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25th-Jun-2017 04:11 pm - Defiance
I just posted on Facebook, and so in defiance, I also want to post on LJ even though I may not have anything to post about. Actually, I was thinking last night about how...like, we had a super awesome week this week, and yet at the end of the night last night, I was sad. Without any professional expertise, I have diagnosed the problem as being one of social health, and I determined that Facebook is basically the equivalent of social junk food. It fills the time, and occasionally something will pop up that's interesting and makes you feel like you have a connection, but generally it's just empty calories with no real nutritional value.

But since I never leave my apartment, Facebook is pretty much what we have as far as social interaction. Hence the social health problems. And since I don't know what I can do as far as finding friends in the real world, the best solution I can come up with is to be the type of friend I want to have on Facebook. And that means posting. But I still don't like the idea, which is why I have come here in defiance.

We didn't post yesterday, either, because yesterday we didn't know if we were going to have plans or not (this issue would have easily been resolved if we'd texted or called the person we would have had plans with, but we sort of didn't want to deal with the plans, which of course is another cause of the social health problems), and we wanted to spend as much time relaxing as we could. We watched Attack on Titan, which, granted, is not the most relaxing anime to watch, and yet, now that I think of it, I feel like we're always watching it during times of high stress and/or fatigue... Oh well.

Anyway, my Facebook post was about visitors in Primary. Athena always hangs behind her class on their way to the Primary room, to make sure nobody gets lost, so sometimes the visitors walk in while I'm there playing prelude music, and they'll say, "How did our teacher get here before we did?" I tell them it was magic. The funny thing is, this has happened twice now, and both of those times I was wearing a dress of a markedly different color than Athena's. I can't really blame them for not having an eye for that kind of detail, though, because I remember one time we went to JoAnn's with Mom and Sarah, and we got separated, but Athena and I had finished doing our thing so we wanted to find the other's and I was like, "I think Sarah was wearing light blue..." and she turned out to be wearing a bright red.

That's when the little boys discovered what twins were, and they were super excited about it. I heard one of them telling their mom about it after church. And then we had to keep going back and forth to put things away and stuff, and every time, he was like, "It's those twins!" It was cute.

Today I'm thankful for having time to relax last night, Anime Expo posting the autograph schedule, the yummy strawberry muffins we had for lunch, king-sized candy bars, and having plans to go to Disneyland this week.
23rd-Jun-2017 09:12 pm - Seeing Studio C
So yesterday, I mentioned something else exciting happening. Now let me tell you what it was! It was Facebook getting us into trouble again, is what it was. Somehow all of these celebrity type people we follow keep popping up and saying, "Hey, I'm in Anaheim! Come say hi!"

It went like this: We were on Facebook as usual, and I almost feel like I was just doing a few more scrolls just to see if maybe, possibly there was something interesting before we kicked ourselves off and got to work. And there was a video, and I don't even think I was paying attention to who posted it; I just saw the picture start moving, so I watched. And I think I noticed the background even before I really registered who was in the video. It was like, "Hey, I know that place! That's my old friend the Anaheim Convention Center!"

And then we noticed who was in it. It was Stacey and Natalie from Studio C, a sketch comedy show that we mostly only watch via Facebook. But if you have cable, it's on BYU TV, and it has a lot of fun, clean comedy on it, so it's nice. Our very favorite sketch of theirs is the Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, but that one's not for everybody. We also like their Walking Dead parody. We've actually never seen The Walking Dead, so maybe it's not fair of us to like that parody, but it's still pretty darn funny.

Anyway, Stacey and Natalie were in this video at the Anaheim Convention Center, which was weird, because Studio C is based in Provo, Utah. But in the video, they said, "Hey, we're here at VidCon, so if you're available, we're going to be right here at 7:30! You don't need a VidCon badge, so come say hi!" And we thought, "We should be done working by then! Let's go!" And then, fortunately, we were done working by then. We got a late start yesterday, because after the madness that was the Kabukibu! finale, we needed to sleep in.

Incidentally, that episode is up now, so I think I can tell you that the reason it was so ridiculously hard is...Collapse )

So anyway, we decided to go meet Stacey and Natalie from Studio C. It was a beautiful day, too, so it was a very lovely walk. We got there a little early, and when we made it to the spot that had been indicated in the video, we noticed a group of people standing around who not only did not have con badges but had that Mormon look to them, so we figured we were in the right place. It wasn't an official thing, so there was no signage. After a quick recon mission to make sure we weren't missing anything anywhere, we went and talked to the group of people waiting...and only after they point it out did we notice that one of them was wearing a Studio C t-shirt, so of course this was the right place. Or at least the place everybody thought it was going to be.

We chatted for a while until there they were, walking along the path leading toward us. It was kind of surreal, because, like, we'd seen them on video so many times, but now here they were in real life, and they were like, just like exactly what you see in the videos. And they were some of the nicest people! Especially Stacey; you can tell he really appreciates the fans. There were about twenty to thirty people who showed up overall, and he was still in awe that we all came.

This is how you know they weren't expecting many people to show up: they brought some autographed pictures of the cast, and they only had five. So they gave one to each group based on who arrived first. After that, they had some Studio C bracelets, and then two or three small bundles of pencils with Studio C quotes on them. Natalie would read the quote and ask, for example, "This one says 'aww yeah.' Who likes 'aww yeah'?" ("Aww yeah" reference.) Athena and I each got a bracelet, but then a dad showed up later with his two little girls, so we gave our bracelets to them and were happy with our "I don't do mornings" pencils. (When Natalie was handing them out, we asked if they had any from the Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, but I guess that one's not so popular. They were like, "Oh, you like that one? We'll have to tell Dave." Apparently Dave writes a lot of sketches that are either the Best or the Worst. They used Gary & Carl as an example of the worst, but we actually didn't remember those sketches...so we watched them today, and we thought they were pretty clever. I think there was something about it that drew attention away from the jokes or something, because you do have to be paying attention to catch a lot of the jokes. (See for yourself! (Stacey plays Gary))

There was one family that saw the Facebook video and drove three hours to come meet them, and Stacey and Natalie were so touched they made sure...I'm not sure if they had this ahead of time anyway for a game they wanted to do, or if they got it ready when the family commented that they were going to drive three hours to see them, but there was a gift bag that they got, and I regret not asking what was inside it. But anyway, they had to "earn" it by answering Studio C trivia that Stacey was going to come up with right there. Then he had trouble coming up with something, so he asked Natalie and their PR guy to help. So then it became a "name that worst ever actor" game! (Here's the list.)

They asked us all where we were from, and what our favorite sketches were. And they wanted to get a group picture with everybody, and then we all took turns getting our individual pictures with them. It was funny, too, because when it was your turn, Natalie would ask your name, and shake your hand and say, "Hi, I'm Natalie," as if we didn't all know who she was. (I don't think I've linked to a sketch that features Natalie (her Worst Ever sketch hasn't been released yet), so have this Jurassic World parody.)

They answered questions about their favorite sketches, which was hard for them to do because all their favorites were the ones that have been filmed but not released. It's like us and Land of the Lustrous (volume one comes out on Tuesday!). But Natalie really liked the Mother Power sketch (see it here!), and Stacey mentioned how he had a double in Be Still My Heart (if you don't watch any of the other sketches I've linked, watch this one because it's really funny).

...And I think that mostly covers all the fun stuff. It's likely that there was more that I forgot because I waited so long to post this. We watched three episodes of Attack of Titan Season 2, so that's where my focus went. Maybe if I remember something interesting I'll come back and edit. But the point is, they were both very nice, and it was very nice to meet them.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet a few members of Studio C, getting to remember a bunch of really funny sketches, this month's chapter of Cramer being relatively easy to translate, having time to watch Attack on Titan, and the positively gorgeous weather we've had the last couple of days.
22nd-Jun-2017 05:12 pm - Sailor Moon Musical! Aaaaahh!
The last 24 hours have been pretty intense, let me tell you. It started yesterday when we were working on the finale of Kabukibu!. I probably shouldn't go into detail because that would have spoilers, but it was ridiculously hard. It took waaaaaay longer than the average episode. We did take a break to make our weekly phone call to our mother, but I think we ended up working on it until about midnight. Maybe just eleven-thirty. But it was bad. Hopefully the lateness of the hour will not be reflected in the quality of the subtitles. (There may have been a couple of lines that had us going, "I think there's a better way to word that...but there's no time! It's good enough!" These are the dangers of simulcasting.)

So at almost midnight, we're a little tired and maybe having a bit of a hard time focusing on anything, but we're extremely relieved to be finished with that episode, and happy to check our email, Facebook, etc. and go to bed. We pulled up email, and there was one from Tokyo Otaku Mode. Well, that was no surprise; I'm pretty sure they send out several emails a day. But they all have pretty pictures of anime merchandise and the staff is so friendly that we don't mind. We just glance at them and move on with our lives.

But this one was different. It started with, "Congratulations! You have been picked for the Sailor Moon Musical lottery." And we were like, "...Wait, what?"

I don't remember when it was. I think it was another night when we were getting to bed late. *cue flashback harp music* We got an email from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and it said, "Enter the Sailor Moon Musical lottery!" Or something along those lines; I don't remember it exactly, and as soon as we entered, for some reason I thought, "Well, don't want to clutter up my inbox, so now that we're done with that, I'll just go ahead and delete this." But anyway, I guess it's because Tokyo Otaku Mode is the world portal for the Sailor Moon Fan Club that they were facilitating international entries to the Sailor Moon Musical lottery. This is the lottery that gives you the right to buy tickets to see the Sailor Moon Musical live and in person.

When we got the email, we figured we might as well enter, because even though we'd heard that the newer musicals "just aren't the same," we did get into the original ones back in the late '90s. I remember learning Sailor Pluto's song "Stay Alone" in case we got to talk to Naoko Takeuchi at San Diego Comic-Con '98. It was kind of a major nostalgia thing, and kind of a "we need to go back to Japan and this would be a great reason to do it" thing. So we entered, and at the time, we actually did kind of think of it as buying tickets to the show, and also at the same time like, "Ha ha, at least we can say we tried."

Later, Athena thought, "You know, we have some friends who might like to see the show; we could enter me and try for more than two tickets, or at least increase our odds." And we also thought, "By the way, when are we going to find out if we got the tickets? We should check!" But we couldn't do either of these things, because, like I said, I'd already deleted the emails. The show is in September, so we figured we'd find out the results sometime in late July.

So imagine our surprise when we checked email last night, and got that message, "Congratulations! You have been picked for the Sailor Moon Musical lottery." Not only was it way earlier than we expected to hear about it, but it was that very day that I had remembered entering and told myself, "You know you're not that likely to win," AND we were really tired. So it all felt very unreal. But it is real! We're actually going to see a Sailor Moon Musical! If we can get to Japan!

But you guys, you don't understand. Sailor Moon Musicals were like Our Thing way back when. We would have our friend come over...okay, I guess they were his thing, because he had all the videos. But he would come over and we would watch them over and over, and learn all the songs even though none of us could speak Japanese very well yet, and we'd all sing Sailor War Supreme together, sometimes while in line at Disneyland. It was just...I don't know, but they were really important to us. So I'm incredibly grateful that we have this opportunity.

And now there's today! where another exciting thing came up, but it's not going to happen for a little while yet, and I think I'll have more to say about that tomorrow. But we did find out that Tony Anselmo is going to be at Anime Expo signing autographs! And you may think, "But he's not Japanese..." But he's Tony Anselmo! Don't you see!? He's Donald Duck! ...But he's going to be there on the one day we definitely won't be. This is a good thing, because now Athena doesn't have to worry about whether or not she wants an autograph on her Kingdom Hearts costume. (Normally we wouldn't want the English voice actor for a Japanese product, but he is THE Donald Duck, so in this case it would be appropriate.)

Today I'm extremely grateful for getting to buy tickets to a Sailor Moon Musical, having an excuse to go to Japan, finishing the translation we were working on today, finishing the translation we were working on yesterday, and having exciting plans for tonight.
21st-Jun-2017 06:03 pm - Noragami volume 18
Oh my gosh, you guys. This episode of Kabukibu!. I just can't even anymore. But we have to, because it's not going to translate itself.

But today is Review Rednesday! And it's Noragami! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Favorite series ever! Oh my goodness, you guys, this volume was so good! Or maybe not good, as far as what happens in it, but so well done. Anyway, here's volume 18. Spoiler level: I haven't read the review yet, but I'm gonna guess and say super high.

Noragami volume 18Collapse )

Oh man, that book. That series. Oh man. So good.

Anyway, for this week's releases, we have...nothing! But tune in next week, for our review of Complex Age volume 5!

Today I'm thankful for getting to read another Noragami review, modern Japanese translations of kabuki plays, the hope that one day we'll be done with this episode of Kabukibu! (ideally that day will be today), donuts to make things better, and the realization that after this episode of Kabukibu! work should feel fairly easy for a while.
20th-Jun-2017 04:37 pm - Akira's story
We're trying a new strategy to combat burnout in the face of our constant onslaught of deadlines. It's called "only work as much as you have to." We set a quota for today, we met it, and we stopped. It's that simple. Now, if it turns out we have too much work and we start running behind, well, we'll pick up the pace again, but for now we're just dealing with the motivational drop that comes from looking at the day ahead and seeing nothing but work. For now, this strategy allows us to work and do something fun! We hope. We're having a hard time figuring out this "fun" business right now. When you're too tired, nothing is fun.

In the meantime, I wrote a whole bunch about Akira from Kamigami no Asobi InFinite on Saturday, and I figure now's as good a day as any to post it.

AkiraCollapse )

So there you have it. We're still working on the romantic endings. Maybe someday we'll post about them. But for now, I think we're going to watch Attack on Titan.

Today I'm thankful for a new strategy that makes work less daunting, Little Boy Cat and Boots the Kitten all snuggled together on the patio, the tasty peach gummies we got from Tokyo Treat (a couple of months ago...we're going through them slowly because we have no idea how to fit things into our routine), the cute pins our friend gave us at Disneyland yesterday, and it being time to go watch some anime.
19th-Jun-2017 09:09 pm - A change of pace
We called Dad for Father's Day yesterday and it came up that we're feeling some burnout. He ordered us to have a change of pace, so we went to Disneyland today. We were kind of planning to go anyway, but we weren't sure if it would be a helpful change of pace or a horrible drain of energy. Turns out...it was maybe a little of both? We did check out the "Summer of Heroes" stuff at California Adventure...sort of.

We didn't watch the show because the first one wasn't for another three hours, and we didn't go on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout because nope, so we mostly just looked around and tried the shaved ice. They bill it as shave ice, but when we got to the booth that sells it I loudly declared, "I refuse to call it shave ice, it is shaved ice!" and one of the cast members said, "Thank you!" and another one said, "I don't care what you call it, as long as you eat it." So we determined we might as well shell out five bucks each to try some. The Spider-man flavor had condensed milk, and neither of us could resist that idea, so we both got the same flavor instead of the more reasonable each getting a different flavor to sample. I think Kabukibu! had us shy away from that one, because of the whole jabanero ice cream gag. Anyway, it was half cherry and half blue raspberry and topped with condensed milk, and it was a lovely cold treat but maybe not worth five dollars.

We did check out the gift shop at the exit to the new GoG ride, and I didn't like it. It was all warehousey with some of Starlord's tunes playing in the background, and that's when I realized: this store might be awesome for people who are nostalgic for the '80s, but we liked to go to Disneyland as kids to get away from the '80s. And I think this might also explain why we're not big fans of a lot of the stuff Disney is doing lately. (Incidentally, when the ride was Tower of Terror, the gift shop was done up like a fancy hotel gift shop, and it was lovely.)

We had considered staying for the fireworks, but we barely had enough energy to stay as long as we did (until about four-thirty). So instead we came home and decided it was time to finally finish the first season of Attack on Titan. Then we got hooked and wanted to keep watching forever, but we still have deadlines, so we figure we ought to go to sleep. Because we like sleep.

Oh, I also maybe want to mention that they have a personality quiz to see which superhero quality you have (apparently "the future" is a quality now, rather than a time). I got loyalty for Black Panther and Athena got honor for Captain America, so we're pretty happy with the results. And that reminds me that we also saw Black Widow go around with an armored SHIELD vehicle. I felt like she gave off the wrong vibe; she was wearing the Dreamworks smile and something about her posture seemed off. Athena said her physique was such that she looked like she could be blown away in a strong enough wind...but I think even that would be okay if her posture were such that she looked like she could fight it. She kept saying, "Let so-and-so know; I've got this one under control." And we were like, "Got what under control? You're riding in an armored vehicle in a parade-like fashion." She also had the face of a Snow White actress... (I would just say "Snow White" but the Snow Whites in the park, while all looking very similar, rarely actually look like Snow White.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet up with old friends (we met up with a cast member friend while she was on her break; it was very brief, but it was nice), getting to go on Indiana Jones twice, getting to see Indiana Jones cat (it was so cute, standing on the wooden planks that made up the ceiling; it was mostly doing its own thing, but when I looked up and said hi, it looked down and meowed at me), Attack on Titan Junior High helping us to figure out who all is who in Attack on Titan so we could follow the action better, and Page being super cute on the desk shelves.
18th-Jun-2017 05:30 pm - Not forgotten
I did start to type up our review of Akira's story yesterday, but we were not forgotten after all, and Gaston showed up and we all went to dinner. We finally got to give him the autographed Beauty and the Beast book, and that was fun, because we took it out to the car, and I said, "We have to show you the book we got signed, because we're just so excited." So I handed it to him, and he looked at the cover and oohed and aahed over it, then he opened it and asked where the autograph was, but it was on the first page so he found it pretty quick. And then he stopped for a while; I think he had to process what had just happened. Then he said, "You guys bought a copy for yourselves, too, right?" And I said, "Of course."

And then, since he seemed to have mostly registered Charles Solomon's autograph, I made sure to point out Don Hahn's autograph with the message we mostly dictated, and I think then he just repeated, "Oh my gosh," several times, and it was pretty awesome. So that was a lot of fun, and then we had dinner at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, and while we were waiting to order (we decided to get takeout, because Gaston was still planning to drive all the way home), we sat next to some folks from Louisiana, which is Gaston's favorite state since he went to New Orleans last year. They had a good time talking and reminiscing about all the great food you can get there.

Before we parted ways, Gaston remembered to thank us again for the book, and then he asked if he should surprise his wife with it or just tell her over the phone. In all honesty, I think he's probably going to be more excited about it than she is (although we do know that Belle is her favorite Disney princess, so I think she will be at least a little excited), and he won't have the ability to pretend it was our copy (which, I think, greatly added to the surprise element), so he might as well have just told her over the phone, but instead I said, "Well, we tend to like to surprise people." I don't know if we'll ever hear more of that story. But anyway, Athena just suggested that it would have been pretty funny, when he asked to make sure we bought a copy for ourselves, to say, "What!? They signed it to the wrong person!? Well, I guess there's no point in keeping it now." Epimetheus.

Church was a little exciting, because none of the visitors stayed past sacrament meeting, so neither of us had a Primary class to teach. Instead, we went to the gospel doctrine Sunday school class...and while I have been assured that it was not our fault, we jokingly wonder if maybe it would have been better if we hadn't (Athena says, "This is why we keep getting callings that keep us out of gospel doctrine." She kids, of course). I made somebody storm out. I didn't mean to; I think it just escalated a lot more quickly than I would have predicted.

So we were talking about the Word of Wisdom (which can be read in its entirety here), also known in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as "the Lord's Law of Health," which is basically the standard we use for what we should and should not eat. The Word of Wisdom is why Mormons don't drink alcohol or black tea or coffee, for example. Now, for those of you who don't want to check the link, I will tell you that part of it says, "In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days," and this is the passage that started the whole incident.

The teacher asked somebody to read that verse and asked what it meant. I brought up Big Tobacco (oh yeah, y'all know Mormons don't smoke, either, right?) and how they would target their ads at young kids to get them hooked at a young age, etc. I also mentioned Starbucks, which may just be a regular capitalist endeavor, but seems to have become a bit of a religion. (I want to point out here that the Disney Resort here in Anaheim has no fewer than four, possibly five, Starbucks: one in Disneyland, one in California Adventure, two in Downtown Disney (you know, in case you missed the first one on your walk from the hotel), and maybe one in the hotel.) People must go worship at the idol of Starbucks before they can function normally throughout their day. Thinking back, this wasn't necessarily the right context, because my feelings toward Starbucks are more that, because it's become such a ritual or whatever, people are more focused on the franchise than on God, and God wants us to worship Him and not coffee. But the coffee addiction is part of it.

Anyway. Someone else mentioned how these companies (probably speaking mostly of the tobacco industry, but I've heard of similar things being done, for example, with Doritos) deliberately design their products to be addictive, to get people hooked on them as long as possible. Well, that's where this other person started to get upset. She pointed out that this was really just capitalism at its best (the teacher amended, "at its worst"), and if you're going to sell something, you're going to design a product that's as appealing as possible. She pointed out that the teacher, who makes things out of wood for a living, isn't going to make ugly canes (as a side note, this has me wondering if we could get him to make us a cane like Kotoko's in In/Spectre, and how much that would cost). He said the difference is that a cane doesn't help or harm the body; it just is. She countered that it could become a crutch. I chimed in that deliberately putting chemicals into your product to make it addictive, in the sense that addiction is an illness, takes away someone's agency. She said no it doesn't, they still have the ability to choose. And she's right--they can choose to get help and overcome the addiction--but she didn't give me the chance to agree with her, because that was when she stormed out.

All the rest of us could do was go on with the lesson, but it was a bit harder for the two of us to focus after that. I'm sad that she was so unwilling to talk it out. I'm also a little worried that she'll never listen to either of us again, about anything. I thought we were kind of friends because she liked to talk to us when we first moved in, being a fan of our grandfather's (which is especially intriguing, because Grandpa was super not a fan of capitalism, and was not shy about saying so).

But the whole situation is something I find to be fascinating on several levels. I mean, I've heard about people feeling alienated during Sunday school and having to leave before, but usually it's because the stereotypical Mormon is about as Republican as you can get, so someone says something about "those evil gays," and people who actually know gay people are like, "Hey that's not cool!" and that's the sort of thing that causes storm-outs (or people avoiding Sunday school in the first place). (Incidentally, we haven't actually been to gospel doctrine that much in the last few years, but it's been our experience that the subject matter very rarely is the type that could lead to the sort of exchange imagined in this paragraph. Also, for anyone just stopping by, the LDS Church's take on gays is that the people are not evil, but the act of gay sex is a sin.)

My point is, the incident proved that the gospel doesn't adhere to the doctrines of any one political party. We can offend people on both sides of the spectrum! But in a way, I find that to be kind of refreshing. I think the political divide in our nation has gotten to a point where it's all-or-nothing, the other side is wrong purely for being on the other side, and we're going to fight each other until the other side is wiped out. There was a war like that in the Book of Mormon. It didn't end well. Everybody died. The people who survived were the ones who refused to fully join either side.

And now I think I'm getting too political and I'm not good at that stuff, so I better stop. I'm worried I didn't stop soon enough, but I don't want to delete anything, so there it is.

Today I'm thankful for Gaston liking the book and autograph (when contemplating surprising Alice with it, he realized he'd have to wait extra long because she'd be asleep by the time he got home, and it would be hard to wait, and we were like, "I know, right?" (we waited almost two weeks to give it to him)), having a lovely time going out to dinner with friends, getting to go to gospel doctrine today, having a lovely Father's Day conversation with Dad, and getting to read some National Geographic History today (not sure we like the writing that much yet).
17th-Jun-2017 06:09 pm - Uncertainty
We're now waiting to see if Gaston remembers we had plans, or if his other plans end up taking too long, or if we're just going to end up being alone all night, which normally would be fine, but it's really hard to plan around "I think we're supposed to be doing something soon...ish...?" So we're kind of annoyed, and frankly I'm hoping that posting to LiveJournal will set off the cosmic chain of reactions that will result in him calling and us having some certainty in our lives.

There's been kind of a lot of uncertainty going around lately, actually. First of all, there's Anime Expo, which is uncertain because of transportation and the inconvenient fact that the second day of the convention is on Sunday. Makes it difficult to get a hotel for just the three days that aren't Sunday. So we're uncertain about how we're going to get there. Or we were, anyway. We did some research and came up with two potential plans, so there's still a degree of uncertainty, but not nearly as much as before.

Second, there's the Father's Day sacrament meeting tomorrow. Traditionally, the Primary children get up and sing songs to their fathers on that day, but we only have six kids that we can count on to come regularly, and four of them are out of the country. ...Actually they might be arriving back tomorrow, so they might be there, but they wouldn't have practiced, and neither would any of the other kids in the ward whose parents decide to attend tomorrow. These concerns were expressed to the ward music director, who said she would get another musical number to pad the program...and apparently promptly forgot she'd said anything of the sort. So there's some uncertainty about how that's going to turn out. (Athena says it's possible that she (Athena) was delirious and the ward music director never said anything about that at all. She has been very tired lately.)

And finally, there's our plans to maybe take a week off sometime in the nearish future. We looked at our current schedule...and realized there are too many elements to keep track of. We think we have a pretty good handle on our schedule as far as current projects, but since we have a new thing on the horizon, there's some uncertainty about how long that will take, and we did agree to do another simulcast this season (we had been considering turning down a new series because we needed a break, but they gave us another offer we had a hard time refusing; on the bright side, there's no kabuki in this one (which is not to say that we don't like kabuki, but that we don't have the energy or brain power to translate it)). And there are some more uncertain elements, that are so uncertain I can't even talk about them right now. But the point is, we're uncertain.

So! our current strategy is to just make sure not to push ourselves too hard, and relax when we find the opportunity. In the meantime, we did get both of Akira's non-romantic endings in KamiAso, so I was sort of thinking of writing up a report, but then I got to talking about uncertainty, so I'm not so certain I want to do that anymore. Ha, ha, ha. Maybe I'll make that a separate post and do it today, because I'm not doing anything else today, and I don't know when I'd do it otherwise.

Today I'm thankful for the super cute Bananya plush we got in the most recent Yume Twins box (it's weighted, so it always stands up!), getting our San Diego Comic-Con welcome packs ("muda ni gouka" is how we would describe it in Japanese; roughly translated as "needlessly fancy"), finally having sorted through our nmnl products to see what we want to use, remembering to order some tan leggings to wear with our Hiyori & Yatori costumes, and being confident enough in our Japanese skills that not making it to level 9 on DuoLingo's placement test doesn't have us questioning our entire existence.
16th-Jun-2017 09:30 pm - Wiped out
I think today I learned that we maybe need more than one day off. We worked today, on a series that we really like a lot and isn't very hard, so it wasn't too strenuous, but now the day is over and I'm completely wiped out. Though to be fair (to...work?), a big part of that might be the heat. Thankfully, it's not super hot, but it is on the extra warm side, and we're still stubbornly refusing to turn on any fans or coolers. (By the time we have dinner, it's cool enough outside, right?)

We were planning to go to lunch with Gaston today, but those plans were thwarted by a major traffic jam which resulted in him not having time to stop in town before going on to his destination. We're mostly just bummed out that we didn't get to give him the book we got for him. But on the bright side, instead of saying, "Oh well, I guess we can't do it," we just rescheduled for him to stop by on his return trip tomorrow. It's actually kind of a novel thing for us to cancel plans and then reschedule them--we usually just cancel them and that's that--so this is an exciting change.

Anyway, I wasn't kidding when I said we're exhausted, so that's all for today. Today I'm thankful for rescheduling plans, getting to work on a series we really like a lot, having time to play KamiAso IF, the cool breeze coming through the window, and the feeling that we'll get to go to DisneySea again someday.
15th-Jun-2017 03:55 pm - Just gonna leave this here.
Well, imagine our surprise when we checked Anime Expo's website today and discovered that Sora himself is going to be a guest of honor! We just posted on Facebook asking if we should meet him as Donald and Goofy or Chip and Dale. Whatever we choose, we'll probably wear the other set on another day, and just make it a Kingdom Hearts weekend. It's funny, because we were playing Union Cross this morning, and I was looking back on things, and thinking maybe our destiny does not lie with Kingdom Hearts after all, and now here Sora's going to be at Anime Expo. (That may have nothing to do with our destiny, but we can still daydream.)

So that kind of derailed my train of thought. But anyway, we're taking the day off!!! Can you believe it? Oh my goodness, so much happiness... Aaaahhh... We were sort of originally planning to do another translation or two first, but then we starting literally falling ill, and we thought, "Hmm, maybe we should take a break." So we are! Tadah! (Nothing serious. Just a sore throat, maybe some tightness in the chest, mild headaches (that are almost certainly enhanced by the lovely new super strong wire in my braces).) And we're planning to spend the afternoon lying down. But first, LiveJournal!

Why? Because since we decided we have free time today, we got caught up on UQ Holder! reviews, and the reviewer we read most frequently has a nasty habit of attributing everything to retcon. Any time there's a plot twist, it must have been retconned in. But, since it's our job to pay attention to every single tiny little written detail (artistic details are not our jurisdiction), we are of the opinion that Ken Akamatsu has not, in fact, been retconning everything, but has planned for at least 40% of the plot twists that have come up. And so, since we foresaw a reveal that, if we are correct, will be huuuuuuge, we wanted to post about it before it happens, so when the reveal finally comes, if anybody tries to attribute it to retconning, we'll be able to say, "Nope. We saw it coming. Here's where we posted about it. You'll notice the date is long before the reveal was actually made."

It would also be a major spoiler, assuming it's true.Collapse )

And there you have it. Incidentally, we also foresaw the possibility of [redacted] being Negi's crush. Once again, it was too long ago to remember all the details, but there were a lot of flags for those two in the Magical World arc.

Today I'm thankful for having a day off!!!, Sora coming to Anime Expo, having appropriate costumes to wear, getting to sleep in this morning, and it being time to watch Ducktales.
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