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28th-Jul-2016 07:24 pm - We're in demand
kid flash
We had unreasonably hoped to finish an entire volume of Corpse Party in one day this week, and weren't surprised when that turned out to not happen. That was sort of okay, because The Prince in His Dark Days isn't so hard, or at least the first volume wasn't, so we figure we can finish it by the end of the week. But then we were working on it, and there was a lot of stuff that had us worried about how long it would take to edit, and when things start taking a long time on one series, we start thinking they'll probably take forever on another series, and we were already thinking In/Spectre was going to give us trouble, so we were thinking there's no possible way we can finish them both on time unless we really pick up the pace.

So today we finished our first draft of Dark Days, and then we went right on to In/Spectre, and now we have a first draft of both! Tadah! (This was only made possible because we translated the first forty or so pages of In/Spectre many weeks ago.) But the to-do list is still long, and the light at the end of the tunnel is so very very small.

And that's where we were when we got an email about the possibility of new work, and I'm so torn about it, because I love new stories, but on the other hand, our workload is already pretty oppressive, and any of these new ones would be in a ridiculously time-consuming script format. So for now we're pretending the email doesn't exist, and maybe later we'll make the mistake of looking into some of those titles (or maybe it won't be a mistake because we'll decide we're not interested in any of them).

But for now, we're taking the evening off.

Today I'm thankful for being in demand, finishing those two first drafts, deals on airfare to Japan that happen to coincide with when we would want to go if we decide we can handle that kind of recklessness, still having leftover pizza, and also having ice cream.
27th-Jul-2016 05:03 pm - Complex Age volume 1
The problem with our schedule being so packed is that, usually, when it's just packed, we can cross something off our list after finishing it fairly quickly and think, "Oh good, now we have more time for the rest of the things on the list." But now, because our list is so packed, we still don't have more time for the rest of the things on the list; we just have to work that quickly. Le sigh. On the bright side, we really do enjoy our job.

And speaking of our job, it's Review Rednesday! This week, we're finally going to review the critically acclaimed Complex Age volume one. Tadah! Spoiler level: mild.

Complex Age volume oneCollapse )

Today I'm thankful for Kinoko no Yama, getting one more thing crossed off our list, getting complimented on our Fire Force translation, having enough energy left to get some more work done, and TV shows that help us with dialogue.
26th-Jul-2016 05:01 pm - Deliveries
This week has been a week of deliveries so far, all coming at awkward times. The first delivery came yesterday in the middle of eating pizza. I want to blame the fact that my hands were covered with pizza sauce on my braces, but that seems like a stretch. Nevertheless, my hands did not usually get so covered in pizza sauce before I had braces. I think it has something to do with how I hold it because this particular brand of pizza has crust that's kind of hard to bite through, so it takes some maneuvering to get my teeth to cut it now that they have braces putting extra pressure on them (and since the orthodontist told me to avoid hard foods, I try to put as little extra pressure on my teeth as possible, even though I'm pretty sure his reasoning is to not break the brackets or the wires, but anyway).

So I signed for the packages, because there were two! And one of them had our comp copies of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, which is excellent timing, because we just turned in the translation of volume two yesterday, and it had character profiles which told us that today is the leading man's birthday! What do you know about that.

The other package had to-be-translated copies of Noragami 17 and Fire Force 2 & 3. Fire Force continues to amuse us with its obis. Volume two had a blurb from the guy in Silver Spoon, and volume three had blurbs from Meliodas and Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins! I wonder if they'll get a blurb from Yato someday...

When we were finished watching Gilmore Girls (as we always do at dinnertime), we got right to work translating the pages in Noragami 17 that weren't in the digital scans of the individual chapters. I think I'll save my thoughts on those for the review, but we do have some other important things to discuss in regard to this volume. Namely, the obi has an ad for a Noragami art exhibit that's going to be held in Ikebukuro in late August through early September. And we've been wanting to go back to Japan anyway, so this seems like a good excuse! But late August is a month from now, which is pretty darn soon, and we have at least eight translations we need to finish before then! So it seems like this time it would be better to ask our friends in Japan if they would stop by and pick up the limited edition merchandise for us. We haven't given up on the idea entirely, but at this point in our lives, the idea of distant travel is way too stressful to think too much about right now. Nevertheless, I don't want to throw it out entirely, in case something comes up that suddenly makes it a lot more feasible and/or worth the stress.

The other delivery came this morning. It was pretty funny, because we were translating Corpse Party, and it was right when our music was fading out (at the end of a track) and a character heard a creepy ghostly voice on his cell phone. There was a knock at the door! Gasp! (But it was more of a happy gasp, because I knew it was our CD Japan order.) So I got up and went to the door...and there was nobody there! Gasp again! (Actually, I figured it was just that the guy left the package and ran. So really I was more confused to not see a package at the door.) Then I looked at the gate to our patio, and there was the delivery guy. He had just retreated to a safe distance because he thought we had a dog. I told him no, I have a cat, you're safe, so he came to the door and I got to sign for the package. And then I put it aside, because we don't have time for those things. (We got all the CDs for the recently-ish released Kamigami no Asobi game, and a CD album from Soul Eater to listen to while we work on Fire Force, which we won't be translating again for a while...at least, I hope it's not for a while. We have eight things we have to finish in the next month.)

Today I'm thankful for lots of shiny new packages, finishing our first draft of Corpse Party, beautiful Noragami art, having new CDs to look forward to listening to someday, and Takenoko no Sato.
25th-Jul-2016 05:38 pm - Saiyuki news
I think my brain is getting to be very good at compartmentalizing these days. I don't even remember all the stuff that happened today. But it did occur to me again, what I wanted to mention today, and that is the Saiyuki Reload Blast anime. The announcement was mostly a reminder to someday read volume two. Oh man, we've had that book for so long.

As for the anime itself, of course we're interested in watching it, but it's kind of a weird thing, because most of the main cast was at the top of our list of favorite voice actors for so long, and now when we hear them, we're just like, "Oh. That's nice." Maybe a new Saiyuki anime will remind us of how much we like them.

And then there's the thought that what if Yen Press rescues the Saiyuki license, but we don't get to translate it for the same reason we couldn't translate the Fruits Basket rerelease? It's so frustrating, because I get that TokyoPop owns the translations we did in perpetuity throughout the universe or whatever it said on the contract, but we would do new ones! We wouldn't even look back at those old ones, because they would horrify us. And everything we translated for TokyoPop (almost) had a rewriter on it, so the finished product is guaranteed to be different anyway.

Of course, I'm pretty sure none of that is going to matter, so I don't even know what we'd do if there was a Saiyuki license rescue. In some ways it would hurt even more than not getting to do Fruits Basket, but in some ways, less. And of course, I don't want to deprive the English-speaking world of Saiyuki. On the bright side, our beloved favorite voice actor isn't in it...yet? I don't know if there would be a good character for him, but we haven't read volume two, so.

In other news, we did go ahead and watch Beauty and the Beast last night. Since dialects have been on my mind lately, I wondered about accents. Chip speaks with an American accent, while his mother speaks with an English accent, so I think it's safe to assume that Chip grew up in the area, which, according to the movie itself, is somewhere in France. And since none of the characters are speaking French, it makes sense that they "translated" all the standard French-speaking to a standard American dialect. So then how do you explain Lumiere and the feather duster? (Her name's not Babette until the play.)

I think I had some other thoughts about the movie, but see above about compartmentalization.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Wolf-Boy translation, getting to watch Beauty and the Beast, reminders to read Saiyuki (someday when we have time lol), getting the Moogle lamp we ordered so many weeks ago, and it being time to take a break.
24th-Jul-2016 05:48 pm - Drama
Happy Pioneer Day, everybody! We sang "Faith in Every Footstep" with the choir in sacrament meeting, and then after Primary I was playing the pioneer songs for postlude music and realized how much I enjoy "The Oxcart Song". I was going to post a link to it on the lds.org music player site, but their version of it doesn't sound as nice (it's the same version, but I play it faster and on a less "heavy"-sounding piano). ...Maybe I'll post a link anyway, but make sure to find the tempo in the top right and raise it up to at least 95. Here it is!

Anyway, as I'm sure you've deduced, we have returned from Fresno! Tadah! The show was better in retrospect than when we were watching it, because when we think back, it seems like most of the actors were actually doing a pretty good job. But there was a very fatal flaw in the production, which is that (and we're told this is due to lack of direction) the actors were completely and utterly static. They found the place they were going to stand for that scene, and doggonit, they were going to stand there. And stand they did. For the whole scene.

In fact, the show was lacking in pretty much every aspect of the word "dynamic" that you can think of--dynamic movement (nobody moved), dynamics in volume, dynamics in tempo (the orchestra seemed to play everything at almost the same speed), dynamics in emotion... Actually that last one is only true of a few characters, but sadly one of them was Belle. She would get a chance to tell somebody about a book she was really excited about!...and she didn't sound excited. And that kind of makes sense in the number "Belle", because she already knows the townspeople don't care and they're just asking to be polite...scratch that, she should have at least been excited when she was talking to the bookseller (you know, the one guy in town who actually also cares about books at least a little) about the book she was now borrowing for the third time. And in "Something There", when she starts to tell the Beast about the Legend of King Arthur... Those are just the more obvious examples, and I kind of feel bad because I know how much the actress loves the role. I wish I could have been the director, because then it would have been my job to say, "Try sounding more excited!" and it wouldn't have come across as catty or anything...I hope.

Anyway, while it was difficult to watch past the staticness (staticity? stat...I don't know, but my internet browser is telling me I'm spelling it wrong) of it all, in retrospect, I remember things, like how Cogsworth and Lumiere brought enough energy to their roles that I almost didn't notice that they were rooted in place. And there were two actors who did try to move around a lot more, and fortunately, they were the two other leads, Gaston and the Beast. (It really is a good thing Gaston was trying, because that would have made for an awkward conversation after the show, when he asked how we liked it.) They both did a great job of emoting and stuff, and there were several parts throughout the show where the Beast elicited a sympathetic, "Aww..." from us, which is impressive, considering our general attitude toward shows that fail to live up to our standards.

After the show, the cast was out meeting and greeting, so we went to say hi to Gaston. Mom has a visceral hatred of the theater, and especially community theater, from bad experiences with her daughter being rejected for major roles in favor of...well, the favorite. And from her ex-husband being an aspiring actor. So she was tired and wanted to leave, so we didn't stay long, but before we left, we did think, "Oh, hey! We should get a picture with our friend in costume!" even though we already have pictures of us with him in that costume (he told the costume department that he had a costume and showed them pictures from his phone, and they were like, "Hey, that's pretty much exactly what we wanted to do anyway; could you just wear that?"). So we put on the fangirl attitude and started going, "Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh!" and fanning ourselves and being all short of breath, and that's about when his family walked up which may or may not be why we saw multiple phones in addition to Steve's pointed at us.

Gaston told us he'd call to touch base when he was free of adoring fans. He felt bad that we'd gone all the way up there just to see him and we weren't really able to make time to get together. But when he did call, he was also talking to fellow cast members about going out to grab something to eat, and we heard him confirm the cross streets, and we thought, "Hey, that's like, right where Mom's house is." So we invited ourselves, and then one cast member had to bow out, so we went out with Gaston and the Beast. We had a good time, and we felt kind of bad, because somehow, even though they had just done a show and we were mainly only there to see the show, the first big chunk of the conversation focused on us. Obviously we didn't feel that bad, though, because we're starved for attention so we jumped at the chance, and I did try to not hog all the attention, but we hadn't had a chance to tell Gaston about meeting the editor of Noragami, so we did, and he gave us just the reaction we wanted, and he's the only person to have done that in real life. So when all our family members found out that he flaked on picking us up to take us to Fresno for the play (which wasn't exactly flaking anyway, because there were no definite plans), and they didn't ask outright but seemed to want to ask, "Why are you even friends with this guy?", we thought, "This is why--he's a good audience." And that's what everybody really wants in life, is a good audience.

But after that, we focused mostly on the show and what was good about it and what could have been better. Oh man, though, for almost all of the musical numbers, Athena and I were watching and re-staging them in our heads. We're no choreographers, but we have basic ideas that we could communicate to choreographers. Except for Gaston--that one seemed to almost have some effort in it. ...That's not fair; there was effort in all of the musical numbers, probably. And I'm getting mean again.

The point is, we found it inspiring. And we had a lovely evening overall, and then we couldn't sleep (possibly because we ordered chocolate brownies when we went out with Gaston and the Beast), and from there things went from bad to worse. We hadn't bought train tickets yet, and we were going to buy them before we went to bed, but then we discovered that in order to get back home in time to go to the baptism, the train we needed to catch left an hour earlier than we originally thought, and we had plans to go to breakfast with the fam. The baptism was very important, because it was for the grandson of the people in our ward who kind of adopted us and invite us over for all the big holidays, and they had asked us to do the music, and they're good friends and we wanted to be there for them. So we didn't buy tickets because I needed to make sure that we could still make it to the station on time. Fortunately, we were all awake earlier than planned, and it was fine...except that now the tickets were sold out.

We decided to go to breakfast anyway, then go to the train station in the hopes that maybe they had some tickets reserved specifically to sell at the station, or maybe there would be some other way to work it out. There wasn't, so we went to the Greyhound station that was in the same building and asked if they could get us to Anaheim by four, and they said no, we're so sorry. There was a train that could get us to Los Angeles, which is not exceptionally far from Anaheim, by a little after four (the baptism was at five), so I was getting ready to call our ride to the baptism and see if she wasn't too averse to picking us up from LA. But the stress of it all, combined with the bad feelings of making a mistake and the lack of sleep, had me emotional to the point of tears, and I hadn't had time to collect myself before the family (who had been wandering the station with our train-loving nephew) noticed I was crying. The timing was a little awkward, because I was already on the phone, but they decided that Mom and Steve would drive us all the way down to Anaheim. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it, but anyway, we appreciate it.

And what that all boils down to is that, thanks to traffic, we made it back with just enough time to get ready for the baptism and check our email. When we got home from the baptism, we took a little time to decompress, but unfortunately, it was not enough time to restore brain function enough to do any proper work on the latest chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer. The especially unfortunate part of this is that the translation was due today, so we had to work on it anyway. That being the case, we apologize to all the fans if the dialogue is somehow really weird or something. We were seriously running on fumes mentally and physically by that time, so there's a good chance something that made absolutely no sense seemed reasonable at the time. And we're sorry.

On the bright side, we won't have to worry about it next week, when we start on the long list of nine books we have to finish in the next month. On the not-so-bright side, it kept us up late on a day when we were already sleep deprived. Fortunately, church doesn't meet until one, so we were at least able to get a decent night's sleep (as opposed to our usual catching up on sleep). And now we're feeling better. We just have to decide if we want to watch the original Disney's Beauty and the Beast or just go to bed super early. It's a tough choice, because the show made me interested in hearing the original Broadway cast, because while I liked the Beast's performance well enough, I was really curious to hear how the critically acclaimed Terence Mann sang "If I Can't Love Her", because somehow the one in the show we saw seemed not quite powerful enough. Turns out, he was about on the same level as Mr. Mann, and our favorite version that we've heard remains the one our friend Gaston sang when we first saw the Broadway version of the show many years ago. But the point is, we downloaded the soundtrack and listened to it on the way home (Mom hates the theater, but Steve loves it and he especially loves Beauty and the Beast and he'd never seen the Broadway version or heard the added songs before). And while I like the songs in the moment, when I have them in my head for too long, it seems to create a sort of melancholy that I don't think is in the movie so much. And now I have to find out if it is.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for getting to see Gaston in the role we codenamed him for, having an inspiring experience at the theater, making it to and from Fresno safely, Steve and Mom being kind enough to drive us all the way home, and scoring some mint chocolate chip cupcakes at Bread Day today.
21st-Jul-2016 05:13 pm - Overwhelmed
Today has been a day of mixed feelings. As I said yesterday, we realized last night that we were going to have to take the train to Fresno to see Gaston in his show. The annoying thing about this is that there had been talk of Gaston coming to visit, and then we'd get to ride up in a car, all the while singing Beauty and the Beast songs and enjoying lively discussion. There might also be a trip to Joe's Italian Ice and/or the ice cream parlor Gaston keeps telling us about. We were looking forward to it, and now that it's not happening, we were pretty bummed. We haven't entirely given up on the ice cream idea, though.

So we had to figure out if we wanted to hop on a train today or tomorrow, and ultimately we decided on tomorrow because nobody seemed too eager to see us right away and we had a ton of work to do anyway. And that's why we're still here today.

Things of note: I noticed that we hadn't seen the kitten's mother around much lately, except that when we went to the orthodontist on Tuesday, she was in the neighbor's patio, which meant she's still hanging out in the area. Today we went to the grocery store and on the way out, we discovered why she seems to have been in hiding. There are two more, much tinier kittens in there now. This place is turning into a veritable kitten factory! I know the neighbors are trying to figure out how to catch her to get her fixed, though, so hopefully we will not have to worry about feline overpopulation.

...I think that's the only thing of note. I still have Yume Twins boxes to talk about, but we have a complicated refrigeration situation going on, which mostly just means we have to get a frozen pizza out and cook it now so we can put the ice cream back in the freezer before it liquidates. This is the problem with buying a miniature refrigerator.

Today I'm thankful for having our travel plans mostly worked out (we get to have a new bus adventure tomorrow), getting to make a CD Japan order, king-sized candy bars being on sale, frozen pizzas, and finding a bus that will take us straight to a train station without having to worry about transfers.
20th-Jul-2016 08:05 pm - Say I Love You volume 14
Things are looking up on the work front, partially because we finished Fire Force today, and partially because it's looking like we're going to have time to work tomorrow. That latter part is bittersweet, because it means we're going to have to figure out how to get to the train station, which really bums me out, but we'll make it work.

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! This week, we have Say I Love You volume 14. Spoiler level: moderate.

Say I Love You volume 14Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finishing Fire Force, the very likely possibility that we'll have plenty of time to work tomorrow, having plenty of chocolate, manageable kitten visits (this is mostly a result of timing), and air conditioning.
19th-Jul-2016 09:38 pm - Kablooey
We went to the orthodontist today feeling pretty good that we'd turned in Noragami and finished the absolutely-must-get-done-now portion of Fire Force. We were hopeful, like there might be such a thing as the end of the tunnel, and we'd come out of it and be able to, like, do stuff other than work. We went to Joe's Italian Ice on the way home and had some raspberry lemonade Joelatti's (water ice with soft serve ice cream), and life was good.

We came home to a natural disaster. ...Okay, maybe not a natural disaster. Maybe more like an explosion. With shrapnel. Don't worry; it's just a metaphor. It was a schedule explosion. We're all fine, for now.

What happened was we checked our email and there was a message from one of our editors who was very very sorry for the short notice, but could we get such-and-such done by Tuesday? Tuesday! Ha, ha, ha! That's such a funny joke! ...Oh wait, you're not kidding.

The really sad thing is, if we didn't have big time-consuming non-work plans this weekend, we could probably do it without too much trouble. On the other hand, if we didn't have those plans, we wouldn't be as far along on Fire Force, so we would probably still be looking at not being able to start the next assignment until Monday (you know, the day before it's due). And with this series, it might actually be possible to finish it in two days, and I wish we could have told our editor that, but we didn't want to make any promises we couldn't definitely keep, and things have been taking longer these days, so we said we'd try but we might need a couple more days. On the bright side, it's a series we really like.

She also sent us some other deadlines, and now August is looking a lot more cramped than before. But we're still optimistic that maybe we can get a lot of these translations done super fast! and then get back to a reasonable work schedule. Then maybe someday we'll have time lol. (Suddenly I'm wondering if the "when we have time lol" thing is why we will never have time again...)

Today I'm thankful for the orthodontist appointment going reasonably well, getting to have Joelatti's on the way home, having a lot of really fun manga to work on, Page not attacking the kitten that accidentally ran right in front of her face in its attempt to escape me (it worked out fine, because I was trying to pick her up to take her outside anyway; we needed the kittens to leave so we could get to work), and the hope that choosing to watch anime instead of work this evening won't completely destroy us (our reasoning was that if we keep ourselves wound up too tight, that won't be good for us or our work, and that would be bad for our editors, too, so we might as well take a break).
Somehow our timing got a little strange, so we need to have dinner in a little while, but it would be early to have it now, but we don't have enough time to work for a CD unless we want to get really hungry. So our options are to work for a short tracklist (namely, our Noragami character songs), or take a break and update LiveJournal. As you can see, we opted for the latter.

Things are actually looking pretty good as far as work is concerned. There's a good chance we'll be working on this until bedtime, but that's only because we're stubbornly insistent on at least finishing the second draft today. But best of all, I feel like we've been doing a pretty good job with the dialogue, which makes me feel a whole lot better about life.

In the meantime, there have been goings on involving kittens. I mentioned their visit from two nights ago. Well, since then they seem to have developed an intense curiosity for our apartment, because Page asked to go outside again last night, and no sooner had I opened the door than two little feline faces were poking through it from the other side. It was getting late and we wanted to go to bed, so we decided to shoo them back out and close the door, but then Page stood by the door and meowed at me to get my attention. Maybe I'm just not that open-minded, but the only possible interpretation I was able to come up with is that she wanted me to let the kittens inside. I went to the door, and she braced herself. So I'm pretty sure she's still not a huge fan of the kittens, but she was willing to go outside her comfort zone and deal with them for whatever reason. I don't know if it's because she wants to make friends but is afraid of fellow members of her species like us, or if she senses how much we like the kittens and wanted to let them in for our sake, or if she sensed how badly the kittens wanted to look around and couldn't say no to a small child. Whatever the reason, we let the kittens in.

Page was pretty good about it. She positioned herself in the hallway, effectively blocking the path to the bedrooms, and any time a kitten got close she would meow at them until they went away. She even started hissing once, but then she seemed to catch herself and was more careful after that.

As for the kittens, they were all over the place. And they brought a friend from the neighborhood, a more adult black cat. They just wandered around exploring and being generally very cute, until eventually Page decided she had had enough, so we started wrangling kittens to send them outside. They were surprisingly reluctant to go.

Page asked for us to open the door again this morning, and she actually got to go outside for a few seconds before the kittens noticed the open door and came over for another look. But Page seemed less happy about it this time, and we had stuff to do, so we gently turned them away and returned to our breakfast. That's when there was suddenly a kitten face behind me. I was sitting by the window, and suddenly bam! kitten face. We don't know how she got there, because there isn't anything by the window that she could stand on to make her tall enough. We can only guess that she jumped and then clung onto the windowsill or the screen for a few seconds before she fell back down. And we have to wonder: are they that curious about our apartment?

Anyway, the neighbor once asked if we knew anybody who could take in a kitten, and I didn't volunteer immediately because one, I didn't know if Page would like it; two, we're not sure if we can afford another cat right now (especially if we have to pay more pet rent); and three, if we can afford another cat, we don't know if we could afford three other cats, and we're not prepared to think about their inevitable breakup. But we're going to have to start thinking about it eventually...unless we decide we can just adopt them all after all. But we don't have time to consider these matters, because we have deadlines.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Noragami that I feel pretty good about, Page being kind enough to let the kittens visit for a while, getting to take a nice long break for dinner, the knowledge that eventually this trial will pass, and kitten faces in the window. (Never have I felt this icon to be more appropriate.)
17th-Jul-2016 06:01 pm - Tokyo Treat
I think today I can finally post about Tokyo Treat. I may have mentioned it in the past. It's one of those silly subscription boxes that are all over the internet these days. We had signed up for NatureBox, because we thought it might be a good way to slowly go out of our comfort zones and try new foods, but most of their snacks were either flavorless or super spicy. They had two things that we really liked, and then they discontinued them both because they used corn syrup or something silly like that, so we were thinking of canceling our subscription, and then these ads came up for Tokyo Treat. I don't know why we went for this one over Dokidoki Crate or Japan Crate, possibly because we heard Japan Crate once had bootlegs, and Tokyo Treat claimed to be shipping straight from Japan so obviously they're legit, right?

Anyway, we were tired of our one snack subscription and here came along a new one that was more appealing for coming from our beloved Japan (I think there's a video that says that means we have a fetish...), and that gave us the motivation we needed to finally face the gauntlet of trying to cancel a subscription of any kind. Nature Box tried to offer us coupons and other discounts, but we were like, "There's nothing we want to buy from you. How about we just pay you nothing?" (It's not their fault; that's just procedure on stuff like that. They seemed nice enough, but they weren't serving our needs, so it was time to let them go.)

And thus began our happy relationship with Tokyo Treat. We only get the small box, because we ain't made of money, but so far it's been pretty awesome...even though we usually get treats that we don't like, or that we're too afraid to eat, so we go through them slowly. Actually, part of that is that we started the subscription right around when I was getting all my dental work done, so I wasn't in the mood for trying foods. But! there's all kinds of interesting snacks. We got curry flavored potato chips, which tasted more like meat than curry spice, which was good because we're not real big on curry, but it still really weirded us out, so we're not thinking of searching any local import stores for more.

And we got jam senbei, which we read about in Kamakura Monogatari, so we were excited to try those...and they were actually kinda gross. The jam (it's like the kind of "jam" you might find in something like a Lunchable) was plum flavored, and since plum is a fruit, we assumed it would be sweet, despite our knowledge of the incredible sourness that is umeboshi. But we thought that was just from the pickling process. Anyway, this jam was salty and smelled like glue. The cracker part was good, though, like the cheap ice cream cones. The other things in the first box were green tea flavored, and we're not sure how tea-flavored things fit in with our religion's health code (tea is bad; tea flavors? I don't know), so we tried them and discovered that we're not real big fans of green tea flavor anyway. Maybe the flavor is different from the tea itself; it seemed kind of fruity, in an unidentifiable sort of way. It wasn't bad, but just not something I really cared one way or another about.

The second box was a little bit more of a success, but we've been having a hard time making our way through it because they sent some ramune candies in a pack of three, and a single lollipop that you dip in what looks (according to the packaging) like some sort of fizzy sugar a la Pop Rocks. We have to figure out how to divide those up before we can eat them. But we had the KitKats, which were regular, but with chocolate cookies crumbs mixed in the outer chocolate coating, and they were delicious. And we ate the chocolate pencils, and the candies that came inside a little plastic microphone. There was also some giant squid thing, that we've pretty much decided we're not going to eat. We'll see if Gaston wants to try it.

The third box came with an anime theme! So we got some Pokemon fruit snacks with evolving flavors! (If you eat a lemon one and a soda flavored one together, they evolve into lemon squash! And since squash was the kind of flavoring they used for Hiyori's Jungle Savate, we're pretty excited to try that.) We also got the fortune-telling chocolate that was featured in the anime Dagashi Kashi, and now I'm interested in watching that series, but also worried it will make me want snacks all the time. We also got some shrimp crackers that I'm afraid of but feel like we ought to try because shrimp is "ebi" like Ebisu, and they're just crackers with flavoring on them, so come on and try it! And some Brazilian orange Pocky! But we only tried one thing so far, and that's the milk flavored potato chips. The idea was just too intriguing to pass up. They were pretty good, too. Just like potato chips flavored with sugar and I guess evaporated milk. The flavor is something we tend to associate with vanilla, possibly because maybe most vanilla ice cream actually has very little flavoring and so tastes more like milk and sugar than vanilla.

Those are our adventures with Tokyo Treat so far. Soon after we signed up, they started advertising their new subscription box, Yume Twins! We couldn't resist it, because it's cute Japanese merchandise, and they named it "twins" like they came up with the idea just for us! And I want to talk about the cute things we've gotten from them so far, but I think I've talked enough today. It will be good to save some material for during the week when I'll surely have nothing else to talk about but work.

Today I'm thankful for the neat new things we get to try with Tokyo Treat, milk flavored potato chips, the kitten coming out from under our couch before we had to go to bed (there's some other material to talk about; we opened the door for Page last night but before she could get outside the kittens were at the door and wanting to explore our apartment, so we let them in and one of them headed off in one direction and disappeared; she was nowhere to be found...until I went upside-down and looked under the couch; Page has long ago torn the bottom covering off so if you can fit underneath, it's easy to get to a point where you can stand upright (if you're a kitten), and she just stayed there and played with the toys Page had knocked under there until the neighbors came out and called them over for food), having orange Pocky to look forward to, and the excitement that the Tokyo Treat people show in every email.
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