! ...Good thing, too, because even though we could probably sneak some work in over the weekend, turn it in before Monday morning, and still call it good...General Conference is this weekend, and this time they're doing the women's session, so our Saturday is pretty much booked. Tomorrow we work on the Rikudo stuff, so we're a little worried about the amount of research we're going to have to do, but all we can do is pray and be optimistic.

In the meantime, we have started watching the Brady Bunch. We got it into our heads a while ago that the slang from that time period would be fun to use for Weisz in Edens Zero (we call him Steiner, because that's his first name, but since all the characters call him Weisz, I'm pretty sure that's what everybody calls him...I hope it's not too confusing for the letterer...). Anyway, last night is when we finally started implementing this plan...but it was too late! Steiner has a line in the latest chapter that would have been great to use some old slang for, but since we'd only watched one episode, we hadn't learned anything relevant to the situation yet, alas. But it was pretty fun to hear Marcia say, "This one's a real beaut!" in her cute little young teenager voice.

We also finished The Lightning Thief tonight. The verdict is...we still think Percy is an annoying little twerp. He's also the Gary Stu-iest Gary Stu we've ever seen...which is probably not true, because oh my heck, Gary Stus run rampant in the world of light noveltry. Maybe the real Gary Stu-iest would be the protagonist of Accel World. It's just astounding how even their mistakes turn out to be the exact right thing to do, all the time!

And then we watched Miraculous, and oh how we love that show. It just makes everything better.

Today I'm thankful for still making good time on Saiyuki, the Brady Bunch being available on Amazon Prime, getting to work on another fun chapter of Edens Zero, getting to have more chocolate satin pie tonight, and getting to watch a new episode of Perfect Harmony tomorrow.
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