Sad kitty

The children called and we got to play Splatoon today! That was a nice surprise. But there's not a whole lot to talk about on that subject, so I'm just going to ramble about Miraculous some more.

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Today I'm thankful for finishing our work goal today, getting to play Splatoon, getting to reschedule our smoke detector inspection, getting to watch Guiltrip again, and finally sort of working out our plans to go to Hagger's baptism.


Today was once again dedicated mostly Pokemon Snap. ...Or I feel like it was, but that's not actually true. We played enough Smash Bros. to unlock five whole characters! Including Cloud! Yay!

We also started another re-watch of Edens Zero. We're on Japanese this time. And we just really like it. We'd probably be watching it on endless loop like we did Miraculous, except that there's new Miraculous, so that gets loop priority. Needless to say, we watched a little of both today. It's kind of hard, because we want to watch Miraculous forever, and we want to watch Edens Zero forever, and we want to play Pokemon Snap forever, and there's new anime out there that seems interesting that I kind of want to check out (there's probably more Blue Period to watch by now...), and oh yeah, the anime of Senpai Is Annoying started this season, and we translate the manga of that so of course we're interested in seeing the animated version. (We're working on volume eight this week!)

But we just want to watch Miraculous forever and watch Edens Zero forever and play Pokemon Snap forever. So making decisions can be hard. But for now, I will just be grateful that we have time to do more than one of those things in a day, even for just a little bit, because there have been times when we did not have that kind of time.

Today I'm thankful for free time, getting to watch Edens Zero again, getting to watch more Miraculous again, getting to play more Pokemon Snap, finally unlocking that scene with Heracross, and getting to translate cute manga like Senpai Is Annoying.

Sora has joined the battle!

Sora is officially a playable character in Super Smash Bros.!! And he's so cute! We...actually only played a couple of battles with him, because we've gotten ourselves obsessed with snapping Pokemons again. We spent approximately a billion years trying to get a good pic of Pigeot picking up a Magikarp. We finally got a great one of the Magikarp in Pigeot's clutches! Sadly, Pigeot isn't in it very much, but it's a great picture, and we also got Pigeot's four-star behavior, so we're satisfied.

But about Sora! I think he's very well represented in Smash Bros. He does all his basic magic spells, and of course he swings the Keyblade around, and the Hollow Bastion stage is super cool! And most of his costume variations are from Kingdom Hearts II, which makes me happy, because we feel that, story-wise, KH2 is superior to KH3. Of course, you can also play as him in his KH3 outfit, as well as KH1 and 3D. For his voice, it sounds like (although I could be wrong) they're using clips from the first Kingdom Hearts game, English version, since we have the English version of Smash Bros. I would love to have his Japanese voice, but that's how it goes sometimes.

...I guess I don't really have anything insightful to add, except that I love it when the background of the Hollow Bastion stage goes all Destati and it has the stained-glass windows with all the other Kingdom Hearts characters. (We've only seen the KH-originals; we're guessing they didn't get the rights to use the Disney ones.)

Now we have to work on unlocking all the other characters, because at family gatherings no one's going to want to play on our Smash Bros. without, like, Mewtwo and stuff, and our Smash Bros. will be the only one with Sora and Sephiroth on it, because you have to pay extra for them.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play as Sora in Smash Bros., finally getting that Pigeot pic, finally getting that other Pigeot pic, getting to listen to our Edens Zero soundtrack three times today, and getting to watch another episode of Miraculous again.

Day of rest

Today has been an interesting day. It started about three minutes before our alarm clock went off, when my phone started making the video-call sound. Of course there are only three people in the world who would try to video call us, and they're all our sister's offspring, so how am I supposed to ignore a call like that? Turns out it was, in fact, the youngest of our nieces and nephews, who was very excited to share with us all the cool stuff he got at his birthday party yesterday. (His birthday's not for a couple weeks yet, but due to logistical issues of Key Personages who needed to appear (i.e., the child's father, who is a firefighter and sometimes works weekends), they had the party early.)

It was about the cutest thing ever, but oh my heck did I want to rage at our sister. How did you let the child get your phone, woman!? The sun is not up yet, how dare you let anyone interrupt my slumber!!! It was pretty funny, though, because one of the first things the child said was, "Is it morning where you are?" We are in the same time zone, child, of course it is...actually not morning yet. I think he indicated that it was not yet morning at his house. But we told him yes, it was morning, because technically, from a strictly chronological standpoint, it was.

He showed me all the Godzilla toys he got for his birthday...or he meant to. He's not really great at holding the toys where the camera can see them. But what do you want from him? The kid's not yet four. I hope we were sufficiently impressed, but for the first several minutes, we hadn't turned the light on yet, so all he got to see of me was the dark oval silhouette of my head.

Eventually the call ended abruptly when the child's father told him he had to let us go get ready for church. I actually had no idea what time we needed to start getting ready for church, because our usual strategy is to let our CD alarm clock start, and then get up after a set number of songs, whose length I don't really know. Turns out, we were actually a few minutes later than usual, but we still made it outside just as our ride was pulling up, so the timing worked out.

At church, we spent our Singing Time prep time in the materials center, taking advantage of the copy machine to make songbooks for the Primary children. Thanks to the rona, attendance has been spotty, which means the kids haven't really been able to learn the songs we want them to sing in the Primary program, which is coming up. (We put it off as long as possible. It will be in four weeks.)

After church, we went to talk to the bishop (because Athena had to get set apart for her new calling), and then we came home, did our regular Sunday afternoon stuff (including Come, Follow Me studies), and decided to check out season two of Netflix's Baby-Sitters Club series. And then we just...kept watching it. We watched all eight episodes. Oh man, it's one of the cutest shows ever. One of the best parts was when Mallory came on wearing poofy pants, and she was all, "My mom calls them hammer pants, I think it's because you can fit a hammer inside." It made us feel old in the best way.

In the middle of the BSC viewing, we had to break for dinner. A week (or two?) ago, we bought a Pillsbury pull-apart bread kit, and we put it in the fridge...which, as I mentioned the other day, has stopped working. So we moved the pull-apart bread kit to the freezer, which was still working...or it was at the time. There has since been a thaw which leads us to believe that we were quite blessed to have bought a new fridge when we did. When I discovered the thaw, I moved everything to the new freezer, and when we decided to try the monkey bread for dinner this afternoon, I put it in the (new) fridge to thaw the sauce packet, because we'd read the instructions and you're supposed to mix the sauce with melted butter, which, I hypothesized, is impossible to do if it's frozen solid.

The time came to prepare dinner, and we finally unboxed the bread kit. That's where I found the can of pastry dough that said, "Do not freeze. Keep refrigerated." We had failed on both those counts (it was in the not-working fridge for about a day before we transferred it), so we weren't sure if this was going to work. But we didn't have anything else planned, so we figured we might as well try it. The results: the bread came out fine, it was pretty tasty, and so far neither of us has gotten sick. Success!

Today I'm thankful for children sharing their excitement (now if they could do it at a more reasonable hour, that would be perfect), finishing all the songbooks before we needed to be in the Primary room for Singing Time, our monkey bread experiment not failing miserably, getting to watch the Baby-Sitters Club, and having a nice relaxing Sunday.

Mental health day

Today, we took a mental health day. I'm not sure if we were super in need of one...like, I think we could probably still function if we had to work, but it wouldn't be pleasant. We have a lot of stuff going on right now, like an upcoming Primary program with kids who have only barely learned the songs. (Not from lack of effort on Athena's part. It's just been a weird year, with half the kids being there one week, and the other half being there the next week...)

So today we mostly played video games, but we did have One responsible thing on the to-do list. Our refrigerator has been...well...not refrigerating. The freezer's been working great! but the milk has been...not cold. And that's a problem. And we don't know if it's because of, for example, our freezer being full of ice that may or may not be affecting the way the cold air is distributed throughout the entire refrigerator. But Best Buy was having a sale, and we only use mini-refrigerators, so we figured, why not buy a spare?

The new fridge arrived yesterday, so our one responsible thing for today was to unbox it so we could move it out of the way, since it was right in the middle of everywhere. And that's what we did. And we even took it one step further by taking all the packaging out to the dumpster.

So that felt mildly productive, and the rest of the day was pretty laid-back and relaxing, so it's been pretty nice.

Today I'm thankful for getting our one responsibility done, also remembering to pay the taxes (I guess we actually had two responsible things on our to-do list), getting to sleep in this morning, finally beating that parasite guy in Skyward Sword, and the super cute scene with Marinette and Adrien at the end of Mr. Pigeon 72.

Busy again

Today is another day that turned out to be busier than usual. Just this one project...the one from late July/early August--it came back. And, just like last time, it took longer than we expected it to. And today that was even based on having already gotten started on it and knowing roughly how long it should have taken. It's the project that insists on taking longer than you expected. I think there's some law about that...you're supposed to always plan on things taking longer than you expect, even when accounting for that law...? Don't remember what it's called, but it definitely applied here.

It was just a teeny tiny bit extra stressful this time, because we needed to meet with a counselor in the bishopric today at six. But we made it! Only like a couple of minutes late. And the project is now done for good, unless we're recruited to work on the next season. But that won't be a thing until the next season actually exists.

So to relieve some stress, we decided tonight was a night for watching cartoons, and we watched the first three episodes of Miraculous Season 4 again. It's always a good time. Chat Noir's voice is so sing-songy in all of them, I love it.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that project, getting to watch Miraculous again, Adrien's bad liar voice, getting to go outside for a little bit (I guess we could do that any time we wanted...), and getting to eat some mint chip Haagen Dasz ice cream.

Happy day

Today was full of good stuff! We took the day off, so that was probably part of it. And we got to sleep in a little bit. And then we went to the temple! We hadn't been to the temple since, like, February of 2020! I mean, they all closed soon after that, but I think our temple has been open for months now. And we finally went today! And it was nice.

And then we played video games! We finally unlocked the one route we hadn't unlocked yet, and then we spent a billion years trying to get Rockruff saving his friends. We activated the event, like, three times before we managed to get the right picture. But we finally did!

Grawp called, too. Someone he knows from school was playing Minecraft at the time, and Grawp suspected this person was waiting to invade Grawp's own Minecraft world, so he and Athena played Super Smash Bros. instead. That was nice, too! ...And then, once a sufficient amount of time had passed, they went back to Minecraft.

And tonight, we finally got to watch the Mamoru Miyano concert we wanted to watch on Friday! It was really good! ...But we learned that our attention spans for concerts are not the best. I think one hour would have been a really great length for us. This one was two. But Miyano-kun was super adorable, trying to be all sexy and laughing at his own jokes. I do wonder whose idea it was to have him cough at one point... Anyway, Hikari Sasu Hou e is a pretty amazing song.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, finally unlocking that route in Pokemon Snap (we did use internet help, but dang, the way to unlock it is specific), getting to play Smash Bros. with Grawp, getting to watch that concert, and also getting to watch an episode of Miraculous.

Song leadership

Athena and I were just sitting here talking about what to write in LiveJournal, and our discussion turned to our church callings and how she does all the hard stuff while all I do is play the piano. I know a lot of people hesitate to let their ward leaders know they can play the piano, because apparently it's very nerve-wracking, or something? to play the piano at church, but for me it's just like I get to go up there and have fun, while Athena makes all the decisions, and she's the Primary song leader, which, according to our logic, is probably one of the toughest callings, especially for an introvert. Like, an introverted Primary pianist is still hiding behind the piano, no big deal.

So we were talking about how Athena's calling is pretty tough, and then she goes, "...Although, I did do it voluntarily in Girl Scouts," which is true. Whenever we went to Girl Scout Camp, Athena and I were the ones to get up in front of everybody and say, "Come on, girls, let's SING!" and then we'd lead all the repeat songs and call-and-response songs, and it was a grand old time. But thinking back on it in the moment, Athena was like, "...What was wrong with me?" And I just thought that was the funniest thing to say, so I decided to write about it. ...But maybe you had to be there.

Today I'm thankful for fun reminiscences, finally unlocking that one alternate route in Pokemon Snap, finishing our monthly simulpub chapter relatively quickly, being ready to go to the temple tomorrow, and having a lovely chat with Mom and Steve.
kid flash

Busy day

Oh boy, today was long. We knew it would be, because we had to make up for the work we didn't get done on Friday, and translate a chapter of Edens Zero, and we were vaguely aware that the children had the day off from school today. So even though we forgot that Grawp would likely be calling us any minute, we were only mildly surprised when he did call us before lunch. He seems to be growing tired of the minecrafting, but apparently none of the other games his family has are cool enough to distract him from it for long. But he did try to delete his save data on Pokemon Sword so he could play through the story again (his attempt failed because of parental controls).

But we finished it all! And we only had dinner an hour late! It was 7:30 by the time we got to Animal Crossing, which means the meteor shower that surprised us today was already going on! That's only a bit of a shame, because a friend of ours from church just got Animal Crossing for her birthday, and if we'd had more notice, we could have invited her to wish on some stars. But it's probably just as well that she gets more time to familiarize herself with the game beforehand. Anyway, Celeste the Owl gave us a recipe for a star head, so we're super excited.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing this volume of In/Spectre (it was a really good volume, but there were so many words), getting to do another chapter of Edens Zero, getting to play Minecraft and other games with Grawp, eventually managing to have dinner, and getting a star head in Animal Crossing.

Internet outage

I was sitting here trying to think if anything worth writing about happened today when I remembered that something did happen, but it was yesterday, but I didn't write about it, because the thing was that our internet got killed for several hours. The timing was pretty bad, too, because we were in the middle of an online chat trying to get input for a line of dialogue we were translating, and then our internet died, so from their perspective we would have just randomly disappeared. (Fortunately(?), only lyschan was still invested at that point, and we were able to text her to let her know why we vanished.)

For our perspective, it was like, "What...? What happened to our internet?" We tried all the things we could, like restarting the computer, restarting the router, etc. etc. And while we were waiting for something to boot up, I was passing the time by looking something up on my phone...and my phone wasn't connected to the wi-fi, either, so that told us it was probably not our computer's problem. Eventually we got a text message from our provider letting us know there was an outage, and saying they should have it fixed in about two hours. Two hours came and went with no return of the internet, but we did get a text telling us the internet was back...even though it wasn't.

At about 3:30, we got an email from our apartment managers, who apparently had been yelling at our internet provider (they recently upgraded the laundry rooms so now you pay the machine via internet! isn't technology grand?, she asked sarcastically), and they were able to tell us that apparently a fiberoptic cable had been broken.

By the time we went to bed last night, there was still no internet. It was actually a pretty great day for us. We do have a deadline on Monday, but we have little enough left to do that we think we can finish on time, and without the internet, trying to get the work done would have been a nightmare, so we took the day off and spent it playing video games. We dug up a ton of flowers on our island in Animal Crossing, did some decorating for Halloween, snapped some Pokemons, and even played Super Smash Bros.! Grawp called to play Minecraft, and our lack of internet was not a deterrent in our playing together, either. He just said, "Okay, we'll create our own worlds in Survival Mode and race to see who finished their house first." He won, naturally.

The internet was back today, and...that's pretty much it. We did check out a new show on Netflix called A Tale Dark & Grimm, and the title is not kidding. It starts out by saying, "Once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome," and then it says no, no, not like the happy flowery ones we have now, and that's when it had me side-eyeing it suuuuuuuper hard, because I think happy flowery fairy tales are awesome. And then it was all dark and grim, in I guess a way they figured was kid-friendly, but it absolutely would have given us nightmares as children. We would certainly have decided we're done with it by the end of the first episode (we might not have even finished watching that if we didn't have a policy to 1)give everything at least an episode, and 2)watch the credits), but there was a thing that happened towards the very beginning that had me going, "But...WHY!?!?!?" So there's a slight possibility we'll go back to it in the hopes that they answer that question (it's only ten episodes, so not a huge investment, fortunately), but we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for our internet-provider-sponsored day off, getting to try some new shows today (we also watched Blue Period, and it feels really weird doing the simulcast thing on Netflix), a working freezer, getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous today to make up for not watching one yesterday, and the Mamoru Miyano concert being available for a week because we didn't get to watch it last night which is when we signed up for.