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Alethea & Athena
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24th-Jun-2019 09:13 pm - Stuck in a rut?
Aaaand we're back to the same routine of just work and Miraculous. We didn't mean for it to be just work and Miraculous. We tried to call Mom, but she's traveling, so I guess her phone was out of range, or maybe the time difference was an issue... I don't know, but the upshot of it is that we watched way more Miraculous today than we originally planned. But alas, we did not get to the Glaciator episode.... That's okay, though, because Despair Bear and Dark Owl and all the others are great, too.

We also ordered some things for our Anime Expo wardrobe. I think our Hinata and Hikage outfits are going to turn out pretty awesome. And we found some cute skirts for Cyprine and Ptilol! ...Forgot to order tights, though. We'll need to get on that.

But the best part is! we finished volume eight of Sailor Moon! Tadah! Our editor gave us one deadline to finish the first half, and another deadline two...or three? weeks later for the second half. But we finished it all by the first deadline! Woohoo!!! All thanks to the Dream Arc being kind in the exposition department. Those Entrance Exam Wars stories nearly did us in, though.

Now we just have a volume of Hatsu*Haru and who even knows how many simulpubs before Anime Expo! And I think we even have time to finish them all! This is getting exciting.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another volume of Sailor Moon, our Anime Expo outfits coming together, getting to watch some great episodes of Miraculous, also having enough time to write two reviews (now we're only two behind!), and Page not being hurt from whatever caused that alarming noise a minute ago.
23rd-Jun-2019 09:11 pm - One of those days
Today was just one of those days. You know how sometimes things happen and you end up feeling sorry for yourself, even if it was just a little thing. It brings back all the emotions you'd learned to cope with... I don't know if it's that we'd shoved them aside and covered them up in an unhealthy way or something, or if it's just human nature to sometimes look at a situation and remember bad things and suddenly be all upset about everything, but either way, today started out pretty bad. It wasn't great timing, either, because on Sundays we have to be up in front of people singing and playing music.

So we came home and gave ourselves a little time to wallow. I think we each fell asleep for a few minutes, and that ended up helping immensely, indicating that lack of sleep is indeed a likely culprit for at least part of the real problem. And then we pulled out our iPads and did our studying from the Come, Follow Me manual. We've been studying the New Testament, and this week is when we got to the Resurrection. It was really good timing, because it reminded me that no matter how bleak things get, there will always be hope. I can't really explain the thought process that leads me to that conclusion, but I think it makes sense? At any rate, we're feeling optimistic again. But still very tired.

After that, we spent most of the day watching TV. We learned a little more US history from American Ride, then we watched Story Trek as usual. After dinner, we watched a couple more episodes of Relative Race.

Oh! That reminds me! On the Story Trek, they started one episode in Spanish Fork, Utah, which is a surprising place to find a Krishna Temple, and yet there is one there, so when they started the episode, they went there and asked the guy in charge how it came to be in Spanish Fork, Utah of all places. And the guy told the story about how some Krishnas came to BYU in 1976 to see if the library wanted to buy some books. I heard that and knew Grandpa was teaching at BYU back then, and I thought, "Sounds like Grandpa would be all over that!" Next thing the guy said was, "Hugh Nibley bought some, and from there it was dominoes." And I was like, "Aha! I knew it!" So it turns out our grandfather was influential in the building of a Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, and that's neat.

Today I'm thankful for the hope that comes from the Resurrection, Page getting out of my chair for me, managing to pull ourselves together before Singing Time, having some Drumsticks to look forward to, and learning neat things about Grandpa in unexpected places.
22nd-Jun-2019 09:36 pm - Cyprine and Ptilol bound
We opened our Stitch Fix today! Tadah! And our stylist was so good! She looked at our Pinterest board and chose a couple of characters and got us each two things to wear to go with them!

So which characters did she choose? Cyprine and Ptilol! A very timely choice, since volume five of the Eternal Edition will hit bookstore shelves on Tuesday! And we asked that we'd be able to keep our shoulders covered, but they didn't have any sleeved tops in the colors we wanted, so she did what most Latter-day Saint women do these days and layered it up! (I don't know if she's a Latter-day Saint, but I'm amused that she used the same strategy either way.)

It's pretty great, too, because she had a black top with a blue kimono jacket thing for Cyprine, and a red top with a black cardigan for Ptilol! We're pretty sure that the outfits won't immediately call the characters to mind...at least not without help! Of course we'll be wearing side-braids, so that will help. We're also thing that we can each get a black skirt and blue and red tights to finish the ensembles, but we'll have to play around to get just the right look. So on the one hand, I admit that I'm like, "But these don't look just like them," but on the other hand, I remind myself that that's not what bounding is about. The point is to have outfits that will put people in mind of those characters in the right context, like maybe if we were asked to sit on a panel to talk about translating Sailor Moon. That way, we would look professional but still character-related. ...Of course, I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but we can at least wear them in a photo with Kanae Yumemiya, who will be doing photo shoots, if Anime Expo's page is to be believed.

In other news, we just discovered that our beloved favorite voice actor Yuki Kaji just got married. The daydreamers in both of us are disappointed, but we're happy for him, too. His new wife is the actress who played Mami in the Missions of Love CD dramas, and since he played Akira, that's pretty neat. ...And mostly, I just wanted to point that out, because Akira and Mami are a super cute couple.

Today I'm thankful for our stylist coming through for us, the other tops we ordered looking like a great choice for Hinata and Hikage too, chocolate lovers Drumsticks, Kinder Joy being on sale, and having a lovely time at the baptism earlier today.
21st-Jun-2019 09:31 pm - Potential excitement
Today was full of potential eventfulness that we did not unlock because we just wanted to watch more Miraculous. I know. I'm sorry. But we did show some self-control. We only watched two episodes, even though The Puppeteer is up next!

Oh yeah, that's the other thing. We only had time for two episodes because we thought it was more important to get more work done. But I'm excited about it, because if all goes well on Monday, our schedule should be fairly easy all the way up until Anime Expo! After Anime Expo, I kind of get the feeling it's going to explode again, but on the bright side, we won't be crunched before the convention unless a rush job comes up. Did I jinx it by saying that? Did I un-jinx it by asking that question? Only time will tell! ...Come to think of it, the odds are greater than zero that Gaston will want to go to California Adventure next week...

Anyway. The potential events...well, really there's just the one. We got our Stitch Fix today! A whole five days early! And we have no idea if the stylist who put our fix together was able to find clothes that matched our request, or if s/he even tried! I'm super curious to find out, but obviously not curious enough to find out today.

But the extra exciting thing is that we alsogot our package from Old Navy! And our package from Uniqlo! And those two packages together represent the base of our Fire Force Hinata&Hikage bounding. We found a wrap top that was roughly the right color (I mean, it's black) and design, so we ordered two, but they're semi-sheer and we don't want that, so we ordered some Airism t-shirts from Uniqlo to wear under them. Then we're going to order some light blue ribbon and iron-on flame patches to make the tops match their kimonos more! ...But we didn't open those packages, either, so we don't know how many flame patches we're going to need to go around the edges of the sleeves, or if they'll even look good on us. But we intend to find out over the weekend! This is so exciting!

Today I'm thankful for being that much closer to finishing the translation we're working on, getting all our bounding packages today (although, of course, depending on what's in the Stitch Fix package, we may end up not doing much bounding after all (we're optimistic but practical)), having our laundry done, getting to try ginger & lemon grass Triscuits (the flavor was too strong and too earthy, but at least now we know), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
20th-Jun-2019 09:39 pm - Painting lessons!
I'm sure no one will be surprised that today was another day of work work work and Miraculous. We did press pause so we could watch the last episode of Sarazanmai...which I think was okay as anime finales go, and had a lot of stuff we tend to like, but we feel like they did the finale too soon without really connecting all the dots first. They had this big sad dramatic thing going on and we were like, "Okay, but why?"

But more importantly, or not, I don't know, we learned to paint at the Relief Society activity last night! ...I mean, I feel like everybody knows how painting works in theory. You put the paintbrush in the paint, then you move it over the canvas or whatever so it makes a picture, like drawing, or colors in a picture, like coloring. ...And it may be my cavalier attitude toward the process that made it so that painting was what I always failed at in art class. But after this art class yesterday, I'd say it's that I didn't know I had to wet the brush.

Anyway, a member of the bishopric is a professional painter, so he came in and walked us all through painting a sunset in acryllics. It was pretty neat. We got all the colors in for the sky, and then we painted the ocean, and he started talking about adding black for some drama. And I was like, "I don't know, I don't think I trust myself to add black." But for some reason I did it anyway, and sure enough, I ruined it! It's okay, though, because I turned it into a rock with a nice little wave crashing over it. And then I experimented some and managed to blend it into the ocean more, so you'd never know there was a weird black blob there.

As the lesson went on, I learned that we were going to mix the black with blue before adding it to the painting, so really we were adding dark blue to the ocean, not black. I was just getting way too ahead of the lesson. But he just gave us so much time for each step! It's okay, though. We have pretty sunset paintings now. And I should learn to use my fancy new phone to take pictures and post things where people can see them, but I haven't learned that yet, so.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our (minimum) work quota today, our Stitch Fix being on its way, finally learning Kodansha's Anime Expo schedule, Page looking at me all cute from her heated cat bed, and beautiful sunsets.
19th-Jun-2019 10:27 pm - Missions of Love volume 17
We're up late tonight, partly because we had a Relief Society activity, and partly because we insisted on watching an episode of Miraculous anyway. But now it's Review Rednesday, so I better post a review before the day is over! So here's Missions of Love 17! Spoilers ahead!

Missions of Love volume 17Collapse )

Aww, what a nice series. We're finished with it now, alas. Maybe someday we'll have time to read it again. But we'll have to stop watching Miraculous first. Hrm.

Anyway, we actually have two releases today! Woohoo! Saint Young Men 2 and Hatsu*Haru 7! Check 'em out!

AND!!! Do not forget to tune in next week for our review of Noragami 20! Oh my gosh, you guys, it's so so so good!!!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at the Relief Society activity, running into the missionaries so they could remind us that we agreed to do the music for the baptism on Saturday, finishing our work quota (sort of) despite the interruptions to our schedule, having more releases on our future schedule, and having some lovely paintings that we made in Relief Society.
18th-Jun-2019 09:28 pm - Miraculous Star
Today was so happy! We made it past our work quota on Sailor Moon, which was especially happy because we got a pretty slow start today for some reason, and it will come in handy for when Edens Zero comes along and we get another slow start. But anyway, we were really excited about it, because it meant we had lots of time to watch Miraculous! And we were coming up on the origins episodes, so we were really looking forward to it.

But first! we do realize that it's not a bad idea to branch out and do things other than watch Miraculous, although we do feel justified in relaxing as much as possible, since the burnout had been hitting us pretty hard recently. But the point is, a friend recommended Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She had recommended it in the past, and we passed on it because we hate most of the character designs. But she recommended it again, and we had just had somebody pass on Miraculous because she doesn't like the designs (costumes designs specifically), and we were like, "!!! But it's so good!" And so, realizing that if we would get over our superficial dislike of things and tried them out, maybe we would find out there's much more to it and we'd like it anyway.

...And now that we've watched Star vs. the Forces of Evil, I feel like Jazz from Danny Phantom. I hate it in a more informed context. The first episode (really a set of two episodes) was okay, where it seemed like maybe for a minute or two, the characters realized that other people had feelings, too. But in the second (set of) episode(s), it was just mad-capped mayhem with no real heart. Just running around doing things because it's supposed to be funny or whatever, with no real motivation other than, "That's what we do." Oh wait, scratch that, she accidentally turned her teacher into a troll because she was trying to get a better grade, and there was no real remorse about the fact that she fundamentally altered everything about the woman. We were both sitting there like, "Is this show only half an hour? Because it feels super long and I wanna go watch Miraculous."

I mean, Marco and Star both have potential to be fun characters, and there were some jokes that were funny enough to make us laugh despite our overall feeling of, "I'm done with this." But the character designs again. I was willing to believe that they were just weird, like Dave the Barbarian (which we loved), but something about the attitude of the show seemed to say, "Hi, I'm Star and I like cute girly things, but don't worry, only if they're also gross and disgusting!" And I don't mean that only Star was like that--I mean that the whole show seemed to have that attitude. I just used Star as a representative. The whole show was probably like that more than Star herself.

After two episodes, we decided we had given the show enough of a chance and it was time to go back to Miraculous. Oh, and how we loved it. Those origins episodes get us every time. Ah, the way Adrien is so melodramatic when he's all, "But I never leave my house! What kind of a superhero can I be!" Aww, he's so cute. And so many people in the show care about others, I love it.

Today I'm thankful for making it past our work quota, getting to try a new show, getting to have some yummy pound cake with dinner, finally realizing that when he's Cat Noir his hair covers where his human ears should be so we don't know if he has one set of ears or two, and getting to watch the origins episodes again.
17th-Jun-2019 09:34 pm - Netflix guilt?
...I'm not sure if I have anything new to write about. It was just work and Miraculous today, as usual. Oh, and we called Mom, like we usually do on Mondays. ...And that's all.

We're up late because we wanted to watch another episode...and that reminds me! We watch Studio C while dinner is cooking, and today's episode had the Five Stages of Netflix sketch, which we've seen before and were just as baffled by then. Even before that, we'd seen people say things on Facebook to the effect of, "Stop judging me, Netflix!" in regard to Netflix's habit of asking if you're still watching. We always just assumed that Netflix was just trying to make sure you hadn't fallen asleep or something. If you were asleep and it kept going, there's no telling how much you'd miss!

But on the other hand, maybe we're not ones to talk, because we actually have Netflix set so that we have to actively choose to watch the next episode--it doesn't play automatically. Of course, that was because we wanted them to stop shrinking the credits (we like to read them!)...but changing the settings didn't help with that. It did at least get them to stop skipping the credits, though. It still tries to skip the opening of Miraculous, but we have to change the audio anyway, so while we're messing with the remote, we go ahead and rewind it. We like opening sequences!

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for work going reasonably well, getting to have a nice talk with Mom on the phone, getting to watch more Miraculous, having the counters almost clean (oh yeah, we did a little cleaning today), and Page being good about her flea treatment.
16th-Jun-2019 08:37 pm - Through the ages
It's been a nice, laid back Sunday. We're even getting better at making pancakes so that process doesn't take so much out of us. We called Dad for Father's Day and during the conversation, we mentioned Story Trek, and he said he likes that one and also American Ride. Basically it's this biker dude (according to Dad, he used to play NFL and then went on to teach high school history) who rides around the country on his motorcycle and teaches history. We decided to check out the first episode, and we liked it pretty well, but there was soooooo much information that we needed to switch back to Story Trek or my brain would have been too tired.

We also opened up our new Wizarding World crates! This time the theme was Quidditch through the Ages, and normally I would have been like, "Great, sports," in a sarcastic tone of voice, but I kept an open mind about it, and I really liked everything in it! There was the t-shirt as usual (this time with the Ravenclaw mascot in a kind of sports-shirt sort of vibe, and the number 07 for some reason), and for the pin they interrupted their magical creatures series to present their first ever house-specific pin--which was only house-specific in that it came in a different color for whatever house you're in. It was really cute, though: a shield with the Quidditch hoops and some other stuff to represent Quidditch, and it said "Quidditch Captain." And the ones we got were blue, because we're in Ravenclaw.

We also got a Hogwarts varsity patch, which kind of makes me want to get a varsity style jacket to put the patch on, and then I can say I lettered in something super nerdy. And there was a super fancy pennant keychain that also had a little Snitch on it, and I love it and I'm going to attach my keys to it sometime when I'm not too distracted. And finally, there was a little keepsake holder in the shape of a Snitch, which was also pretty neat. I'm trying to decide what keepsake to put in it... Hmmm...

And now it's time to go to bed, which is nice but also super intimidating because tomorrow we start a Sailor Moon edit. Dun dun DUN! It's exciting in a good way and a Bambi way. But I have faith that we can do a good job on it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a good talk with Dad, getting to find out about a fun way to learn some history, getting to open our new Wizarding World crates, having some neat new Harry Potter stuff, and the yummy pancakes we had for dinner.
15th-Jun-2019 09:48 pm - A different kind of spoiler
I don't know what to update about. I'm super bummed right now because we convinced a friend to watch Miraculous, and she had been avoiding spoilers but the slow pace of the series got to her, and she looked them up anyway, and now she knows spoilers from season three and we don't know if that means actual season three, or season two part two (because Netflix counts that as season three), and since she hasn't actually seen the thing, she doesn't know, either! GAH! So now we can't talk about it with her...but to be honest, I might just be more upset at the idea that she knows something about the series that we don't. ...Maybe that's only part of it. I don't know, I'm just bummed.

And it's made thoughts of everything else flee from my mind. What did we do today? Chores, grocery shopping, wrote a review...we watched another episode of Relative Race. I had a sad realization, in that all the people on this show are so excited about meeting their families, but...like, we're Facebook friends with a handful of family members, and they're kind of the people that make us afraid to post on Facebook. Not to say that I think they're bad people, just that they're very intimidating. We're going to have to get over that somehow.

I'm sure nobody is surprised that we also watched Miraculous. This viewing session included the Dark Cupid episode, so we tried to analyze the French version of Adrien's love poem. We noticed an interesting thing. Sometimes the French (from what French we know) is clearly different from the English captions, so on the episodes where they're available, we'll pull up the French captions instead...and Athena knows enough French that she can determine that the French captions match the English captions pretty closely. But we can both hear and realize that what is written in French does not match what is being said (and that's not just because French has so many silent letters).

So we have reason to believe that the English translation is based on the original script, but then when recording the French voices, they make changes to the script. I'm curious to know if it's from the voice actors' ad-libbing, or from story editors saying, "You know, that line doesn't quite fit with the continuity or the animation or whathaveyou..." At any rate, it's kind of interesting, at least to us.

Anyway, I'm tired. Today I'm thankful for the grocery store actually having Freschetta cheese pizza and it being on sale!, also getting to buy some yummy chocolate cookies, getting to watch Miraculous some more, the realization that in the Horrificator episode each of the kids has a job in their project and they are bound and determined to do it well (Rose as craft services is the best), and finally getting the situation worked out with music on Sunday.
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