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1st-May-2016 07:52 pm - Birthday report
Yesterday turned out to be pretty good after all. On the way to the grocery store (or maybe before we left), we discussed the possibility of stopping by the nearby donut shop for a treat, but we also remembered that there was a Baskin Robbins also nearby. So we went there to get some ice cream. We were hoping for maybe an ice cream cupcake or two, but they didn't have anything like that. Instead, we found out that Baskin Robbins has warm cookie sundaes! So we each got a small one--one scoop of ice cream, two microwaved cookies, and a topping. (I got mint chip ice cream, double fudge cookies, and hot fudge. Athena got chocolate fudge ice cream, a double fudge and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and peanut butter sauce. They were both delicious.)

At the store, we noticed all the balloons on sale and thought what the heck, let's buy one! So now we have a cute little happy birthday balloon that still seems to have all its helium a whole day later. This morning Page played with the clip that's weighing it down. (When we first got it, she looked up at it curiously, and it was adorable.)

Later, we got a call from a friend from church, asking if we were home because she wanted to drop something off. We were, so she and her husband dropped by and we talked for a little while, and she gave us each a gift! (He invited us to the sock hop that was also last night, and that his band was going to be playing at, and since we do make it a point to go to things like that when people invite us, we thought about going, but we hate dances and it was our birthday. Nevertheless, it wasn't until my mouth wouldn't stop hurting that I decided it would be okay to stay home and relax (and hopefully expedite the healing process; we actually hadn't been able to relax much at all since I got my tooth pulled on Wednesday).) When we opened the packages, we found that she'd gotten us each three packages of astronaut ice cream! She was paying attention when we were shopping at the Science Center together (way back like a year ago when we went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit).

Next it was time to have a miniature birthday party and open all our presents, by which I mean "pull out the souvenirs we bought in Japan and haven't removed from our luggage since we got back". So we got to look at the tiny plushes of a barn owl and a...um...those giant alien-looking crustacean things...and a jellyfish cell phone charm that we got at the aquarium, the kokeshi doll and cow plush and kokeshi and owl charms we got in Zao, the tsums we got at the Disney Store, the pins we bought at Disneyland, and the Noragami stuff we bought at the Noragami Cafe. That's how we remembered that we bought a pair of beautiful pins of Mickey and Minnie in hakama and a furisode (respectively), and I thought, "Bravo, past us!" They really are lovely pins, and now we need to buy a lanyard or something so we can do something with all our pins other than hide them away.

As for the Noragami stuff, there's a little bit of a story. Well, first we got a little note pad shaped like ema plaques that has little super-deformed pictures of Bishamon, Kazuma, and Uncle Ebi. And we got a Yukine cushion that has him in human form on one side, and snow-puff form on the other. We're still really torn about it, because it's vacuum sealed, so once it's open there's no going back, but we love it and we want to take it out and hug it and squeeze it and use it as a pillow, but we're also terrified of getting it dirty. So it's still vacuum packed because we're afraid to take the plunge.

There were also two keychains that came in mystery packs! They sold them in box sets with all eight, and we seriously considered going back to get the box sets, but it just never happened, so we only got one from each set. First, there's the "darui" or "listless", I guess, if we want to go with the term used in the Tanaka-kun anime translations, which is good enough for these purposes, but anyway it was the "darui" rubber strap set. Each strap features one of the characters lying listlessly on their stomach with their arms outstretched, kind of like all those cartoons with characters crawling through the desert in need of water, but in those cartoons the characters are still motivated by the need for water, and in these straps, there is no motivation whatsoever. They're just listless. From that set, we ended up with the Uncle Ebi one, which is delightfully ironic. I thought, "How would they ever convince him to do that?" and then I realized that obviously he would be willing to pose for a keychain if the returns promised to be good.

The second set was the ani-mimi, or "animal ears", acrylic keychain set. This is the one with a story. Before we stumbled upon the Noragami Cafe, we were browsing all the stores along Otome Road (one of the other things we pulled out of our luggage was something that claims to be the Ikebukuro Otome Map, so we're pretty sure the whole theory about Otome Road being defunct has effectually been disproven), which were mostly secondhand stores, and in one of them we found a super cute keychain of Yukine with fox ears and a fox tail. We were waffling about whether or not we wanted to buy it, because it was 1050 yen, which seemed like a lot for a little acrylic keychain, but Cecille snatched it up and bought it for us and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Then we made it to the Noragami Cafe and lo and behold, there was this keychain set--the exact set that this Yukine keychain had come from. Cecille was devastated, because she was trying to do a nice thing by buying the keychain but it turned out to be a bad idea after all. We assured her that it may not have been, because there's no guarantee that we'll get a Yukine keychain no matter how many of them we bought (I hadn't noticed the box sets; Athena chose to remain silent on that point), so it was okay that she bought the one, because Yukine is our favorite favorite character and that was the only way to guarantee we'd get him.

And now that I've built up all the suspense(?), can you guess which character keychain we got? I"ll put it under a cut so as not to give it away.Collapse )

For the grand finale, we finished the day by playing more Labyrinth of Andersen, and we finally met the character that we've been wanting to meet the whole time! ...But his voice wasn't obvious enough for us to identify. We were hoping it was our beloved Yuki Kaji, but alas it was not. There's still one more datable character we haven't met yet, though, so we're optimistic.

And then as a little PS, the kids sang "You've Had a Birthday" to us in Primary, and! there was a chocolate cake at Bread Day that Athena made sure to snatch up before anybody who didn't realize it was our birthday could take it away. We'll be having it for dessert today!

Today I'm thankful for another lovely birthday, warm cookies sundaes from Baskin Robbins, cute birthday balloons, good friends who remember things like how we like astronaut ice cream, and the best keychain outcome.
30th-Apr-2016 12:26 pm - Happy my birthday!
Well, it's our birthday! Usually we're pretty excited about it, but this year is all kinds of I don't even know. People have been asking us what we're going to do for our birthday and we just have no idea. I mean, the obvious thing is to go to Disneyland like we usually do, but we can't do that today because it's Saturday and our passes are blocked out. Well, we could, but that would be an extra $200 we don't want to spend to be at Disneyland on a Saturday.

We knew we wouldn't want to go to Disneyland on our birthday this year, so we had planned to come up with something else that would be nice, but then all the dentist stuff happened and we were too drained to think about anything other than the video games right in front of us. We thought about going to Japan, actually. We had a brief chat on Facebook with our friend Kyoya after our January trip, and he said we should go to Japan four times a year, and at first we were like, "Ha, ha, ha, yeah, right!" but then we started thinking, "Actually..." But then there were taxes and then there was dental work and we haven't entirely given up hope of going before Storm Riders closes forever, but there's a lot of stuff going on right now so mostly we're not stressing about it.

Of course, we also make it a point to go to Disneyland near our birthday, and Gaston has already made sure that's happened. We went on Thursday, and first we went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. They had really good pancakes in large servings for reasonable prices, so that was a good choice. We also checked out the fancy food stands they had set up for the Food & Wine Festival. They had some meyer lemon macarons and a chocolate caramel tart that were really good. They also had something called "flower field lemonade", and when we asked how that's different from regular lemonade, they said it was infused with lavender. We're not big fans of lavender, but we are huge fans of lemonade, so we tried it anyway...and realized that we are definitely not fans of lavender. The bitterness of the herbs was just too pronounced. Gaston loved it, though.

The other notable thing that happened at our pre-birthday Disneyland trip is that we went to the Stage Door Cafe to see if we could order something that wasn't on the menu. See, they serve funnel cake there, and the thing about funnel cake is that it always looks sooooo good, but then we order one and even if we share it, the taste of the grease is just too much and it always makes us feel sick. Our motto in regards to that particular item is, "Funnel cake is never a good idea." But they have a topping for funnel cake that's a brownie crumble and chocolate syrup, and it looks soooo good. (It is so good; we had it once before we remembered that funnel cake is never a good idea.)

So Athena had this brilliant idea that we should see if we could order the topping, but put it on french fries instead. So we went to the counter and explained what we wanted to the cast member, and she said, "Yeah, we can do that." She didn't even flinch, which was a little surprising, because people don't usually react so nonchalantly to chocolate covered french fries. She did warn us that we wouldn't be able to return it--that was the only indication she gave of, "Are you sure that's what you want?" But we got it, and it was delicious! But the chocolate syrup wasn't so good at attaching the brownie bits to the fries, so next time we might see if we can get it with hot fudge instead.

It was a beautiful day at Disneyland, too, and we had a pretty good time, but! we didn't get to go on our favorite ride because we didn't want to make people wait in line who weren't very good at waiting in line, so we made a note that we have to go again soon. This would be a very simple matter, but for two major issues. First, I'm scheduled to get a root canal on Wednesday. Second, we're way behind on My Monster Secret. In fact, we should probably be working on that right now, and usually when we're this far behind we would be but gosh darnit, it's our birthday and we don't want to spend it working! (We did spend all day working on it yesterday, which is why we didn't update, but this series is just so bleeping wordy!)

And so today we have watched our Saturday anime and we have to go to the grocery store. Other than that, we have some things that we enjoy doing that we will probably do, and we're finally going to pull out the Noragami souvenirs we got in Japan (we got two mystery box items that have yet to be opened), and try not to put too much pressure on ourselves to make today super awesome.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've had these last few days, having Noragami presents to open, getting to get chocolate brownie french fries, getting to go on Snow White's Scary Adventure on Thursday, and the yummy chocolate chip pancakes we had at the Original Pancake House.
27th-Apr-2016 10:26 am - Noragami volume 13
We're updating a little early today, because our schedule is weird! We're going to visit our friend and new ward member today to help with some lessons from the missionaries, and at some unspecified time, Gaston will be coming for a trip to Disneyland tomorrow. We should have known he was going to call yesterday, what with all the new deadlines added to our schedule. Anyway, in addition to wanting to go to the Food & Wine Festival one more time before the month was up (which we wanted to do, as well, so it's good that he called because we wouldn't have been up to walking there this week), Gaston remembered that our birthday is coming up, so there was talk of this being a kind of birthday thing. Not quite sure how that's going to go.

Also, we're still on Book Watch, so we're kind of in limbo as far as what we should be working on today, and when that happens, the (probably incorrect) answer is escapism.

But anyway, we can't miss Review Rednesday, especially on a week when we're set to review Noragami! (By the way, we're also pretty excited that a new volume of Missions of Love came out this week! I think we did that translation over a year ago.) So without further ado, here's the review! Spoiler level: high.

Noragami volume 13Collapse )

Oh man, this series is sooooo good! You guys have to read it!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting to look back on Noragami (now that we're all caught up with the Japanese releases, we don't see it nearly as frequently (for now, that's a good thing)), getting close to another ending in Labyrinth of Andersen (maybe someday I'll have time to write more about that), having plans for a birthday trip to Disneyland (actually, we have tentative plans for two), really enjoying the series we worked on yesterday (and will probably work on today unless the FedEx guy shows up in the next ten minutes), and the birds chirping outside.
26th-Apr-2016 03:32 pm - High adventure
Oh man, yesterday was an adventure. First, we went to the dentist to get some fillings for Athena, and they're very...go-getter, I guess, at this dentist's office, because we told them we were going to go ahead and get the braces, and they were like, "Okay, let's pull out some teeth!" and we were like, "WHOA, hold your horses, there! This takes more emotional preparation than we have yet!" Except I was actually torn about it, because my bad tooth (the one that's going to be pulled to make room in my mouth anyway) is really sensitive to cold, and since I was there anyway, they went ahead and took the impressions for the braces, which involves shoving all your teeth into really cold putty. So now of course my bad tooth is hurting and I'm like, "Yes, just take it out!" but Athena had just gotten a lot of work done and she was stressed out and wanted to go home, so I said you know what, let's just make an appointment for later maybe. And then we went home and were stressed out at each other and then we resolved that but there's still a lot of stuff about the dental adventures that needs to be resolved.

We didn't want to deal with it, so we decided to just play Kingdom Hearts to de-stress. So we did that for a few minutes, until our internet started acting all weird. We couldn't get connected for some reason. So we got up to check on things and realized that oh hey, the power's out. Turns out we had another day off sponsored by our electric company! (Lack of email reminders strikes again!) And we were like, "Guys, we were gonna take the day off anyway."

But this time it was extra special, because when I went to call the power company to pay the bill and get them to turn the electricity back on, I discovered that my phone was out of battery power. I'm trying to think of an expression to accurately convey my feelings on this, but words are failing. I think it was something like, "......"

Fortunately, there was a time when Mom and Steve were all about emergency preparedness, so for Christmas, they got everybody a little red emergency light/radio/clock thingie that also happened to be a hand powered generator. And the reason they got that particular model is that it has a USB port that you can use to charge your cell phone! Tadah! So I spent a very tense several minutes trying to simultaneously charge my phone and pay the bill via phone, and that was not going so well. The phone decided to power down in the middle of at least two calls. Finally I asked Athena to charge the phone while I made the call, and there she was turning the crank on this thing while I was desperately trying to make sure the cord was in properly and the charging didn't stop.

We did eventually get everything squared away, and then all we could do was kill time while we waited for the power to come back on. But this was the fun part, because the PS Vita was fully charged, which meant we got to play Labyrinth of Andersen! We even made it to an ending! A sad one, but it still helped us feel accomplished. After that, we watched some TV (the power was back on by now) and had Family Home Evening, and then finally played Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi.

That brings us to today, when I'm still trying to figure out a good tooth extraction schedule. The dilemma is that on the one hand, we might as well get it over with ASAP, but! in order to get braces, we have to somehow get to the special braces x-ray place and get special braces x-rays. We don't know how we're going to get there, and I don't want to take out four bicuspids when I don't have any idea when I'll be able to put the braces on to make it worth it. So we'll just put it off until we figure out transportation to this x-ray place. My tooth hasn't been bothering me as much these last couple of days (except for right after they put that putty in my mouth), so I think it will be okay to do that.

And it turns out that it's a very good thing that we decided it's okay not to just pack our schedule full of dental appointments, because today we got emails from not one but three editors reminding us that, oh yeah, we have a job. It's actually pretty exciting, because all of the stress from the dentist stuff has erased the idea of overwork from my mind. Now Athena's putting all the new assignments on the list, and I'm looking at the calendar thinking, "Oh, hmm, I guess that's pretty crowded..." Maybe we should stop playing otome games all day. But our copy of the new Kamigami no Asobi JUST arrived this morning! We thought it was going to be the volumes of My Monster Secret that we ordered, but no such luck. It's okay, that translation's not due until Thursday. We have seven translations due by the end of May, but that's okay, they're all pretty easy...I think. Two of them are Corpse Party, and it takes significantly less time to do two Corpse Parties than to do one Noragami, which is not on the list. [Change] less time to do two Corpse Parties than to do one My Monster Secret, which is only on the list twice. (Somehow in my mind My Monster Secret is something so mythical, it must not take any time at all, because that's usually about how much time I plan to take on it. And this sounds like a very mean thing to say to My Monster Secret; we like the series, it's just that we only do one series for that publisher so they're kind of reeeeeally off the radar.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, adventures. No, the really exciting thing is that we sort of asked for three new titles from Kodansha, and we thought we got two of them, which was already very happy, but today we found out we did get all three of them! And on top of that, we've been asked to do one more. So when we don't think about silly little things like time constraints, we're very excited. And best of all, it makes us feel like we might be able to afford things at some point.

Today I'm thankful for lots of shiny new work to look forward to, getting to start on a new series this very day, finally getting our electricity back, emergency preparedness, and getting an ending in Labyrinth of Andersen.
24th-Apr-2016 06:15 pm - Primary adventures
Church was an adventure today. I nearly had a heart attack in Sacrament Meeting, because I was sitting on the stand (as usual, since I'm the organist) and noticing that, while there weren't that many visitors, they all seemed to have children that looked to be about three years old. And I teach the three-year-olds. And what with all the adventures this last week, I was feeling woefully unprepared. So it just figures that the week I feel the least prepared is the week everyone decides to go to Disneyland with their three-year-olds and also come to church on Sunday. And that's my excuse for why I messed up on the choir accompaniment, but that's okay because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who noticed. (Except for perhaps the bishop, who happened to be directly in my line of sight during the choir number, and he may or may not have twitched at one point when I made an especially discordant mistake...)

Anyway, either I misjudged the ages of all those kids, or none of their families stayed for the rest of church, because only one visitor showed up to my class. She was very shy and there was a bit of bad timing involved, because one of the regular Sunbeams had been giving us trouble the last several weeks, in that he would cry inconsolably until a grownup couldn't handle it any more and he was taken to the Nursery. This always frustrated me, because with all the children I've dealt with, I've fought many a battle of wills, and I was confident I could win this one, too, if they'd just give me a chance. So when his mother brought him to class, I said I needed to talk to him. Of course he didn't want to talk, so he went all limp and tried to wriggle his way out of the discussion (literally, I mean; he was physically wriggling to get out of my arms), but this was important and I needed him to look me in the eye, so I was grabbing his head and turning it to face me and talking to him in a stern voice...all while this very shy visitor and her mother watched. The mom said, "I'm just gonna take her for a little walk," and I never saw either of them again. I promise I'm not a mean teacher, visitor mom! It was just a situation that needed to be dealt with.

On the bright side, although he did wail through the majority of class (and try to disrupt things by pulling on other kids' chairs from his position sprawled out on the floor), when we started pretending to be bees (the lesson was on birds and creeping things), he couldn't keep the act up any longer, and he started happily pretending to be Raymond. I don't know exactly who Raymond is, but based on when his older brother was in my class, I think he's the hero of some smartphone game. But the point is, he was smiling and laughing with all the other kids, so the story had a happy ending.

Then it was time for Sharing Time and Singing Time, and everything fell apart with all the other kids, to the point where Athena wasn't going to let them play with the handbells (which was their reward for being good during Singing Time). But when faced with that prospect, they were all very sad, so Athena gave them a chance to redeem themselves, and they did okay, so Athena figured okay, fine. But they played "Stand for the Right" on the bells and it was quite lovely.

And now we are home and we've eaten dinner, and we plan to bake some lemon white chocolate chip cookies, so we're pretty sure it will be a good day. Tomorrow...we go back to the dentist.

Today I'm thankful for hopefully conquering that kid's crying problem, having lemon white chocolate chip cookies to look forward to, getting to show our photo book to our friends at church, having big(gish) Kingdom Hearts plans tomorrow, and having plans to watch Road Chip.
23rd-Apr-2016 05:52 pm - Being mildly irresponsible
This whole dental adventure has us feeling mildly self-destructive. Like, really mild. And mostly in defiance of the "we're never going to be able to afford anything ever again" theory. It's like, "We can't afford anything! Ever! And the cookie dough's not on sale! Who cares, I'm buying it anyway!" It's all kind of a vicious cycle, because if we weren't faced with all this dental work, we wouldn't be so stressed out that we feel the need to stock up on cookies, and we also would have more money with which to stock up on cookies...which we would still want, but we'd have a greater capacity to go without them. We're actually not stress eaters when things are super stressful, but when they're somewhat stressful and require exerting a lot of energy, once things settle down we want sugar to cheer ourselves up.

The other thing we want to do when stressed out is hide away and play video games nonstop. So even though we have been making sure to be responsible and get some work done (in the hopes of being able to afford things at some point), we're also making it a point to not work overtime. (One of the biggest stressors of this whole thing is the idea that we really can afford it, but we miiiiight have to keep working nonstop overtime in order to do so. And the thought of that makes my chest hurt.)

But the point is, we've been playing Labyrinth of Andersen. So let"s talk about that.Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having lemon white chocolate chip cookie dough, pudding being on sale (I know that at some point in this whole dental adventure we're going to need pudding, and I also know I would have liked to have some on Monday when it all started because I was starving (we missed breakfast and lunch thanks to stupid logistics) but I was afraid to chew on anything; also, I really like pudding), dental adventures giving us an excuse to buy pudding, the neighborhood black cat not being afraid to come back and visit even after Athena snapped at it the other day, and the fact that I think I succeeded in making that summary at least a little funny in some places.
22nd-Apr-2016 04:43 pm - Photo Phriday
It's time for another...Photo Phriday! This time, I added a whole 33 pictures! I guess I'm just too afraid to commit to more than that just now. Maybe if we find ourselves with some extra time over the weekend, I'll just post a bunch of pictures and comment on them. And oh yeah, here's the link! This time, we're finishing up in King Triton's Kingdom and moving on to...well, you'll just have to go check it out! (Unless you read our trip reports and happen to remember all the details.)

I'm just a little bit bummed about it, because Mom was going to visit on Wednesday, and we wanted to show her our photo book, but she got sick and had to cancel, so I don't know when we'll ever get to show her the book, but you can bet we'll be emailing her the link to the albums!

Anyway, that's all for today! Today I'm thankful for getting to look at more DisneySea pictures, getting a bunch of paperwork done finally, finishing work early today, how easy it is to pick up and put down a weaving project, and mint/eucalyptus scented wax sprinkles.
21st-Apr-2016 04:13 pm - A little adventure
I really thought that today was going to be a relatively laid-back day after seeing the dentist on Monday, seeing the orthodontist on Tuesday, and having lunch plans cancelled on Wednesday. But we had an adventure instead! Well, sort of. It was more of a vicarious adventure.

We were in the office, minding our own business and working (and wishing we could be playing video games and/or eating massive amounts of cookies instead, mostly because the ordeals of the week have left us with low energy levels), when suddenly we heard some crashing from the living room area. Clearly Page had found something to amuse herself. When the crashing turned into discordant piano music, we realized that the something that was amusing Page probably had wings, and could use them effectively. We've had beetles and moths and things, it was probably one of those. I went out to check on Page, because there really was an inordinate amount of crashing, and she had cornered her prey between the wall, the wall cooling unit, and a bunch of boxes. Surprisingly, everything seemed to be pretty much where we left it.

Page followed me into the office, where she got settled and we got back to work. Until! we all heard another crash. Usually this is just boxes falling over (we tend to keep empty cereal boxes until we're not too lazy to throw them out), but this crash caught Page's attention for some reason, and she dashed out of the room to investigate. This in turn made me suspicious, because it said to me that there was some creature in the house other than its usual residents. So I followed Page, and sure enough, there was a little sparrow, trying to fly out the window beside the door.

Neither of us has any clear idea of when it could have gotten inside--we might have had the door open before breakfast, but Page was on my lap during breakfast, so the door would have been closed. Suddenly it occurs to me that it might have come down the chimney. But for whatever reason, it was inside, and the door was closed, so it couldn't very well get back outside. Happily, I didn't see any trails of blood, so we're pretty sure the little thing was unhurt.

But when Page saw it, of course she went after it, so it escaped into the kitchen, where it hid in the corner by the trash can. We realized that if the bird was going to have any hope of getting back outside, we'd have to lock Page up in another room. So, remembering a story from Primary about helping a bird escape a church building (there's a lesson on being kind to animals), Athena closed all the blinds and opened the front door wide, so the bird would be attracted to the big source of light. We had to use some treats to lure Page away from the bird, and we closed ourselves in the office with her.

But having the front door wide open makes us nervous, so it wasn't long before Athena got up to see if the bird had managed to escape yet. She opened the office door and said, "You're not helping!" And I was like, "What?" Then she closed the door again to make sure Page didn't get out (and Page was very eager to get out, because of whatever it was Athena saw outside the office door), and continued her investigation while I speculated about why the bird might want to come inside in the first place. Athena responded with, "I can see why!" and again I was like, "What?"

Then Athena finished her investigation and informed me that the bird was still in hiding, and that when she opened the door to leave the office, she saw a little black cat dash down the hall and out the front door. Well, no wonder the bird wanted to stay inside. She says it was sitting in its hiding place, mostly calm, but possibly breathing heavily and terrified.

All we could do was wait it out in the office with Page and hope no other neighborhood cats ventured into the apartment while the bird made its escape. So, very distractedly, we continued to work until lunchtime, at which point we visited Facebook, but while that was going on, we kept hearing noises (mostly chirping, either from inside or the bird's friends were calling to it), so Athena got up to check again. This time, there was no sign of the bird, so we decided it was safe (for the bird) to go out and eat lunch.

We haven't seen her since, so we assume she made it outside. Either that, or she died from internal injuries or shock. But she wasn't in her hiding spot, so we know she at least made an attempt.

And that is the story, from our point of view, of the little sparrow's adventure. It's times like these that we're very glad Page isn't much of a hunter.

Today I'm thankful for the little bird's adventure ending safely (as far as we know), Page not hurting or killing it, being done trying the vegetable Good Thins crackers so we never have to eat them again, also getting another visit from the black cat (at least, we think it's the same one), and Athena starting weaving on her first weaving project.
20th-Apr-2016 04:01 pm - My Little Monster volume 13
Well, Mom called in sick so we didn't get to go to lunch today. That's okay, though, because we needed to get some work done. It's hard this week, because after all the dentist stuff, we're like, "Okay, time to hide from the world and do nothing productive!" but we're also like, "We're never going to be able to afford anything ever again." So we work. Also, UQ Holder! was due tomorrow.

We also got the shipping confirmation for the new Kamigami no Asobi game, which has us really eager to get back to Labyrinth of Andersen so we can finish as much of it as possible before the new game arrives, but see the above paragraph for why we didn't just play video games all day.

Aaaanyway, it's Review Rednesday! And today we have a very special review--the thirteenth and very final volume of My Little Monster. Spoiler level: surprisingly mild for the last volume of a series, but we'll say moderate to be on the safe side.

My Little Monster volume 13Collapse )

And there you have it. We don't have any review for the extra pages that came with the Kodansha USA release, because we haven't read them. Maybe someday...

Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done today, getting to watch Bungo Stray Dogs, having time to play video games, getting a shipping confirmation on the new KamiAso game, and getting to work on My Little Monster.
19th-Apr-2016 03:07 pm - The Orthodontist
Today's trip to the dentist was a lot less draining than the first one, partly because no actual work was done on any teeth, but also because we pretty much already knew exactly what the orthodontist was going to say. The only things we didn't know were the price (although we knew it would be a lot, which it is) and how long the braces would have to be worn. We were hoping so dearly for the Invisalign option, but our teeth are just too crowded for that to be a viable one. I should have known, because yesterday the non-orthodontist dentist said that our need for braces was a legitimate health concern and not really just for cosmetics. Le sigh.

Anyway, we have until Monday to decide what we want to do about it. We're mostly leaning toward fine just do it, but the cost and time commitment are rather off-putting, so.

And then we came home and got some more work done. Translation work, not dental work. But not much, because we're still in a "blow everything off" kind of mood. We finished a rough draft of a simulpub chapter and now we're calling it a day. We figure it's fine not to edit it, because tomorrow's going to be a short workday, too, since Mom and Steve are coming down for lunch. That means tonight we need to pull out all the Japan souvenirs and Christmas presents we bought for people and label them so Mom can distribute them properly.

Other than that, we are tired. Oh! And when we were having lunch, we opened the door so Page could go outside, but she decided it was too warm outside and got settled by the dining room table. So I thought it was really odd when Athena kept glancing at the door and grinning. Page wasn't by the door, so what could possibly be so funny?

Well, apparently there was a neighborhood cat who had come along and noticed the open door. I guess it wanted to come in and look around some more, but cats are cautious creatures, and Athena caught sight of it when it had one paw hesitantly through the doorway. She thought maybe if she looked away, it would feel like it was okay to sneak in, so she tried resuming eating lunch...but the cat stayed frozen in place. Then I noticed what was going on, so Athena tried to explain, but she had to stop suppressing her laughter first. That's when the cat decided it wasn't safe and left. It's also when Page realized that something was up, and after that, she stood guard by the doorway until everyone was ready to move on.

Today I'm thankful for today's dentist trip not sapping all our energy, visits from neighborhood kitties, having time so that we don't have to finish that translation today (on second thought, I should probably double-check that; oh good, we do), having Bungo Stray Dogs to look forward to tomorrow, and also having Review Rednesday to look forward to tomorrow.
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