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21st-Oct-2014 03:01 pm - Kaboom
Oh man, our schedule was totally shot today. The original plan was take care of a few odds and ends on the short job we did yesterday, then get back to our Say I Love You edit, which ideally would be finished a little early, workday-wise.

Unfortunately, the odds and ends turned out to not only take longer than we thought, but will potentially need to be fixed again tomorrow, after we hear back from people. Well, that's okay, we'll probably just finish the workday at our usual time and everything will be back to normal.

...Or not. We got an email from another one of our bosses about another quick project that needed doing ASAP. So we familiarized ourselves with the project, and then we emailed our boss back. By then it was almost lunchtime, and we were like, "Whatever, we're not going to work on Say I Love You for only half an hour, only to be interrupted by lunch and another project."

So we watched Akatsuki no Yona instead. I have to say, we're not really in love with the series, so we're really interested in hearing what makes it so appealing to other people. All part of my ongoing research about what people like in stories. To be fair, we did like this episode better than the first two.

Then we had lunch and eventually were able to get the files to work on this translation. It went super fast, so we're done with it already, and if we want to be really responsible, we could work on Say I Love You after all. But we're going to go grocery shopping instead, because that's responsible, too. And we need food.

But we're going to have to really get cracking tomorrow, because! one of our editors at Kodansha just sent us a nice, long schedule with lots of deadlines. They'd all be completely doable with no problems whatsoever, if we hadn't had weird productivity issues lately. Hopefully we'll get over those, because otherwise, we'll only have two weeks to translate Noragami over the holidays in December. And we still have Halloween costume stuff to deal with, and maybe a manga contest! ...We'll work it out. Probably.

Today I'm thankful for getting a shiny new work schedule, getting one thing taken care of today anyway, getting a new title to work on, the exciting prospect of having food, and getting to watch Sailor Moon R last night.
20th-Oct-2014 07:58 pm - Nephew stories
We were kind of thinking of skipping LJ today because we were worked up about something that we don't want to talk about here, and I couldn't think about anything else for a while. But now we have a few minutes to kill before Lux Up Time at Kingdom Hearts [chi], so I guess I could tell a couple of stories that might embarrass Logan when he gets older.

We were on the phone with family yesterday, and Sarah happened to be holding the phone at the time Logan decided he wanted to ask her something. The theory is that he forgot what, or that he hadn't figured it out yet, so he asked for the first thing that popped into his head, perhaps influenced by our phone call: "Mama, I want to call my aunts." Sarah gave him the good news that we were on the phone right now! and we could talk. No, he wanted to call his aunts. Well, Sarah refused to do that, because she was already on the phone with them, so after some brief whining, he asked for something else.

Later, he decided he was cool with talking to us on the phone after all, so he said hi. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of me talking about something else, and toddlers are kind of quiet on the phone, so we didn't hear him (of course I had the phone on speaker). I finished what I was saying, and Sarah informed me that Logan was upset because we didn't say hello back to him. I panicked and was all like, "Oh no, I'm sorry!" and I think Logan was amused by that, so he decided to milk it. All he would say after that was, "Bye!" in a very mischievous voice.

Then Sarah told us that she told him we would be visiting for Halloween, and he's excited about it. He already has an Iron Man costume that he tells everyone is Spider-Man.

Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done today, getting to watch another episode of Kokkuri-san, Page not trying to use the computer while we were using it, Sailor Moon R starting on Hulu today, and still having some chocolate from the Relief Society activity a couple of weeks ago.
19th-Oct-2014 04:06 pm - Someday...
My hands smell like maple right now, and that is very happy.

Anyway, we were discussing our new camera a little earlier. Some of you may have noticed the complete lack of pictures that have been posted since its arrival. While it's probably true that we would be too lazy to upload any new photos that may have been taken, that's not the only reason. The main reason is that the refurbished camera didn't come with a memory card. We thought we could just use our old camera's memory card, but our old camera used a minidisk, and our new camera uses a microdisk. Arrrgh.

And so, despite having a very shiny new red camera to play with that takes HD videos and everything, we are unable to record ANYTHING on it. We thought we'd pick up a memory card at the Best Buy vending machine in Downtown Disney, but it was $40, and that was a little too rich for our blood in our current broke state. (I had to double take at that last phrase, because shouldn't it be "brokeN state?" Maybe, but "broke" in this context is not really the same as "broken," so I'm sticking with broke. The bad grammar sound just gives it character.)

So I don't know what it was, but when I sat at the computer about half an hour ago, I was hit with a new wave of, "Oh man, I wanna take pictures SO BAD!!!" So we started fantasizing about how we would finally get a memory card (we just remembered we still have some money on a gift card somewhere), and then we'd go to Disneyland just to take pictures. We'll take pictures of everything! Hey look, there's a thing over there! Let's take a picture! And then we'll start a new photo blog just to post pictures from our new camera. Here's a picture of our office fan! Here's a picture of the Ace figurine we still haven't taken out of the box!

And thus we were amusing ourselves. A photo blog probably will not happen, since we have absolutely no ambition of being photographers. We just like having pictures of stuff. But hopefully we'll get a memory card in time for the Halloween festivities, the first of which (for us) will be this weekend at our ward's Halloween party.

In the meantime, my hands still smell like maple

Today I'm thankful for the lovely scent of maple, remembering that we have partially unused gift cards, finding some fabric in my stash that can be used to make steampunk accessories, some girls from Primary saying they would miss us when we parted ways after church, and having lots of time to read neat stuff tonight.
18th-Oct-2014 04:34 pm - We'll have a vacation vacation♪
Today we are taking a vacation from our vacation. We've taken a lot of time off in the last week. Some of it was to do fun stuff, and some of it was to do not-so-fun stuff, but all of it involved not getting enough sleep and proceeding to exert ourselves more than usual. So this weekend, we're relaxing.

Apparently it's also a day of soliciting. We had one woman come by selling newspaper subscriptions, the proceeds of which would go to sponsor her through school, I think. She said she was in foster care, too, so it would have been really hard to say no, except for the fact that we're currently broke. And I think I already have a subscription to the LA Times. Sigh.

We also had a visit from some very adorable, very sincere Baptists, inviting more people to come to their church. The first man who came to our door didn't speak any English, so he called his son over, but then, since they're supposed to have women talk to women, they called a couple of other high school girls over. It was super cute.

It also brought up some interesting things to think about. Mostly on grace vs. works.Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, the chance to have a vacation from our vacation, finally being caught up on our Fairy Tail watching, not having to go to church early tomorrow (we were going to rehearse a special musical number for sacrament meeting, but it's been postponed), and Gaston buying us whole milk and string cheese.
17th-Oct-2014 05:44 pm - How bizarre
For the first time this week, we had a normal workday! Woohoo! ...And tomorrow is the weekend. Oh well.

Anyway, we're going to finish up translating those sketches from Banri Hidaka, but first, we want to say that our personal preference for abbreviating the title Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki is "Tenshi 1/2 (pronounced "Tenshi One-Half")." We know of a few too many things that start with Tenshi, and Tenshi 1/2 just has a nicer rhythm to it.

Moving on, there are only two bonus manga blog entries left, unless Hidaka-sensei draws up some more, but for now, we have the tale of the Honjo school lunches. Part one. TranslationCollapse )

And on to part two. TranslationCollapse )

And thus concludes the manga that can only barely be understood if you're not familiar with another manga. Ah, ha, ha.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to sleep in tomorrow, making good progress on work today, plans to have pizza for dinner tonight, Page rediscovering her cat bed, and getting to listen to Bamboo Scramble today.
16th-Oct-2014 06:01 pm - We finally looked up daiougusokumushi
I was thinking about LiveJournal today and trying to remember if there was anything of note that happened at Disneyland yesterday. There was a purple Skittle that came free with the Electronic Convenience Vehicle that Gaston rented, but we lost it because he traded that one in for a faster one (which had to be traded because it decided to refuse to ever go in reverse). There was the time we went on It's A Small World and, while we were waiting at the entrance for the wheelchair line to get shorter, a group of people came by with the type of cast member that goes around with famous people. But none of us recognized any of them, so we tried surreptitiously asking around the cast members to see if we could find out who they were. None of the Small World cast members knew, and when we caught the famous person guide alone, all she was able to say was, "Just guests of the company."

Anyway, while we were away from the internet, we got an email from the Manga Battle people, letting us know that it really is happening again this year. So we went to the website for more information, and there were a couple of details this year that made it extra special. First, we forgot that the grand prize was a trip to Japan, so we got all excited. Second, they have a new judge this year, and his name is Mr. Grumpy Translator. Okay, so that's not his real name, but that's what we've been calling him ever since the trauma he caused us back in '09. Of course, the trauma was caused by him judging us without actually reading our translations, and we're kind of of the opinion that if he actually did read our translations, he would only complain about them out of whatever spite caused him to criticize us in the first place. So this could be a chance to prove ourselves and win vindication! ...Or it could just be a miserable experience all around. (Only not really, because it would probably just be a matter of, "Oh, we didn't make it to the finals. That's dumb. Whatever.") So we're probably going to try it out if we're not too distracted by Halloween and Kingdom Hearts. But first we have to decide which manga to translate.

Anyway, I guess we ought to translate some more of those Banri Hidaka sketches. The next series starts here. TranslationCollapse )

Then we go back in time, and hear the story of little Mana's lunch. TranslationCollapse )

For our last translation today, here's the finale. TranslationCollapse )

Tune in next time to find out how lunches went down in the Honjo family!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Disneyland yesterday, not being too wiped out today to translate UQ Holder, getting to eat salted caramel peanuts, remembering another interesting thing that happened at Disneyland (we were hanging out at a quiet spot by the Matterhorn that had ducks; we were the only ones there, and the ducks knew that where there were people, there was usually food, so one of the ducks came by and Watched us; Gaston had his hand over the fence by the water, and any time he moved his fingers, she looked hopefully up at them; it was super cute, but kind of sad), and getting to watch a show at the Royal Theatre yesterday.
14th-Oct-2014 06:26 pm - Kabe-don
Gaston called last night and said he wants to go to Disneyland tomorrow. So, now that we're faced with taking a day off from work for Disneyland, what do we do? We take the day before it off, too. We tried out some new anime, and so far we're really liking Gugure! Kokkuri-san. It's just our kind of zany.

But since we didn't do much else, then the main thing we have to talk about is Banri Hidaka. It all started with this post, entitled "I thought of a kabe-don scenario." "Kabe-don" is the common shoujo manga event that occurs when the male character backs the female character up against a wall (kabe) and slams it with his fist (making a "don" sound). cut for spoilersCollapse )

Apparently this event also happens such that the guy will then put his knee inbetween her legs? As an added precaution to keep the girl from running away, I guess. Anyway, here is what Hidaka-sensei thinks would happen if Mana tried that. Translation and commentaryCollapse )

In the end, we have this as Hidaka-sensei's solution to the problem. TranslationCollapse )

Then she tried the scenario with Maki and Kazuha. TranslationCollapse )

And of course you've got to try it with Senko and Honjo. TranslationCollapse )

The Honjo version has a sequel. TranslationCollapse )

And that concludes our Banri Hidaka blog translation session for today. In our next installment, the characters will talk about school lunches! Tune in next time, same danger time, same danger channel! (Actually probably not the same time.)

Today I'm thankful for Hidaka-sensei's amusing sketches, having our laundry done, having a light work schedule, Gaston offering to take us to buy costume materials on Thursday, and getting to see some fun new anime.
13th-Oct-2014 03:00 pm - Escape
Okay, so we just posted a picture of our Lady and the Tramp costumes to Facebook, and now I'm updating LiveJournal to distract myself from the nerves that came with doing that. (Why should I be so nervous? One of our friends liked the picture the very second it got posted. ...Okay, it might have taken three seconds, but it was ridiculously fast.) We might not even have done it if we hadn't run into our home teacher yesterday. Somehow the subject of Halloween costumes came up (oh right, because he was asking what the claws thing was about; we were having like three different conversations at the same time when this went down), and I said we don't have many ideas, and he said he had some, and I was like, "Did Athena tell you what the costumes look like (while I was responding to this other conversation)?" And he said no, and I figured knowing what the costumes look like is kind of important in steampunking them, so I told him I'd post a picture on Facebook. And now the sentiment is "Aaaaaaahhh!" only not quite as aaahhh as it was a couple of minutes ago. See? Writing helps!

Anyway, wow, I have a lot on my mind right now. After our very busy weekend, we decided we'd had enough eventfulness to warrant a day off of work. So, since...

Oookay, that got interrupted by a typo that somehow ended up right-justifying my text, and we were really freaked out for a second, so we had to stop and fix it.

Anyway, since we had extra free time from not working, we decided it was time to finally listen to the new CDs we ordered when we ordered Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Only we actually already had three of them since Anime Expo, so they'd been sitting on our desk for three months, not being listened to while we waited to complete the collection. That being the case, we started with those. The CDs in question are the songs that go with the Kamigami no Asobi anime, and I probably wouldn't bother posting about them except! for Balder's song. It's called HOLIC.

When it first started, I was looking at the lyrics and thinking, "Ugh, typical Balder." Then Athena pointed out that it was basically the creepy stalker song. He's all, "I don't ever want to let you out of my sight," and, "I'll put you in a birdcage, because you don't want to try to fly and get lost." (For thoughts on "typical Balder," you can see this entry, where we talk about his storyline in the game (with massive spoilers).)

And now I'm totally distracted because we just read our entry about Balder from when we played the game.

Aaaanyway. Last night turned out to be pretty busy, because the stake Primary president had called and asked if I could play the piano for some meeting they were having. Then, since it was at the same place, we figured we might as well go to the Break the Fast dinner before it. We amused ourselves with our own unenthusiastic reactions to eating grapes, and thought it might be a funny vlog: picky eaters eating "real food." We'd have to have a lot of bread on hand to make it all better afterwards.

We also found out that Anaheim has a Fall Festival! And we may or may not go to it!

After the dinner, it was time for the Primary meeting. Turns out, it was a "priesthood preview" meeting for all the boys in the stake who would be turning twelve in the coming year, as kind of a prep class for being ordained. It was a pretty neat experience, but nothing really worth reporting (unless somebody has questions about it).

What WAS worth reporting on was the cake. Since Athena, the Primary president, and I were the first ones at the meeting, she was telling us about various things (kind of in the attitude of, "and this is taken care of, and this is taken care of..."), and we were informed that for refreshments there would be cake. The cake had been baked for a friend's wedding, but the wedding got postponed at the last minute, so the baker went with a different decorating scheme and made it a priesthood cake. But, since it originally came from a no-longer-to-be-held(-at-least-not-for-a-while) wedding, we determined that it was a symbol of broken dreams, and from henceforth it came to be known among the two of us as the Cake of Broken Dreams.

We were way too highly amused by this, so we repeated the name whenever we got the chance, very insensitively failing to realize that friends and relatives of the postponed groom were at that very meeting, and we might be trampling around on a very painful subject. My only justification is that I didn't really think anybody was listening, because we hardly got any reaction (and we're used to being in settings where no one is listening to us but us).

Fortunately, we did eventually get a reaction, and it was positive. The groom's brother's wife had been listening to us talk all evening, and she thought we were hilarious. She especially loved the title "Cake of Broken Dreams," and repeated it a few times to her husband, who also seemed amused. It was at that point I finally realized oh snap, I've been a major jerk, and I apologized, but they were laughing when they said no it's totally fine. I'll have to remember to be more sensitive in the future.

(But I still think the Cake of Broken Dreams is hilarious. And delicious.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to our new(ish) Kamiaso CDs, the cast comments that came on the singles for the opening and ending theme songs, delicious cake, having a lovely time socializing last night, and finally having temple recommends again.

EDIT: Arrrrgh, the post-it note on my desktop just reminded me that I forgot again! Banri Hidaka's been posting little extra comics on her blog. First, I wanted to point out that they were there so people could see them, and second I wanted to ask if people wanted us to translate them. Thoughts?
12th-Oct-2014 02:57 pm - Further adventures in babysitting
Babysitting went relatively well yesterday, but afterward we were too wiped out to do much else. The playground at our apartment is "closed" until 10:00 (there doesn't seem to be anything in place to enforce that rule, but when we got there and the kids were screaming in delight, we could see why they make the attempt and were glad we were at least a little considerate of the people in nearby units who might want to be sleeping on a Saturday morning), so we tried starting off with a distraction tactic: Pokemon. I don't know why we didn't try it on Friday; I think it's because we're not convinced the two-year-old has an attention span for half-hour cartoons. Turns out he does, but only for the right show. Curious George and Barney didn't work, but Pokemon worked like a charm. Maybe it was just a better day for it or something. We really wish we'd thought to try it on Friday, because that could have been a really easy babysitting job. And we remembered how much we enjoy Pokemon.

The girl, on the other hand, has an attention span for half-hour cartoons, but I guess she just has too much she likes to do, because as soon as it was time for the Poke-Rap, she said, "Let's play Kingdom Hearts!" And that was the beginning of the difficult babysitting day. The kids just don't like doing the same things at the same time, unless it's something only one of them can do. That being the case, there was no break for either of us, because we needed to make sure there was at least one pair of eyes on each kid.

We keep hearing about this magical thing called "nap time," but somehow that seems to never happen when we're responsible for children. We see the kids rubbing their eyes to ward of the sleepiness, and starting to hit things out of some weird theory that that will keep them awake, but they never succumb. We like to interpret that as meaning we're too fun for our own good, but I'm sure there are any number of reasons they would refuse to go to sleep. It might also be karma because we always refused to nap when we were kids. We like to think we were easier to take care of in general (and I do remember days at daycare when all the kids would be put down for a nap, and while I refused to sleep, I lay down and was quiet anyway...but that might have been the second day, meaning maybe I caused (and consequently got in) trouble the first time).

Anyway, the kids were pretty good for the most part, despite all our whining. I had to spend some time reflecting on why I enjoy giving time-outs so much, and if it just means I'm a sadist. There was one time-out yesterday due to some dangerous behavior on the playground, and the little girl was very dramatic about it. Of course she was trying to play to our sympathies, but we just suppressed our laughter (or Athena did mostly; I was keeping an eye on the toddler). The girl was all, "I don't like this!" and Athena was all, "Exactly." She pointed out that when you give a time-out, you don't have to care about what makes the kid happy anymore. We like to make people happy, but when what makes them happy is so exhausting, it's nice to not have to for a little while. It's a little empowering, but it sounds like the kind of empowering that might go to one's head if one is not careful.

On a lighter note, coloring was a relatively big hit. (We didn't color on Friday because we hadn't yet been to the store to buy markers.) The baby brother loved it. He's learning about colors, so he liked to shout out a color before grabbing the marker. I think yellow is his favorite, because it's the one he shouted loudest, but when asked, he remained silent. The little girl drew us a comic book about a star, and everyone trying to stay awake to watch it. Was it inspired by her lack of a nap? Who can say? She also drew a picture of Athena.

Today I'm thankful for being done babysitting, the comic book the little girl drew for us, hopefully not having to wake up early tomorrow, our home teacher having ideas on how we can steampunkify our Halloween costumes (hopefully those ideas will still work when he finds out what the costumes look like), and the College Humor video about every panel at Comic Con ("Actually, I'm...").
10th-Oct-2014 05:04 pm - Babysitting: Day One
Day one of babysitting ended without incident. Just one day left, but it might be a long one. If we're lucky the strategy we hit upon today will work tomorrow. Toward the end of the babysitting day, I took the kid (we only had the little brother today; they'll both be here tomorrow) to our apartment's playground. It really seems like a no-brainer, but we're not outdoors types, so it's the type of idea that has us go, " about we do something inside instead?"

But the point is, he played around for a little while, then we came back inside and he was a lot more interested in watching TV than he had been all day. It just goes to show the importance of not forgetting to let the kids "get the wiggles out." Wear them out, and everything else will be so much easier.

We did give him a time-out once. I had taken him out to get the mail with me, and when we got back, he didn't want to come inside. So I told him to give the mail to Athena and I'd take him back to the playground. He was extremely opposed to this idea for some reason, and hovered around the front door, adamantly not handing over the letter. We gave him a warning, counted to five, and since there was still no obedience, it was time for a time out.

This is where we prove to be perhaps a little sadistic. The time-out was kind of fun. It probably helped that he didn't scream or act betrayed (much). He did keep trying to push his boundaries, so I had to keep putting him back in his spot and start the time-out all over again, so what could have been over in two minutes stretched to about ten. But I kind of like to prove to children that I can beat them in a battle of wills. ...Very mature, I am.

But now it's time to enjoy our evening of non-babysitting.

Today I'm thankful for the babysitting going fairly well, learning that our grocery store now officially carries the cocoa and salted caramel Planters peanuts, our apartment having a playground, learning that we still have some molten chocolate chocolate chip cookies to enjoy, and having time to play Kingdom Hearts tonight.
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