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24th-Jun-2016 05:31 pm - We did it!
We are on track! I am so excited! The super ideal version of our plan was to finish Say I Love You today so we could have time to work on costumes, go to the orthodontist, go to Disneyland, and do a little work on one of the Big Four (projects that are all due around the same weekend) next week before Anime Expo. It seemed like an impossible dream--Say I Love You never gets edited in just one day! And then we were editing the cover flap, and it took about a million years! To do the cover flap! So we weren't getting our hopes up. But then we picked up the pace, and now we're good to go!

The big question now is whether or not we can finish the costumes quickly enough for them to be ready. We worked on them last night and once again everything was taking way longer than we'd hoped, so we're a little worried. On the bright side, Athena came up with the brilliant idea of having Miracle Train on in the background, so that made things more fun, except for the visual gags, since we were both looking at the costumes we were working on. But we've seen the series twice already, so context usually helps us remember what happened if we don't manage to look up in time.

Anyway, we're going to the ward picnic in a few minutes, so I'm cutting it short. Today I'm thankful for our miraculous finish of Say I Love You 16 today, getting a ride to the ward picnic after all, hope that we'll have time to do all the things we want to do next week, Athena managing to find some of our business cards, and finally remembering to turn off my iPad.
23rd-Jun-2016 04:19 pm - More challenges
The biggest ray of hope for our post Anime Expo work schedule is that one of the four books that are due all around the same weekend was the easiest title we have to translate. But then! our schedule got shuffled around a little bit and now it's been traded out for something less easy to translate. We're still optimistic that we can do it; it just means we have to focus more time on work before Anime Expo, too. I think we might also have to re-prioritize everything, since originally the plan was to do the two super hard titles, then the super easy title even though it's due before the second super hard title, because since the only difference in deadlines is a weekend, it would give us a surer chance of getting the two hard ones in by deadline, and if the easy one was late, it wouldn't be late by much. Now everything is up in the air.

In other news, we finally got around to trying on a Hiyori skirt yesterday...and it's too short. But we went online and ordered some flesh-colored tights and they've already shipped! We don't know if they'll be thick enough, but here's hoping. And since it came up, the reason cosplaying characters that show a lot of leg is tricky for us is that as part of our religion we wear special undergarments that we don't want to go flashing to everybody. And it's something I don't feel confident in my ability to explain, but fortunately, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made a nice video that explains it pretty well. So if you want to know more about it, go watch it! (The video is four minutes and fifteen seconds long.) So there's a little bit of our religion for today.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of Say I Love You (which is due before the big clump of four), not having to work overtime today (I mean, I guess we could, but our higher priority right now is costumes), having time to work on costumes (we both woke up this morning thinking, "There's no time! Aaaaaahhh!!"), the lovely lavender color of our Hiyori skirts, and the tights we ordered already having shipped. And we have plans to go to Target for more layers in case they end up not being thick enough.
22nd-Jun-2016 04:52 pm - Your Lie in April volume 7
We're sort of back on track, because we finished Missions of Love 13 today! We also discovered that UQ Holder! has been moved to a monthly magazine, and won't start there for another couple of months, so we're off the hook for that one until after Anime Expo and our next trip to Fresno. It's kind of bittersweet, though, because I like UQ Holder!, and they were just about to get into some serious plot stuff. On the bright side, UQ Holder anime! We're really excited to find out who gets cast in it! All we know is that Ken Akamatsu wants to get all the original Negima cast to play the Negima characters.

But anyway, it's Review Rednesday! I'm starting to wonder if I should announce the things we translated that hit bookstores every week, too, so people can be ready when I post the review! Of course, that won't work on weeks when I post a review of something that came out the same week. Anyway, according to Anime News Network, the only things we translated that came out yesterday are Noragami 15 and Complex Age 1. The former is monthly and the latter is a first volume, so it seems like I should prioritize them both, but I was already planning to post about Your Lie in April today, so I'm sticking with that. We'll decide whether or not Noragami or Complex Age should cut in line next week (but in the case of Complex Age, that would mean we should have posted about Corpse Party several weeks ago).

Anyway, here's the review! Spoiler level: moderate.

Your Lie in April volume 7Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting back on track, getting to try the chocolate corn star things that came in our Tokyo Treat box, the amusement afforded us by our current to-do list (Athena was looking at it and saying, "I'm kind of afraid of that list, because those last four things are all due at pretty much the same time," and I pointed out that it's okay because they're not due until mid-July, which gives us almost a month, and then we both considered that yeah that's good until you consider that ideally when you have four books, you'd want a whole month, and there's actually five things on the list, plus a convention, and we were amused and scared and then amused at the scariness), getting to work on Missions of Love again, and making small progress on costumes.
21st-Jun-2016 04:25 pm - Kicking around
Well, our schedule has been thrown off yet again. We really should have seen it coming, but we never know how to plan for these things. And we keep thinking, "It's 60 pages from an author known for low text density. It can't possibly take all day, right?" Well, when the series' main subject matter is something you know very little about, it can. Oh, it can.

So today we worked on the latest chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer. We're liking the series pretty well, even if it has been taking a lot out of us, but today we can also blame the heat for that. For those of you who are just tuning in, Farewell, My Dear Cramer is about girls' soccer. And sports are so far removed from anything we're interested in that I really wish I could come up with a clever metaphor to describe it, but I can't. But it's not that we hate sports for sports' sake (although we sometimes do, especially in the case of American football). Mostly we just think they're boring to watch, and we're uncoordinated, so we don't like to play them, either. Books and movies about sports, on the other hand, only focus on the parts where interesting stuff is happening, so our criteria for them is about the same as everything else--if the story and characters are interesting, we like it.

And that's all well and good, except that not hating soccer doesn't automatically imbue our minds with a knowledge of soccer terminology. And boy howdy, there are a lot of soccer terms! Some of them are just regular verbs that just mean a different thing in a soccer context...actually most of them are, come to think of it. But the point is, we spend a lot of time each month searching all over the internet to find the word used in a soccer context in Japanese, and then to find something in a soccer context in English that is describing the same thing. (Of course we tried searching for "soccer terms", but the English internet is strangely unhelpful on that front.) And then we want to get multiple sources to make sure we're understanding it right, and sometimes we have to find videos because it's really hard to follow paragraphs outlining specific moves.

And ultimately, because we are so unfamiliar with sports terminology of any kind, I'm still not sure if we're getting any of it right, so now I'm wondering if all the readers are like, "Man, who wrote this dialogue? Don't they know anything about soccer?" Right now our biggest hope is that Americans are so indifferent toward soccer that no one will notice. Or that, you know, we actually managed to get it right. That would be really good, too, because we found a way to save ourselves some time next time--we're actually keeping a list of all the terms we've already looked up! If we'd thought to do that last month, we might have finished a lot sooner today.

What it also boils down to is that it took about three hours to edit a chapter that took one hour to translate the first time. And then we're tired at the end, so we're not too keen on working overtime to catch up with our non-simulpubs. That being the case, we're calling it a day as far as work is concerned, but we're still going to see about doing costume stuff. (The original plan was to get to a certain point in our deadline list, and then take a few days to work on costumes.)

Now I'm really hoping UQ Holder doesn't decide to be extra chatty this week.

Today I'm thankful for getting the shipping confirmation for our twitchy cat tail, lyschan getting us that picture of Yato so we could use it for our icon yesterday (it was kind of a rush job, so we're thinking of improving it, but we're lazy, so), getting to work on Farewell My Dear Cramer, the weather being significantly cooler today, and gloss lists.
20th-Jun-2016 05:52 pm - Best cosplay ever!
On Friday night I realized that, in addition to being hungry, I was feeling kind of stabby in my chest, and we thought, "Hmm, maybe all the stress of everything has raised my blood pressure." So over the weekend we tried to spend as much time relaxing as possible, which is why we disappeared. My chest still hurts, but today I'm too excited not to share things!

Well, okay, first there's the "excitement" that comes in the sense it's used in the book Bambi, where every time Bambi is excited it's because something scary is going down, because I guess it's just that time of the month where editors are checking their schedules and realizing it's time to add assignments to the calendar. But we only have six things we need to do (in addition to Anime Expo) before we go up to Fresno to see Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, so it's all good. It would be even better if two of those things were not Noragami and Nekogahara due on pretty much the same day, but these things happen. And we're approximately a fourth of the way through that volume of Nekogahara already.

But anyway, speaking of Beauty and the Beast, this morning we were calling our sisters to see if they thought any of our nephews had the attention span to sit through a Broadway show (they don't), but while I was on the phone, the mailman arrived with our package from CD Japan! It actually came last week, but we weren't home to sign for it, and we thought they would try to deliver it one more time, but instead the mailman came again with a different package (our first Yume Twins box) and checked to make sure we got the package slip. We were disappointed (but excited for the Yume Twins box! we got a Sailor Pluto plushie!). And we wondered why he seemed so reluctant to just bring it back...until it came today, and it was huge! And we couldn't figure out why it was so huge, because all we ordered were two DVDs, a video game, and a book. But the video game was a limited edition package, and we didn't actually look to see what came with the limited edition, so now we were very curious.

Nevertheless, we were good and made sure to get our work done before we opened the package. It was a little hard, because the curiosity was intense, but fortunately we were working on Missions of Love today, and we love Missions of Love, so it's an effective distraction. We have since opened the box and discovered...a lot of packing material! But the limited edition of Ace Attorney 6 did indeed come with a large box (just not as large as the one it was shipped in), which, according to the contents list, has a little plush puppy, a CD drama, and...some other stuff I can't remember. I'm sure I'll be more excited about it when we actually have time to play the game. Ha, ha, ha...

So if we're not so excited about that (and I am, but I have to be judicious about where I put my excitement, because my chest still hurts), what ARE we so excited about? Well, let me tell you. First there's the other stuff we got--a DVD of a Noragami fan event (the same one we found a report of before), a DVD of the Noragami stage play (eeeeeee!!!), and...I think I'll talk more about the book later.

But best of all, we got a newsletter from ThinkGeek which mentioned a product that's either new or we hadn't noticed it before. But our notification of its existence was very timely, because we think we can get it in time for Anime Expo, and it's the PERFECT COSPLAY ACCESSORY!!! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about it. It's a twitchy cat tail!!! You attach it to your waistband, and it's a cat tail and it moves! All by itself! This is going to be so great for our Hiyori cosplay, because now the motion will attract people's attention, so it won't just be like, "Oh, there's some girls in some school uniform," it will be like, "There's a girl in a school uniform with a cat tail...and a girl dressed just like her next to her... OOOOOOHH!!!" ...We hope. We're really not sure how many people are going to understand the concept. Nevertheless, we are ridiculously excited about this, and that might be why, when we got the email about the July Yume Twins box, and it said, "Guess what's coming in July! Poodles!" we were like, "POODLES!? THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!" And we don't even really care about poodles, but now we are very excited about them. We don't not care about poodles; they are one of the more interesting breeds of dog out there.

So of course we had to order it right away, but we went with the regular shipping, so if they process it right away it will be fine, but if they put it on the backburner we could be in trouble. Fortunately, we do have backup, non-twitchy cat tails should the need arise. And Anime Expo posted their schedule, so now we even know what day to wear what costumes. It's very exciting, in the common modern usage and the Bambi usage because the convention starts in less than two weeks! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting our CD Japan package today, TWITCHY CAT TAILS! (I may feel like I'm more excited than I am because of my elevated heart rate), having plans to see Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, our work schedule looking like it's probably manageable, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi having a thing where all quests are only 1 AP, and poodles.
17th-Jun-2016 05:12 pm - Time for recovery
Things have been a bit tense around here, and upon further consideration, I've come to the realization that, while I hate to admit that I'm grumpy without food, there's been too much expenditure of energy and not enough refueling. What with the dental work, the trip to Disneyland, the working when we're already tired... It's adding up.

Fortunately, two very good things happened to help us recover. First, we finished our translation today! Woohoo! To be honest, we were a little worried that we would have to work all day to finish on time, but we didn't want to ask for an extension, because we'd already got a two-week extension on this book and it just seemed like it would be pushing it. Especially since the reason we were running behind is that we went to Disneyland. But we finished it! We're still a little iffy on whether or not we'll be able to take a few days off to get ready for Anime Expo, but at least next week will start with a series that's usually pretty easy, and easy work really helps us feel better about life.

The second very good thing is that Pizza Hut emailed us a 50%-off coupon! Tonight, we feast! Ha, ha, ha!

And now it's time to go relax. Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, Page's cat food finally getting here (she only likes one very specific cat food that they do not sell at our grocery store and we ordered some before we ran out, but not soon enough before we ran out, so we ran out), getting a 50%-off coupon from Pizza Hut, getting to snack on Famous Amos cookies, and the cuteness that came in our YumeTwins box.
16th-Jun-2016 05:53 pm - The new thing at Disneyland
As I mentioned yesterday, this week we went to Disneyland, yes I'll say it, to see the new Frozen stage show. "Hey!" you're all wondering, "I thought you hated Frozen! So why would you go out of your way to see it?" Because it's the new thing at Disneyland, that's why. And in all honesty, we were planning to go see it even if Gaston hadn't called...but that's mostly because Gaston has a habit of singing along with all the stage shows, and he was bound to want to see it next time he came to Disneyland anyway and we figured if we had to see it anyway, we might as well see it in a context that doesn't involve people in the audience singing along. And actually, maybe it's because it was the first time he saw it, but he didn't sing along this time...but there was someone in the audience behind me who couldn't help singing along and sometimes even reciting lines occasionally. You never can win with that, can you? I just sit back and question their taste.

So the plan was, since Gaston didn't have a whole lot of time to spare, he would start the long drive south on Tuesday morning, and we would head on over to California Adventure to get in line for the show. Little did we know (although we really, really should have), they have fastpasses for this show. Our lack of foresight caused us to leave late enough that the fastpasses for every show were all gone by the time we got there at ten-thirty (two hours before the first showing). Fortunately(?), there was a standby line, and it hadn't opened yet, so we staked out the area until it did open. But before we could get in line, there was a cast member who made an announcement along the lines of "if you don't have everyone in your party enter the line right now, the rest of your party WILL be shut out of the show." I only bring this up because I'm actually a big fan of this policy. As someone who has spent hours upon hours saving seats for party members while they go on Pirates of the Caribbean, come back, realize there's still time before the show, go on Haunted Mansion, etc., I really like this idea of, "If you're not physically present, you don't get a seat." I would like it even better if they would start letting people in the theater more than five minutes before the show is supposed to start.

On the other hand, it was rather inconvenient for us that day, when the last member of our party had a legitimate reason for not being there. Nevertheless, he did manage to make it in, and despite not having fastpasses, we ended up with some pretty great seats.

As for the show itself...Collapse )

And that was the main thing we did at Disneyland. Everything else was pretty much same-old same-old, except that we headed over to Critter Country and saw just how much of the Rivers of America landscape had been decimated to make way for Star Wars Land and we all felt very sad inside. I think Gaston said part of him died. So here's hoping Star Wars Land is worth it (to people other than the shareholders at Disney who are almost certainly going to make millions).

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new thing at Disneyland, knowing that we're free to never see it again, getting our YumeTwins box in the mail today, getting a visit from the local black cat (who noticed an open door and took the opportunity for some free food), and getting to sing Beauty and the Beast songs on the way to and from Disneyland.
15th-Jun-2016 05:23 pm - First Love Monster, volume 4
Sorry for the sudden disappearance, everybody. On Monday, I had three teeth taken out for braces, and while I was taking time to recover, Gaston called and we went to Disneyland yesterday, which meant we wanted to take some time to work so taking the day off wouldn't be a problem, but I wasn't fully recovered yet, so we worked for a little while and then I needed to die, so we took the rest of the night off. And so we haven't really been available until today. And today is Review Rednesday!

So we thought we were posting the April 26 releases alphabetically, but the "monster" thing caused some confusion, so we thought today would be My Monster Secret 2, but then we were reading the review (to make sure there weren't any typos that needed fixing or anything), and it looked awfully familiar. So we checked, and it turns out we posted that review two weeks ago. (Check our "reviews" tag if you missed it!) The real one we were supposed to post was First Love Monster, which actually comes before "Ice Reaper" alphabetically, unless you count Ice Reaper as "Final Fantasy", so maybe it's okay. Anyway, here's the review for First Love Monster 4. Spoiler level: moderate, I guess. I mean, I mention something that would normally big, but nothing ever really amounts to anything in this series.

First Love Monster volume 4Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for another lovely trip to Disneyland, having time to get a little bit of work done today, getting to finally try the chocolate mud pies at Flo's Diner, having all of our Hiyori cosplay (except for shoes and tights, which we should make sure to get...), and getting our Tokyo Treat box. This month's theme is supposed to be bizarre candy, but almost everything in the box was chocolate (there was one thing called "big squid somen", which we're scared to try, but other than that, chocolate). But that actually makes us happy, because we love chocolate.
12th-Jun-2016 05:59 pm - Fangirl dreams
Sooooooo I want to tell a story about our little daydreams, but I always wonder if it's a good idea, like what if the person I'm talking about finds this and reads it? Maybe they'll think it's cute and funny, too! Or maybe they'll think we're creepy. I don't know. But I think everybody likes to daydream things like this, and as long as it doesn't get out of hand, no one will be too creeped out.

See, there was actually a secret reason that we wanted to hurry and finish translating the Your Lie in April manga and start watching the anime before Anime Expo. I mean, it's logical to want to finish the manga, because we have to know how it ends, that's just common sense. But there was no real reason for us to be eager to see the anime, unless it ends differently than the manga, which we were kind of hoping it did, because of how Gaston was being when we told him not to spoil it for us (he didn't spoil it on purpose, but...just watch this sketch).

But there was another, less based in reality, reason. (Athena: I personally like to think that it's firmly based in reality, but...) Maybe less based on logic reason? I don't know. Anyway, the point is we got it into our heads that maybe our beloved favorite voice actor voices a specific character in Your Lie in April, and if he happened to also end up coming to Anime Expo, maybe he would be invited to go to dinner with the author and all the Kodansha people, since he's in pretty much every anime based on a Kodansha manga since Fairy Tail (this was really the only reason we had to believe there was any likelihood that he would be in Your Lie in April; we saw the first episode and knew he wasn't either of the two main guys).

Our impatience to find out who voiced this specific character only increased when we translated the second chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer, where they introduce a character who has the same surname as our favorite voice actor. Of course that could mean nothing, because we have no idea how common or uncommon the name is, and besides he plays about a million characters in Inazuma Eleven, and Arakawa-sensei is very likely to be a fan of Inazuma Eleven. (In fact, it was that character's name that gave us the idea to play Inazuma Eleven in an attempt to get help with the soccer terms. We've played enough of the game to know now that 1)it probably won't help us with real soccer terms, because the gameplay doesn't work such that there can be a running commentary, and 2)Arakawa-sensei almost definitely is a fan.)

Anyway, as we got closer to finishing the manga of Your Lie in April, common sense started to kick in and we were telling ourselves to be prepared that when we finally hear that character talk, it might not be the voice we want it to be. I mean really, how many characters have we looked forward to hearing in an anime only to find out that they were played by somebody we'd practically never heard of. Remember the Flower Prince in Labyrinth of Andersen! Then we watched the anime, and we were reminded that oh yeah, there is another male character...who was also played by someone that we really had never heard of at all. We read his name in the credits, and it rang no bells. The second episode with him is what pretty much solidified it in my mind that we would not be hearing our favorite voice actor in this series.

At the end of that episode, there was a scene change. It showed the exterior of a house. A very familiar voice said, "Ohayou gozaimasu, Sensei." And we were both like, "What." We were SURE he wasn't going to be in it! But now this character was talking and it really was our favorite voice actor! And now the odds of that character in Cramer being named after him are a lot higher, and the creator of both series is going to be at Anime Expo, and we should at least get a chance to talk to him when we get an autograph! Especially because we translate both of those series! Now all we need is for our favorite voice actor to come to Anime Expo.

Today, Anime Expo announced that a Japanese voice actor will be coming as a guest. It's not the voice actor we've been obsessing over. We're really not sure what to make of this. (The answer is: it doesn't matter. Just go and have fun, you silly, silly girls.) But it is Tetsuya Kakihara, who plays the Ugly Duckling in Labyrinth of Andersen. Maybe we'll bring something from that for him to sign (we got the special edition, which might have something with a good picture of the Swan Knight to sign, but we don't want to look at any of the bonus material until we're finished with everything, and that's not really likely to happen before the convention).

Today I'm thankful for getting to hear our favorite voice actor in Your Lie in April, fun daydreams, having double chocolate syrup for our chocolate truffle ice cream, having Famous Amos cookies, and having more chocolate in addition to all that.
11th-Jun-2016 05:51 pm - The Dragon Knight
I guess it's time for our weekly(?) installment of Labyrinth of Andersen. I admit we're having a hard time being excited about this game lately...or did I already admit it last time? Anyway, I think I figured out the problem. Not one but three of the characters' main personality trait is that they're not very emotional. In the case of Lune/Rune, he got slightly more emotional when he went to visit his family, and with the other two characters, there was a sidekick or something, but who cares about the sidekick? Oh well. Anyway, let"s talk about the Dragon Knight.Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy lots of chocolate at the store today, getting to watch five episode of Your Lie in April last night (I don't know if I'm just biased, but I feel like the music scenes are more dramatic in the manga, despite the lack of audible music; maybe it's just artistic differences? (Athena says a big part of has to do with familiarity with the music--if you don't know what the piece is supposed to sound like, why would you care when Kaori adds her own twist? How would you know?)), one of the kittens discovering the joy of sitting on top of the fence, getting all the bills paid, and the rain we got last night.
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